Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rainy Day Weaving

  We are socked in by the front....rainy days have been in the forecast for the last several days!  It was a good day to be at the studio!

  Bonnie arrived really early so that she could vacuum the studio...especially around Carl's loom (and on top of it!!!)  He had dust bunnies jumping down on his warp!  Of course, this was the day that a lot of folks decided to avoid the rush and come early to weaving!  Thank you, Bonnie!!!

  Carl had joined some large pieces of flannel together for his next rug, and Roz and Christy volunteered to cut the strips.  Irene was back with us today, and showed off her scarf that she and Linda beamed last week.  All finished!!!  Guess that means she is officially hooked on weaving!

  Yes, that's right....Irene is going to take Carol's beginning weaving course!
  Joining her is Polly....she wove here at the Center about 10 years ago, and she's ready to begin again!

  Both ladies had lots of fun choosing their colors for their first warp for the table loom.

  Harriet got started on the Ellen's Pattern placemats...always a favorite!  Roz realized that we needed a new sheet on the bulletin board to record our hours.  (Our hours count as volunteer hours that are used for grants for the Center.)

  Bonnie had finished her vacuuming, and got busy on her loom.  Now, if she can just get the other LADIES to get busy, too!!!

Linda, Barb and Linda had their own projects going.  Weaving....chatting....weaving.....chatting.....you know the drill!  It wasn't too long until Linda finished the last scarf on the Pup....two scarves cut off that loom today!!!!!

That means that Linda will start working on "walker bags" on the Gilmore loom.  But, wouldn't you know it....that nylon is not in a giving mood.  Marie joined in to help her tame the tangle!
  The nylon works nicely for walker bags since it holds up to lots of machine washing!

  Carl has started the newest rug.  He told me that the fabric pieces were chosen by Pat...they look super nice!!!

  Congratulations to Harriet....she's now a GREAT-grandmother!  She wove this baby blanket for the new arrival....it's super soft!!!

  I didn't get pictures of the brigade that was formed to move the weaving magazines from their window perch.  Tomorrow, the cabinets under the windows will be moved to the kitchen area of the Studio as part of the remodel.  We'll be getting new shelves for our "library" to replace those.  We are always trying to make good use of the space we have!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Not Much Here!

So in thinking about this past week, it's obvious that no weaving happened! It was hectic. A trip to Atlanta and another to London, KY made for some fun times but weaving took a very back burner this time!!
I did pull out all the balls of painted weft left over from the projects woven the last month.
They looked pitiful. Bamboo is soft, pliable, and a bit tricky at times. It tangles quite easily. When I wound bobbins for weft, I pulled from the center. The same when I was crocheting edges. The result was that the leftover bits were a mess.

Also, there were 3 skeins that needed to become balls as well. So as time permitted, I spent time re-balling the yarns.
I do love the ball winder from Strauch. It holds up to a 2 lb ball of yarn. 
They look so much better now. Ready to store, they're waiting for the project I'll use them in.
There are still 2 skeins left to wind. Hopefully I'll have time this afternoon to do that. I really need to get a new warp on later this week. My last show is over but there's still an order or two to get done. Then there's next year to think about and yarn to order.....so many ideas to think about and get listed for next time.
It's easy to be distracted this time of year and I think we should heed the call to have some fun and do some extra shopping. I love going to the shops that sell Christmas ornaments and decorations. Even if I don't buy anything, it sets the mood for celebrating. That's why this blog is late today!!  I refused to go get into the Black Friday crowds but today there weren't crowds where I was. 
Hopefully you will get some creative work done before next week and maybe even throw a shuttle or two!
Until next week, enjoy!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Begin Again

  And, another one is in the books...

  We did OK....not great, but OK.  A lot of those ornaments that we made at the 11th hour did not come back with us....SOLD!

  All of those placemats that we wove....most of them came back with us.  But, the shelves sure did look GREAT!  There's always next year!

  Today we got all the show equipment tucked away, and Marie checked-in the inventory from upstairs.  We have a missing scarf that Harriet wove, and I hope it's tucked away in one of the weavers' stash.  We'll keep looking.

So, we're back to doing what we do best:  weaving!!!!

  Carol serged the edges on the placemats that Lanny took off of his loom.  The twelve that he wove are going home with him!  The placemats in the picture were woven by one of our other weavers....they will get hemmed and taken upstairs.

  Carol was also busy with Connie, one of our new weavers.  She's ready to start weaving on her first warp. 
  Casey finished her first one, and was starting on her new warp.  Busy, busy, busy!!!!

  Linda took Irene in the Potter's studio (no one was working in there today) to stretch out the warp for this vintage rigid heddle loom. 

  The Ladies got right back to work on their warps.  Shirley is checking the treadling order for her newest scarf.

 And, right across from the Ladies, Frieda and Sharon were weaving on their scarves.

  We got the news that Betsy took a tumble and will be out for awhile....so, Sharon decided this will be a good time to weave some rugs on that loom.  She and Linda looked over the yarn on the shelf to see what they could use.

  Carl just kept on weaving....

And, Jocelyn was busy at her loom, too. 
  She is wearing her newest scarf that she wove:  a six shaft snowflake design!!!  Isn't it lovely!!!!

  And, here's the Birthday Girl!  Happy Birthday, Sharon! 
(Just don't ask her how old she is......)

Now we'll get ready for the holidays, and set our goals for next year.....only eleven months until the first show!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Foothills Craft Show

This morning all of us Tuesday Weavers are relaxing, thankful that the last show of the year is done!!  It was the 3 day Foothills Craft Fair here in Knoxville. It's a high end, juried show where you have to submit items to just become a member. It's not easy to get in but once you are, you can do their show each year. Back in 2011, we were juried in as an educational center. It is what we are, teaching classes and educating the public on what weaving is. So we've done the show each year since.
This year we decided to try to have some lower end items for sale. Hair clips, pins, key chains were there to temp customers along with our regular stock of rugs, placemat, scarves and bags. 
I didn't take pictures until the second day so a lot of things had sold from the trees but you can still see some of the ornaments we made from scraps of handwoven fabrics. The group booth is right next to mine and we left a space open between them. 

We had 2 small trees. One on each side of the booth.
The lighting isn't great here but you can see how mine is always set up, colors prominently featured.
It's been so much fun playing with the MX dyes and then weaving vests and pullovers in bamboo. In January we plan to have another few dye days so we can get more done. I do need more pullovers. Deciding what colors to do and what wefts to put with which warps makes for a fun day!!
Knowing that some of these pieces found new, good homes is very satisfying. Oh, and don't you like my new rug? The old one wasn't nice anymore plus it was heavy and bulky, hard to transport in the van. This one is actually a bit bigger but because it's thinner, it folds up. Tuesday Weavers have the same one. Got them at Home Depot for less than $40 each!! They're actually plastic but once taped down to the floor, sturdy. Never slipped on them.
So today is the end of the year inventory. What do I take to a couple of shops and what stays here for next time? Also, what do I need to weave for next year? That all starts today. This morning I didn't get up til 9. Pure luxury!! I may take a break later on, put my feet up and read a book. But then, it's back to organizing the studio, moving the piles that got stacked the last couple of months as I got ready for these shows. Can't really hibernate. Too many ideas and projects to do!
Isn't that great?
Til next week, keep weaving! My loom is empty and it'll be pulling at me by the time I come home from weaving tomorrow!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Looking Ahead

I finished my inventory for the show on Monday.  As the last placemats were drying, you would think I would heave a big sigh of relief and put my feet up.  But you would be wrong!  I may have heaved that sigh, but my mind was already plotting ideas for next years shows.  I may say this every year, but I really want to be pro active about show prep next time.  (I should probably check one of my post from last year!)

With that in mind, I had already chosen an new band to put on my Inkle loom to use for the new key chains I have been making.  I only had a few to take to this show, but I really like how they turned out! I got the band warped up in no time, and  wove a few repeats to see how it looked.  After just this much woven, I almost have the pattern memorized.

This is the new band, it is just a little wider than the previous one, and I managed to make it a couple of yards longer too.  I have put too many yards on my Leclerc Floor Inkle loom before, and not been able to advance the project and I ended up having to cut it off.  I probably have 5 to 6 yards on this one.

If I can manage a new band every 2 months that will be 6 different patterns for the key chains.  That would really look wonderful!

Wish us luck on the show for today through Sunday evening, when we will break down and take everything back home again.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Let It Begin

  Remember when we challenged the Tuesday Weavers to weave a dozen placemats for the Fall sales????  Well....they came through for us!  Look how nice the shelves look in our booth!

  Lots of variety of fantastic placemats....and plenty of each, to boot!!!!

  But, I got a little ahead of myself.  Here is how it looked this morning when I got to the Jacob's Building.  Tina and Marie already had the new rug down (doesn't it look nice!) and they were busy getting the panels up on the little feet.

Now....it's always fun to get a shot of the ladies while they work.....either that or they landed in jail!

  Next door, Carol was giving her hubby directions.  By the way, Carol, thank you for loaning us the lights and extra power cords!  They are on our list to buy for next year.  It might be time to have our own!!!!

  As the panels went up, and each one got tightened, we talked our way through what we wanted to do with the rest of the booth.  All our woven items were waiting in tubs and bags to be put in place.

We got the curtains in place along with the lights, then we started unpacking all the lovely woven items.  Needless to say, we moved and rearranged many times during the process.

  It's done! 

I think we're ready!  I have no doubts that the ladies that work tomorrow will be busy rearranging the booth again as they work.  That's just the nature of working in the booth!  (Besides, it's fun to "fluff" the shelves!!!)
  Wish us luck.....it has begun!

Happy Weaving (and Fall sales!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We're Ready!

  Once again, Marie spent the morning on her computer, getting the items for the Foothills Fine Arts Show logged in to the database.  Dish towels, scarves, mug rugs and a bunch of other items were quickly read off by Tina.  Jocelyn then carefully stored them in a tub to take to the show.

  Meanwhile, Margi and Frieda and several others put the finishing touches on hair bows, pins and ornaments.  These, too, will be going to the show.

  Shirley and Bonnie quickly got the mug rug warp on the Pup....we always weave at the show!    Carol figured out a mini Ellen's pattern to use with the mug rugs!  (It is based on  Tutti-Fruiti pattern--the one we use for our signature placemats.)  You can just barely see Harriet in the background:  she's winding more yarn for the straw loom kits.

  Then, it was over to the counter to make the straw looms to go in the kits.  Linda was in charge of counting the kits and making sure they had their straws.  She also made the stickers for each kit.

  Can you imagine being a new weaver in the middle of all of this????  Carol assisted Connie and Casey with their threading.....just a straight draw for the first one.  They'll be old hands at it soon enough!

Carl and Lanny were the only two actually WEAVING today!!!!  Sometimes, you just put your head down and weave!  Lanny needed to do a count to see if he had enough placemats already woven....I think he decided that he needed just a few more!

  Carl brought a tapestry that he just finished to show us after lunch.  Isn't that wonderful!!!

  And, yes....we did have a potluck lunch today....and I didn't take even one picture of the spread!  It was great, as usual. 
  We got the tubs loaded in the cars, and all that was left was finishing up the ornaments for the tree.  Sharon tagged them and gave Tina a final count for the inventory list.

  It looks like we're ready to go.

Stay tuned for updates on the show!!!!

*****A big shout-out to Betsy....we're thinking of you!  We hope to see you soon.

Happy Weaving!