Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Bits & Pieces


Hey, Sharon!

Wake up!!!!

  You might have noticed Sharon on the blog - usually checking in books for the library or bringing cookies and treats for the weavers.

  Eleven days ago, she had a cerebal aneurism and is not making progress.

  If you could, please send healing hugs out to Sharon and tell her to WAKE UP!!!

  We miss her.

Now for the GOOD NEWS!

  We have added three new weavers to our merry band

This is Vicky, and she's waiting for a loom to open up for her.

This is Judith.  She has wound her warp and she's ready to get it threaded and sleyed.

  I asked Mark what brought him to weaving, and he said he just wanted to weave.

Know the feeling???

  Peggy found herself a quiet little hidey hole to open her loom.  It can get tricky!

Linda is starting a new warp.  Looks like we're 1/3 of the way through threading.

Shannon just keeps on weaving on her scarf warp.  By the way, the 5-yard piece of fabric and the bowl cozy on last week's blog were woven by Shannon.

That's Susan behind Shannon.  She's working on her towels.

Betsy is making headway on her third blanket.  There seems to be more warp remaining than she thought there would be.  Wait & see!

  Liz choose colors that she is using in her new house.  I think this will work on this black warp.

Shari, Lou Ann and Marilyn spent loads of time at their looms!  So many different projects.

  I saw the loom wiggle, and who did I see?  It was Pearl tying up her treadles!!!!

  Barbara is weaving in style!!!!

  Oh, yes.  Shirley's other job (besides keeping the snacks supplied) is keeping our time sheets.  It helps the AACC when they're writing grants.

This is the rug that Patty is weaving--Laura fell in love with it, and she plans on using it in her guest bedroom.  Click on the picture so you can see the close-up.

Please send hugs to Sharon.........



Joanie said...

would you be willing to share the draft for Betsy's blanket? it"s beautiful!

Maggie said...

Oh, dear! Sharon, get well soon!
And LouAnn, what are YOU working on?

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