Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Heat Wave

 After a fabulous mild weekend, the heat wave has returned.  Thank goodness for A/C!!!

Meet our newest weaver, Shannon!  Rather than starting her lessons with Carol today, Patty pressed her into helping with our mug rug project.  All of those "blue-green" mug rugs are becoming a wall hanging.  For those of you that have been to the Great Smoky Mts., you'll recognize the name Abrams Falls.

Marie finally got a moment to weave her mug rug, which will be added to the Falls.

Sharon got on the loom after lunch to weave her mug rug.  Carol brought the serger with with blue thread to finish the hems, and they will be added to our creation.

Our other new weaver, Jayne, got her warp on her loom and she'll be ready to thread.  Would you believe she ducked as I took the picture!!!!   That's Liz on the left...she's finishing up her first warp.

And, off it came!!!!  This is the sampler that Carol has all her new students weave.

Jocelyn and Betsy were hard at work at their looms as I stopped to chat.

Bonnie, Linda and Laura held down the back of the Studio.

Shirley cut off the small scarf that finished her warp, and now she'll have to plan for a new project.  I think she's planning on some fiesta colored placemats.

Liz is weaving on her shawl warp.

Mary is getting a nice roll of rugs on that cloth beam.

Hugs going out to Pat, Tina, Sharen and Lou Ann.  We missed you today.

Stay cool, fiber friends!!!


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