Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Laid Plans

I am just glad that this iPad was charged. If I'm careful, I should be able to use it the rest of the day.
I'm kind of stuck at home today. Hope it doesn't get too hot.
As the storm was approaching last night, DH thought it would be a good idea to move the cars up the driveway under the trees because of potential hail. Three years ago most of Knoxville got new roofs because of serious hail damage. Two of our cars have many pock marks from hail as well. Mine doesn't. So he was trying to protect them. Well, our tall persimmon tree couldn't handle the wind and broke off, falling across the driveway. Apparently my roof has a tiny ding but DH's jeep has a broken window and he couldn't get the jeep out without a chain saw. That will be tonight. If he hadn't moved the cars, none of us would have been able to get out before the tree had been cut.
It could have been so much worse. A friend's shed was hit by lightning and burnt. There had been a nice boat in there...
We've been thinking about the tree that fell. It was on the side of our hill, the only really tall tree right there. A few years ago, in winter, we watched a raccoon climb that tree, looking for something to eat. Branches bent, but he held on. To us it was terrifying to see how fearlessly he went on branches way out from the trunk, looking for food. We all breathed a sigh of relief when he finally headed down. I suspect it hadn't been the first time a raccoon had been up there but it won't happen again. 
So I am home today. It's quiet and I have enough light to get some handwork done. 
Hopefully they will get to our street today to get us back online with power.
Until next week, here's hoping I will be able to get a bunch of weaving done.
Keep weaving!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Washing Wool

WHY am I washing wool????
    Can stinky wool be saved?????

Have you ever tried to get a smell out of wool yarn?  If you have, then you know it's not an easy process.

How to Get Smell Out of Wool | Get Smell Out

  I'm working my way through these suggested procedures.  I did find some charcoal that is used for closets that I'm putting in a storage tub for the final step.

  What was I thinking?????


You might remember Tuesday's blog:  we had a bunch of barrels that were full of yarn.  What I didn't say on Tuesday was that these barrels had an odor problem!!!! 
  Therefore, the yarn that had been stored down in the barrels also had an odor problem!!!!  
  I wasn't going to get any of the yarn, but the blues caught my eye (of course!)  It wasn't allowed to come into the house until it had been soaked in a vinegar bath and air dried.
  But, that still didn't remove all of the smell.  They soaked again last night in baking soda, and rinsed again.   It is much better....but there is still some lingering odor.  I'm going to leave them on the rack and let them continue to air on the porch.  I'll get a tub ready with the closet deodorizer (charcoal) for when they are completely dry.  I've got my fingers crossed.

Have you ever encountered this problem?  If so, what was your solution?


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again!

My much younger self

 Yes, friends, only 7 more shopping days!  I heard my sister just groan, but you must know that my birthday is my favorite day of the year.  It's even better when my birthday starts a week early.  A dear friend took me to a wine dinner at one of our favorite restaurants last night, and it was wonderful.  It's great to see a good friend become a successful chef, with a terrific restaurant that's thriving, and a baby on the way, to boot!
  Each course was better than the one before, and the wines were perfectly paired.  We had a lovely evening!
  LouAnn, who's birthday was Monday, will  be joining my sister, mother and I for brunch this Sunday, so we can extend both our birthdays.  We both believe in the birthday week, and maybe longer!

I haven't been weaving a bit, but continue my knitting obsession.  I've started a shawl, based on the one I finished recently in turquoise hand-dyed yarn.  It was from KnitWear, my favorite knitting magazine, and had a lace border incorporated as you knit.  I loved it, but thought it would be cool to use a more complex lace design.  I perused my many, many lace knitting books, and found a pattern I liked.  I'm using Noro Lace, which is cotton, wool, rayon and cashmere, in a very vibrant colorway.  I'm really enjoying it!  And it's small enough, for now, to fit into a purse and go places with me.
  I have most of next week off, so I hope I'll find time for a loom or two, but right now, knitting is what I want!  That and British murder mysteries, a treat for aching feet that just want to sit still for a while.
  I hope you're treating yourself, too!  Happy weaving!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Got Stash???

What happens when a weaver decides to move far away OR to downsize their weaving studio???  They sell off their stash!!!

  Marie, Molly and Linda B. drove to North Carolina on Monday to pick up a load of stash from a weaver that was moving to the Northeast.  After unloading the goods, they left it for today's weavers to pick through and sort all the goodies.

  For new weavers, this is a good opportunity to get yarn for a low price.  Plus, it adds to our supply for the studio.

  Ms. Ila bought the two Harrisville looms....a little Murphy's made them look almost brand new!

  The wool on these cones was too weak for us to use as warp, so Katie asked for the cones to use for Kids' Camp next summer.

  And, in the midst of all the yarn, we had a visit from "Santa."  YES......Santa wants to learn to weave!  (We'll keep you updated on this one!)

Carl brought his newest rug to share with the group.  This pattern is from Tom Knisely's  Weaving Rag Rugs book.

  It's a good thing Linda loves us....she baked a chocolate zucchini cake to reward us for all the hard work.  After all, it's healthy, right????

  She even volunteered to vacuum the studio! 

Thank you, Linda!!!!

  Somewhere out there, new weavers are dreaming of lots of new projects woven with their new stash.  It's even better than sugar plums dancing in their heads!
    Right,  Santa?????

Happy Weaving (and Dreams!!!)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Whirlwind week!

Another whirlwind weekend for me!! This past weekend I was in Asheville at the Southern Highland Craft Guild's July show. It was 4 days long. That's a long time to sit in a booth and be with people! I so much prefer my studio!! However, it's important to meet the public and to sell my things so I was there.
 I actually forgot to take a picture before the show started so by the time I remembered, alot of things had been sold but I have plenty so the booth looked nice.
 I like to take pictures of the booths around me so that you can see what I saw for 4 days. This potter uses nature themes on the pieces. They really have a collection of work. It's kind of nice to see a person who focuses on one thing and does it well.
 The other direction I looked at had woodworking. Furniture and bowls. Imagine having a wooden sink. Apparently it works great. They have had one for 10 years and it's been fine. Makes for an interesting potential in remodeling a bathroom!!
I'm just glad to be home now and able to settle down for a few weeks before heading north.II'll be Blogger is causing me fits today. So I'll be signing off! Until next week, keep weaving! Carol

Friday, July 18, 2014

Maiden Voyage

I have finally gotten a warp on the new Cendrel, Leclerc's floor Inkle loom.  I had chosen a pattern soon after I got the loom, but it has been  hard to put aside time to warp this first project.  I wanted to be sure to do it right the first time, so I did it a little at a time, winding and tying off every few rows.  I have heard so many differing opinions of the right way to do this, continuous warp, one strand at a time, a few at a time etc.

I have done a continuous warp, and I knew that with the size of this loom and the lack of a concentrated time to do the job, I would be better off not following that route.  So, I wound the 6 edge strands together, then I broke up the body of the piece so that I could leave it in progress but totally secure.

I wound about 20 feet, though I could have easily done more.  I didn't want to make it so long that I tired of the pattern, and also I had heard that with the longer warps there are sometimes difficulties with advancing the warp as needed.  I wanted a fun easy project to start with.

 I picked on of the Baltic patterns from Anne Dixons "Inkle Pattern Directory"  It is one of the pick up patterns, and it looks like a basket weave. Which is really funny because I want to take the belt that comes off of the loom and try to make a basket out of it.

I saw something like it on the Facebook Inkle weaving group.  It looks like a very fun project, and I had it in mind when I purchased this loom.
I have only been able to weave a couple of inches in the pattern, and I have not settled what the best width will be, but with 20 feet to work with, I think I can play with it for a few inches!

I probably will not be posting next week, so maybe by the time I post in 2 weeks, I may have some more inkle weaving to show.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's Thursday????  For real??? 
Sorry...... I've been sucked into the vortex.....Roger went back through the stones?   Oh, no!!!
  You're right....this has nothing to do with weaving, but everything to do with my time the last few days.

My RH loom is just waiting for me to put the next project on and get started.  It looks so lonely propped up against the wall.

  I just need to get to a break in the action.....

Sorry....gotta go........back to the past.