Tuesday, September 25, 2018


  We all have the choice each morning:  are you happy today?  As I downloaded the pictures from today at the Center, I noticed that there sure are a bunch of smiles on these faces.
  Marie and Christy sorted out the tee shirts and jeans from a recent donation:  notice the smiles?  And Bonnie is back on her loom grinning from ear to ear!

  Although I'm sure Christy is getting "over" this job, just look at that smile!!!  She keeps Carl in blue jean panels for his rugs. 

  And, Carl is always smiling back at his loom!  We have folks from near and far asking about his rugs.

  It's such a little thing, but this clock makes us all happy!  Thank you, Sharon!!!

(We didn't realize for the longest time that the old clock had died......)

  We were all excited to see Marie's samples from her linen class at John C. Campbell.  I love how she wet finished some of the pieces so we could compare.
  We're looking forward to seeing the linen projects she'll be weaving!

  We kept Marie very busy today!  She got right to work helping Sharon dress her loom with the ten yard scarf warp.  We'll have to wait to see what pattern Sharon threads for the scarves.

  Anna spent last week at John C. Campbell, also.  She took a paper making class using natural materials.  Today she brought her pin loom....it's time to make more Christmas tree ornaments for the Foothills sale!

  Shirley eeeked out several more inches on her towel warp....look how close the bar is to the heddles!  That's a total of FIVE towels!

  Bonnie is having a ton of fun with this placemat warp!  The painted warp threads just dance in and out of the design! 
  Those are happy tootsies on those treadles!!!!

  Every Tuesday, Frieda tries to talk me out of taking her picture.....but, we love seeing her progress on this scarf warp.

  Now, look at these happy campers!!!!  These are the drawdowns they did as a homework assignment for their Weaving 201 class.  HAPPY!!!

Just in case you need an earworm, here's a song for you:
 Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video) - YouTube

(Thank you, Theresa, for giving me the idea!)

I choose HAPPY



Theresa said...

Happy is good! And speaking o pin looms and ornaments did you see Michelle's score at OFFF on her blog here: http://boulderneigh.blogspot.com/2018/09/some-kind-of-record.html

An adorable little sheep!

Sharon said...

There’s been a whole lot of education going on. It’s neat how you can share that with each other.