Thursday, May 20, 2010


When winter is here we wait around and wish for warmer weather. Warm weather gets here along with the mowing, weeding, pruning. You know it has to be done over and over during the warm weather. Because of this work, you wonder why can't I get any weaving done. I am working on stuff for my husband during the day. At night in front of the TV, I am having fun with my inkle loom. Lots of fun.

Today has been a beautiful day. I am not wishing for winter. But as we all do, during the August and September heat we will be wishing for cooler weather. With the cooler weather, being indoors makes for more time for weaving. Will we ever just be content?

Have a good week doing ---whatever!


LA said...

Amen, sister! I should just be thankful I've got looms to weave on (when I get to them) and thread to warp with (when I have time to wind the warp!)

Anonymous said...

Well, said Bonnie!


Tina said...

Don't forget the hot water heaters that go out, and you wake up to a flood!
Actually though, I did get some weaving done while they were installing the new one, go figure!