Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Start 'em Young!!!


  I have often wished I had known my great-grandmothers, and I could have learned to weave from them.  But, I have been blessed with my weaving friends, who have shared their knowledge with me.

  Today, we had a young visitor who has been asking her mom about weaving since she saw it in one of her books.  Audrey's mom came by the Center yesterday, and found out that there would be weavers on Tuesday!!!  

  And, here she is!!!  Audrey got to see a loom being threaded and several folks were weaving.  Then it was time for Audrey to weave on a loom!!!  


  We were joined later by Isaiah and Elijah.  They took a turn on the table loom, and Pat showed them the big barn loom.  

  Their dad says that they want to learn to weave, too!!!

  Weaving isn't always so easy...after all, it takes three weavers to wind this bobbin!  I'm not sure about the whole story....maybe Charlotte will tell me.


  Betsy is winding on this colorful scarf warp (there's enough for three scarves.)  This will be her first time using all 12 shafts!!!!

  She has three colors picked out for the weft.  

I'll keep you updated!

We are really going all out for color!!!

Lou Ann's towel warp just makes you smile!

Marilyn just finished another towel on her loom this afternoon.

  Another color magnet!  Sneak a peek in her basket!  Shari just lets the yarn tell the story as she creates her one of kind scarves.

(Marie and I loaded a tub with "Shari yarn" for her to take home and play!!!)

  Bonnie is not happy!

  I know that look--  it's the pattern, not the people.  Time to regroup and reconsider!

  There's Tina and Pat--putting their heads together and making a plan!  Pat is weaving the hem for her three color clasp weave rug.  I think she's ready to weave some good ole rag rugs for a change of pace.

  Tina has some crossed threads coming off the warp beam that need to be attended to...the bumberet is threaded in threes, and she had to make adjustments.

She doesn't have a lot of room to work since we are a little crowded!  (Yes, that's another loom between Tina's loom and the barn loom.)  But, she only has 10 more inches on this blanket!!!

Ta Da!!!!  She did it!  That is two blankets/throws that are finished!!!

  Weaving is fun...and frustrating...and my favorite thing to do (especially with these folks!)

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!


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Tina J said...

Great post LouAnn, I always love seeing kids enjoying something new!