Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Bobbins

First of all, I'd like to thank Anonymous for identifying the mystery object in Tuesday's blog.  (Did you hear a lot of head slaps????)  Of course, it's a sweater blocker!!!!  We just knew someone out in blogland would know what it was.

  You know what the object on the left's a bobbin.  Can you tell how long it is?   Apparently I couldn't tell....I bought a dozen of them thinking it would fit my large Schacht shuttle.  Little did I realize that my large shuttle ISN'T the largest shuttle!!!!!

****I don't know why this came in sideways!!!!!

  My new bobbin is on the right in this picture.  Come to find out, it is a 6 inch other LARGE one is a 5 inch bobbin.
  How wonderful to have a dozen......I'm always looking for an empty bobbin.  But, I didn't have a shuttle for it.

  Yes.....I ordered a new 15 inch shuttle to go with my bobbins!!!!!

  When I first started weaving, I didn't have a preference for what kind of shuttle I used....I just wanted to weave.  I know that Carol prefers her Leclerc shuttles, and Tina likes her end feed shuttles with the pirns. 
  The more I wove, the more I learned that I really liked the way the Schacht shuttle fit my hand....and I liked the balance, too.  Slowly, but surely, I have added more of the Schacht shuttles to my collection.  I even have a 9 inch mini that I use with the rigid heddle, and a double bobbin  one I use for overshot.  I think I'm good on bobbins for awhile, though.  I just need to empty the thread from past projects.............

  Tina and I were at the Museum yesterday (she had that cute little red wheel!)  I was preparing the old warp on the Rocker Beater loom to tie on for a place mat warp.  The warp chain on the right will get tied on tomorrow morning, and maybe I'll even get it wound on the warp beam.  There are two different school groups coming tomorrow (third graders) so there will be lots of talking going on in the Loom House. 
  My plan is to secure the lease sticks to the front beam while I tie the ends.  Then, I should be able to work the knots through the reed and heddles.
  I have prewashed the fabric for the weft, and I'm ready to get going.  It seems like a logical thing to weave placemats at the Museum that we can use for the Fall sales.
  Now.....I need to empty some of my rag shuttles to wind the weft for the Museum project.  It's always something!!!!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back To The Warps

  It was back to business as usual today....strips need to be cut for a new rug.  Christy sat down to help Carl keep it rolling through the cutter.

  Molly headed back to her loom to work on another towel while Linda finished up the rug in progress.  (***More about that later!)

  Sharon provided us with some lemon cookies to keep up our energy levels.

  Tina worked on some jean tops (Christy uses the zippers and I use the back pockets.)  Ms. Ila enjoyed a cookie break before she got to work.

  Carol and Marie got to work helping Jocelyn get a new warp on Dorothy's Leclerc.  Threading will start next week.

Carol had Barb warping a floor loom today, and walked her through the steps. 

Frieda needed to wind another warp, and Betsy just wove away on the scarf warp.

It kinda looks like Shirley is dancing with her loom, doesn't it?  She and Bonnie worked on getting this warp on the loom.  That's another one of the painted warps!

  Meanwhile, we needed to get looms ready for the Kids Craft Camp in June.  Tina worked on this loom, and got it ready.

Karin worked on this loom while I got one warped on the counter.  (Space is often at a premium.)  Sharon had wound two warps for the camp looms.

  Linda finished the second rug for her Family Room at home, and they came off the loom.

  Here they are....side by side.  I can't wait to hear what her kitties think about them!!!!
  (And, isn't it amazing that her toe nail polish matches the rugs!!!)

And, speaking of rugs, here is one of the two rugs that Darlene wove at home.  Fantastic work!!!!

Christy got her painted warps rinsed this weekend.  Great colors!            

   Sharon joined us after lunch....she had book club this morning.  She's threading the little Leclerc for placemats.  That 60 yard warp should last for a little while.........

We need some help from YOU you know what this is?  Or, do you know what it is used for?????
  It is adjustable.  It was part of a donation to the Center, and we are stumped on this one.  (Do we have it upside down???)

Happy Weaving!

Monday, May 18, 2015


This past week we had dye days, Thursday and Friday. Thursday I brought my ipad. There were 7 of us  working all day on the projects for ourselves and  Tuesday Weavers. We used my iPad to check dye colors but did I take pictures? Nope. Friday I forgot the pictures. Oops!
I have a lot of skeins to rinse off. At least a dozen. The reason? We discovered LeClerc's skein winder. This metal winder is amazing. You can wind a skein in less than 10 minutes. A huge switch from the old swifts we'd been using!! I do love a new toy!!
My deck looks good now that I have most of the plants out of the greenhouse and I've potted the ones I bought.
The hot pink flowers in the box are perennial. I didn't realize it when I bought the plant several years ago. Now I replace the plant on the left each year with another annual.
The mini hostas are happy. I may end up moving them into a bigger pot in a year or two but for now they're fine.
My Mom and sister gave me the little statue of the girl and cat in memory of a loved cat, Remmy.
Love a happy plant!
Today I get to cut off that black warp I wove and put on a hot pink one. I'll also keep rinsing skeins and a warp...
Until next week, keep weaving!

Friday, May 15, 2015

New Arrivals! Halfpint Sized!

This week I had some unexpected new arrivals.  Some of you know me and know that I am expecting my Nigora doe to kid any minute, it's not that!  Let me tell you though, that I expect within 2 weeks we will have a couple of new little Nigora kids running around the place, or Kami just might pop!  So you can let your breath out, it's not that.

This week I finally received a spinning wheel that I bought last summer, and sent off to be refurbished.  It is a long story, but she is now here with a much needed flyer repair, new leathers and 4, count them, 4 new bobbins!  I will not tell you how much I spent for all this lovely work, but suffice to say that I will never be able to sell it for what I have in it.  (That happens sometimes.)

I bought this wheel because it is a very small wheel that I can take with me when I demonstrate spinning at the Museum of Appalachia.  It is a Mayville spinning wheel, and it was made in Mayville, Wisconson  sometime between 1835 and 1935.  The restorer that helped me with this wheel says that she thinks that it is one of the earlier ones.

After the turn of that century Frank Fell took over the wheel production from the Mayville company, so these wheels are sometimes known as Mayville/Fell wheels.  Though we think this may be a Mayville.

 You can see how much smaller it is than the wheel I am used to carrying around.   I won't even have to take it apart to put it in the car!  Lou Ann has a nifty red wagon that we use to move stuff from the car to the cabin, but still that big wheel takes up a lot of room.  I'm not big on naming my wheels, but right now I am calling her the little red wheel.  I'm creative that way!

One of the other good tings about this wheel is that it will be a good wheel for people to try to spin on, since it is a much slower wheel than the larger wheel I have been using, and with its slower ratio, I may even be able to spin some thicker yarn, that the larger drive wheels on the other wheels, make so difficult.
 Monday, while I was running errands, I got a  text from Linda.  It seems that she had decided to sell one of her goats,  This little goat is not as big as he should be at this age, (5 inches shorter than his brother) and his coat is not as long as it should be this time of year either.  (Isn't he cute!)
I told her that I would be happy to take him and see what I could do to get a growth spurt going!  I have some tricks up my sleeve, who knows, though, if it will come to anything.  (I need to take my tape measure out there and see how tall he really is!)

My flock is quite small, here you can see all 4 of them with the little guy in the foreground, which makes him look bigger than he really is!  We are at the point in the "getting to know you" phase of  socialization, of extended time together grazing, under supervision of course.  I don't want him to be stressed too much by bossy goats.

One of the fun things about this little guy is that he follows me around like a puppy when I am in the barn area!  The grandkids are going to love that!

By this time next month, I will have at least 6 goats maybe 7 bouncing around the place.  Maybe as early as next week, you just never know!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, May 14, 2015

She's All That

  You know see her in our Tuesday blogs.  She's either working on her tablet, checking lists, threading or organizing us to be more efficient.  Sometimes, she even gets to weave!

  But, did you know that she's been married for 48 years?  She's a Mom to three, a grandmother to five, and a great-grandmother to one?  Did you know that she got her accounting degree at the University of Tennessee when she was 40????   WOW!

  This is Marie on her very first day with the Tuesday Weavers.  That was September 11, 2012.  I wonder if she knew how much her life was going to change?

  She moved straight from the table loom to one of the floor looms.   And, it wasn't long until she had bought her own loom to use at home.

  Marie was no stranger to weaving when she came to us, though.  She had been weaving on rigid heddle looms for awhile.  She learned to crochet from her Mother when she was a teenager, and then learned to knit.  At Clinch River Yarn Company, she took up weaving with the rigid heddle, and came to us weave on a floor loom.
 Last summer, Marie led the Tuesday Weavers in warping up a whole bunch of mobius scarves on rigid heddle looms.  She even sold the one she was wearing at the Foothills Fall Show!!!!

  And, you can bet you'll hear, "Where's Marie?" when we have a mechanical problem.  She has her own tool box, you know!!!
  Puzzles.....she likes puzzles.  And getting everything in its place.

Oh yes, she's all that..........
     and more!!!!

Thank you, Marie!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yep! It's Tuesday!

  It's 9:15 A.M. folks!!!!
  Carol moved back the starting time for Weaving to 9:30 since so many people were there early.  But, I arrived at 9:15, and there were already people waiting for Carol to get there and unlock the door!!!!

  My excuse for being so early was that I needed to leave the camera so they could take some pictures.  I needed to be at the Museum for the last day of Anderson County Days.....but, I would need pictures for today's blog!

  Here's how the day went..................

  Fiber on the hoof!!!!  Linda and Tina were working a fiber trade.  I think the little fellow went home with Tina.

  Harriet has graduated to one of the floor looms!  It looks like she's working on a scarf warp!

  She's been weaving up a storm at home!

  These are the towels from Cindy's warp that Andy wove off.  We're going to miss Andy...she has a new job and has to miss our Tuesday get-togethers.

  There are a lot of woven towels on the cloth beam on Molly's loom!  That is such a fun pattern to play with.

  Yippee!!!  Marie got a chance to sit down and thread on her napkin warp!!!!  She's almost finished.

    Anna wound warps for Dye Day which is later this week.  Betsy was busy winding a warp, too.  I think that table top mill is going to get a lot of use!!!

    Linda and Sharon just get it done........

And, as always, Carl keeps that loom humming.

  Winding on a warp.....who knew it could be so much fun????

Jocelyn introduced her friend...she knit her top...then crocheted the bottom part when she realized that it was too short!  Smart lady!!!

Darlene brought some woven items from Honduras to share with us.  LOVE those beautiful colors!

  Never a dull moment, that's for sure!  I'm looking forward to seeing some of the new dyed warps next week.......I won't be so early next time.

Happy Weaving!

Monday, May 11, 2015

A couple of things..

Not a ton to report on from the studio this week. I am slowly chipping away at the pile of things that I posted about last week. Weaving the red, grey and black warp was fun. I really like the combination of colors and the pieces end up so cheerful.
 The red softens the black nicely. I want to weave the opposite yet, with black the main color and grey and then red in the middle. It'll be nice to show the difference but that warp is way down the list. I'm not sure I'll get it done before the July show, but for sure by the October one.
 What's on the loom now? Black. Yes, just solid black. Am I excited? No. However, black sells well and I need to have that color as well so I'll spend a few days weaving black. I won't take a picture of it. Too boring. Just know I'll be watching season 8 of JAG and weaving....have you seen JAG? It's quite an interesting show. Not sure why we didn't watch it originally but I am thoroughly enjoying it now! Poor Lieutenant Roberts!! for those of you who watched it.

Saturday we went to the University of Tennessee Gardens. Each year on Mother's Day weekend they open the gardens and have a sale with vendors. We've gone once before but it's been years. So we went this time with no expectations. DH bought some flame azaleas, native to our mountains to add to our hillside. Some pink, some orange. They are beautiful! Friday he went to another greenhouse and bought a couple more hostas. The huge, huge ones. The leaves are massive and beautiful. We certainly have the room to display them. So evenings this week, he'll be planting them. He's also trying to get rid of wisteria. Remember the pictures I posted the last few years of the blooms? Well, if you're not careful they just take over everything and they have. So this year he's attempting to gain ground against them. I'm not sure who'll win but they are spreading all over our yard, not just staying in the woods.

I didn't expect to find anything at the show but in wandering among the vendors, several of whom are Foothills Guild members, I came across some unusual hostas. These are miniatures. As in tiny hostas.
 They don't grow any bigger. I bought 9 little hostas, all different!!
 The plan is to plant them in the 2 pots. They'll be on our deck year round. The deck is mostly in the shade, especially one end of it has no sun. So this is the perfect environment for them. In fall they'll die down and the pots will appear to be empty but in spring they'll come back. It really is the perfect plant for the deck. I'll have them near the chairs so we can enjoy them.
Each of them has a different name. You can see how small the plants are by the size of the tag next to them. I want to remember their names because they're really cute and if one of them doesn't come up next year I want to be able to replace it with another one. Just need to be sure to water all the plants out there. Wish the mosquitoes weren't as bad as they are right now....
So that's the latest from my studio. For Mother's Day, DH got my car vacumned and washed. I was thrilled! Hauling stuff around like I do, it's nice to have that done once in awhile!
This week I'm just going to keep weaving, sewing buttons on pieces, cutting, serging, assembling and maybe get to that inventorying that I need to do. Oh yeah, and this week the Tuesday Weavers are having dye day Thursday so Wednesday afternoon I'll probably go over there to help set up. That reminds me, I need to start winding skeins to dye.
Busy week!
Until next week, keep weaving!