Thursday, March 5, 2015

You Just Gotta Laugh

  If you thought I'd be complaining about the return of foul weather, you'd be wrong.  I'm just going to ignore it......

  This popped up on Facebook this morning, and I think it was meant for me! 
Fabric and Yarn!!!

That top cubby on the would be crammed full at my house!  But, I'm beginning to think that might be a good way to sort the collection.

  Then, look what popped up on my email account!!!  Interweave is having a sale, and I had been thinking about getting this video.  Yes....I paid for it and did the download.  No....I haven't finished watching it.

  But, I have already had some of my questions answered.

  Tom Knisley gives a great explanation about dealing with different sizes of yarns in the same warp, and how he makes it all come together.  And, I think I might just be ready to try a front to back approach now that I have seen his example.  

  I had been putting some yarns together that I thought would make good scarf warps.  Thanks to Carol, I had these plastic boxes to keep them all together.  There will be more sorting and playing before any of them become a scarf, but I get the idea.
  AND, I will finish watching the videos before I start winding the warp!  It's just a nice break from weaving one more place mat!  (I'm kinda stuck on #8.)
  All in all, it's a great way to spend a chilly day!  I'm not going to let this weather get me down!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Gang's All Here!

  I knew that the folks were all back when I pulled up to the Center!  There were NO parking places in the back of the building, and lots of cars were already parked out front!!!  There were even customers upstairs in the shop!  (We even had visitors venture downstairs....they couldn't believe all the looms!)

  We welcomed Casey to our weaving community today.  (She works with LaDonna, so I'm sure she's heard lots of "weaver talk.")  I love her color choices, don't you?

  Betsy was busy first thing this morning tagging her purses that she finished during our snow days.

Carol was hard at work on her warp.


Jocelyn was close by to talk to Carol as she worked.  Charlotte set up a warping board on the table to wind her next warp.

LaDonna was able to finish the scarf on the rigid heddle loom today.   Back to rugs and place mats for Karin and Sharon!!!

  You can just barely see Carl standing inside the frame of the barn loom--he finished threading and tying on the new rug warp.  That means we'll be winding it on next week!

  Tina was busy un-weaving a couple of rows to correct a wee mistake.  Once that was done, she could continue weaving on the throw.

If you looked closely at the last picture, you could just see the top of Lanny's head.  But, here he is from a different angle!  Meanwhile, Carol got the chance to chat with Molly and Allan.

  Carol needed a warp wound for dye day for place mats, and Pat took on the job for the eight yard warp.  (That sounds so small when we've been winding warps for 12 placemats!!!)

  Ann came by to use the serger on her woven items.  After it got threaded, she was off and running!

  I thought you'd like to see the towels on Molly's warp.  She's got quite a few on the cloth beam!

  Share Time after lunch was filled with many completed projects!
  Sharon had towels and shawls.
  Karin finished her bound weave yardage and a scarf.
  Pat put an eight shaft gamp on her loom, and ended up with two shawls and one triangle scarf.

  There were more projects shared....I just didn't get the pictures!

  Place Mat Project Update:  Bonnie has finished her dozen!!!!  Yeah!!!!

Have a fantastic week!
Happy Weaving!

Monday, March 2, 2015

There's Hope!

What a whirlwind week we've had.....again!! Being stuck at home had its benefits! More time to do things that had been on the list and were pretty desperately needing to be done, like a quilt for a baby born in January!! Normally I get things done before the baby arrives but I hadn't. For one thing, inspiration hadn't hit. I knew it was going to be a girl and I'd been kicking around ideas using fabrics I had, pink, pixie, or what? The other day DH suggested that I use aboriginal Aussie fabrics. A couple of years ago I made a big quilt for us using the fabrics I'd collected. I love the fabrics. They're so interesting, lots of dots, lines and shapes. And the colors are fun. However, I wouldn't have thought of a baby quilt using the fabrics. However, I pulled out the box and looked at what I had. There was one piece that I could use for the squares that had alot of cheerful color in it plus there were other pieces that had enough left for what I figured I'd do.
 So I did. It's multi color, multi shaped, busy quilt but it works.
 Before the ice hit, we'd gone over to Asheville to deliver some handwovens to the Folk Art Center. While there we just happened to stop by a quilt shop and I found what I needed for backing. That's all I bought for this quilt. But don't you love the koalas? It makes the whole quilt softer.
 We shipped it the minute it was done and the parents loved it. They're from Australia and having a bit of "home" for their beautiful little girl is special. I'm hoping she loves it and uses it to wrap herself and her doll in it down the road. For now, they can lay her down on it on the floor or sofa.

We had more snow this past week. We'd hoped to go to the center Tuesday. In fact, there had been emails back and forth between us hoping that it wouldn't snow Monday night so at least some of us could get out. Well, that stopped when Katie, our manager, emailed to say that the parking lot was still a sheet of ice. It was good to quit planning anyway because it snowed and we couldn't have gone anyway. Then Thursday morning we woke to least 4 more inches on top of the other snow, freezing rain and ice pellets!!
 Beautiful but treacherous and many businesses closed. Schools were closed the full 2 weeks. Colleges were closed alot too.
 The good news....our power stayed on, even cable! My brake had come in and I had a new warp on the loom for more rugs. I'm using selvedges to weave these rugs. It's a messy, dusty job but kind of fun to do. I'm not sure I'll buy more selvedges because I'm not sure it's really good for my loom to weave rugs but once in awhile it's fun.
 The other thing I finally had time to do..........get that shawl off the rigid heddle loom. We get donations of yarns sometimes and I'd claimed this bunch of wonderful colors. Even bought a rigid heddle to weave it with. The warp was on the loom for almost a year, not quite. It was so close to being finished but there was always something else to weave instead.
 I got it done! Used a very fine purple weft. It washed nicely too. There's enough for several more warps and I will take it back to the center to put another one on. It'll be a tad narrower though. It seems that, like on a floor loom, you don't want to really weave the total width possible on the loom.
So, I just touched something that changed the font. I don't know what I did. I didn't think I screwed up but obviously I did. Weird. I hate computers sometimes!!
Anyway, yesterday it rained. The temperature had gone up above freezing some Friday and Saturday but last night there still was snow on our driveway. This morning it's all gone. We're snowless today!!! The bad news is that they're talking maybe more snow or at least freezing rain Thursday morning. Go figure!! Tomorrow the high is about 60 and we will enjoy it!! Hopefully everyone will be able to get out to the center. It should be a blast!!
I'm heading down to keep weaving rugs. The pile of selvedges is slowly going down. I've got another warp of rugs to weave after this one. I hope to have pictures of rugs next week when I finish them.
Until then, stay warm and keep weaving!!

Saturday, February 28, 2015


Snow is beautiful, it covers all the ice and mud underneath it!   I seriously love the way that snow can even make a pile of rubbish look good!   As you may have noticed we have had quite a bit of ice and snow lately.  Most if not all of the recent posts have addressed it in some way or another, from the dangers of the ice on the roads to the positive aspect of being able to work on things at home while we are cut off from our normal frantic lifestyle.

This post will be no exception,  I have taken the opportunity to take up my knitting needles once again and work on a pair of "Stockings in Rhyme".  This is a free Ravelry pattern that I have come to love.

You can take this pattern and change it to suit the wearer.  I have changed needle sizes if I needed to narrow the width, and changed the number of rows if I needed to shorten part of it.  I have done a pair with no seam down the back and 2 pairs with the seam in place.

 Late last week, because of all the snow days, I was able to finally finish the third and final pair of stockings!  You may have heard me whoop from where you are!  I had originally purchased 5 skeins of Knit Picks Bare sock wt yarn.  Each of those skeins is about 4 ounces, to make a total of 20 ounces of yarn.  When I weighed what I had left over from the 3 pairs of stockings I had only 2.7 ounces of yarn left!

The top picture is Linda's pair of stockings, then Lou Ann's pair of Stockings, then the final pair are mine.  I tried them on for my Mother in law, who has been following along with me as I knit them.

You might be wondering why I would knit so many pairs of such long stockings, the answer to that is that both Lou Ann and Linda were active in putting together my costume that I use when I am demonstrating Spinning at the Museum of Appalachia.  Without their help, I would have not been able to put it together quite so quickly, and so well.

I'll repost a video from last fall.  This was the maiden voyage of the outfit.  It is always fun to demonstrate, and it is definitely more fun to do it in costume.

Thank you ladies for all your help!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, February 26, 2015


  Sweetie has spent a lot of time at the back door, lately.  The birds have kept me busy filling up the feeder, and she seems to enjoy watching all the activity.  The robins have arrived, too.  But, they seem to enjoy the berries on the holly trees the most.  A flock of robins completely stripped the holly tree next door of ALL the was interesting to watch!

  The latest storm brought us some additional snow, but it is already melting.  Can you believe it?  Chattanooga and North Alabama got more snow than we did!!!!

   Besides bird tracks around the feeder, sometimes I see some interesting tracks near the house.  These came up on the front porch, and then left.  They kind of look like a raccoon!

  The last few nights, I have seen a small herd of deer coming through the yard.  This morning, I saw four of them bedded down!  They left before I could get the camera, but these are the spots where they had settled for the night.

  Inside, there's nothing wild going on....just weaving on the place mat warp.

  Sadly, we had to say "Farewell" to Cece, our 18 year old housemate.  She crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday afternoon.....just before the latest snow storm.  During the wake, we shared stories, shed some tears, and raised a toast to a life well lived. 
  The other two cats have not agreed to take over the job of holder while I twist fringes....nobody does it better than Cece.
This one's for you, Ma'am!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Good News

Museum of Appalachia-24 February 2015
  They are forecasting temps in the 60's NEXT Tuesday!!!!

  This latest batch of white was supposed to go south of us!  And more is forecast for tomorrow night into Thursday.

  We should all have plenty to show for our time away from the Center next week.  Show & Tell should take all afternoon!!!!

Stay safe & warm, my friends.....
Weave on!


Monday, February 23, 2015

It Was Sposed To Melt!

What a week we've had!! East Tennessee weather drives the meteorologists mad! We live right on the edge. It could go snow, it could go ice! I've lived here since 1980 and we've loved it. Other than a few blips in weather, it's been fine. Sure, there's been tornado or wind sheer episodes, the blizzard of 1993 and then the one in 1994 were epic but for the most part, we've managed to avoid most of the stuff that'd keep us home!
The past week has been the exception. 
I think I took these pictures on Tuesday. It doesn't look like much does it? Until you realize that it's not really snow, it's ice, that is!!
It started as rain, turned to freezing rain, ice pelts and then snow on top of it. The ice is probably an inch or so thick and the weather's been cold enough for it to stay that way.
My poor azaleas, the ones that bloom in spring with the biggest white flowers you'll ever see, were almost flat on the ground, weighed down by all that ice.
 This is some kind of vine that we probably shouldn't have allowed to get this big but it was pretty. Well, it's supposed to be straight up in the air, not hanging by a couple of anchor roots or whatever. DH's car was behind this so it was fun to drive out from underneath it. He did cut it off somewhat this weekend.
 Normally, esp back in 93 and 94 and then when we have wind sheer events, we lost our power. We've lost it for up to 5 days up here. However, other than a bunch of flickers last Monday night and the fact that we lost our cable for 36 hours, we've been fine! It's been amazing, almost like it didn't affect me at all except that I stayed home. I can't complain except that I will. My brake replacement part hasn't arrived yet so I haven't been able to weave on that warp.
The other thing about this past week has been some of the nighttime lows. We were close to 0 degrees and many pipes have frozen. We had water running all night but apparently in the kitchen we only had the cold running because the hot water pipe froze. That kind of scared us!! We opened the door under the sink and put a fan there blowing warm air against that wall. After a couple of hours, hot water started coming out of the tap again. What a relief!! We'll remember to open the door under the sink next time it's so cold and be sure there's warm water coming out of the tap as well all night!! So many people had it much tougher, no power or water. The guys that work for the power companies have been awesome, working 18 hour days to get people back online!! Losing cable for a night or two is nothing compared to trying to keep warm when it gets so cold.
Saturday we woke to snow again. It wasn't really bad and we were able to inch down the driveway to attend a funeral. Other than our subdivision, the roads were fine. I think all the subdivisions are like ours, covered in snow and ice inspite of them having treated most of the main ones. How fortunate we were though. We got a bit of ice as well but nothing like about 60 miles to the west of us where they got a major ice storm and many thousands are without power again on Saturday.

This morning our driveway looks like this. It's beginning to melt in the ruts but the temperature high for today is 34 degrees.....wonder what tomorrow will bring. 40% chance of snow overnight....and this part of the driveway is actually alot better than the other end which is a fairly steep downhill ride with a steep dropoff on the side and if we went too far, over a cliff! See why we inch down? I'm not driving out of here until it melts! The white that you see on the driveway isn't snow. It's ice.
 So what have I been doing this past week? Well, since I couldn't weave the rugs I'd planned, I did sew on some quilts that I've been working on, works in progress. Plus, we emptied more boxes. The good news is that all the boxes that were in my studio, under tables, shoved wherever we could find room, etc are upstairs. Most of them are in the hall right now. Understand that the hall had been full of boxes that I went through already. We keep bringing boxes closer to where I can work on them and as I do, bring more. We're organizing it all. My Mother in law liked teddy bears and had a bunch of them. I keep thinking of more places to take them but since we haven't finished going through the boxes and I still run across a box or two full of them, we haven't done anything with them yet. There's got to be somewhere that I can take these little 3 inch bears, too. The bigger ones are easy, the tiny ones are harder to figure out. I don't want to just give them to KARM (Knox Area Rescue) but I will and they will sell them unless I can figure out someplace that will have a good use for them.
School's closed today again, even some colleges, so we're not out of the woods yet.
Normally when we have episodes of weather like this, it'll melt in a few hours or at least the next day. This is one of those epic storms that will be added to the list of  storms of note here!!
Me, I'm heading down to the studio to work on some projects for awhile and then I'll come back up to empty another couple of boxes. No telling what treasures I'll rediscover since these boxes had been under my table for at least a year and we've seen so much stuff, it's hard to remember what was in them!
Here's hoping that we can meet tomorrow at the center but at this point, I'm not sure it's going to happen. It'll have to melt a bunch out here in the back country alot more than it has so far!!
Until next week, keep weaving and hope my brake arrives!!