Tuesday, July 17, 2018

C'mon In!

  We always welcome visitors to the Center, and encourage folks to come down to the Studio and meet the Weavers.  Dan came by the Center yesterday, and found out that the Weavers would be there on Tuesday, and that's who he wanted to meet!  He wanted more information on this piece of a coverlet that his great-great grandmother had woven after the Civil War.
  We were able to tell him that it was a Whig Rose pattern woven in linen and wool.  The wool looked to be indigo dyed.  Although Dan now lives in Mobile, AL, his folks were from Anderson County originally.

  And, to our delight, our friend Eiko dropped by the Studio.  It was so much fun catching up with her!

  Ray brought one of his rugs woven in the Cross of Tennessee overshot pattern to share today, along with some newspaper clippings about overshot coverlets and curtains.  But, then it was back to work threading his double weave warp.  He should be ready to wind on next week!

  Now to the story from last week:  when Betsy wound her new placemat warp, she got side-tracked and wound twice as much as she needed!  The decision was made to separate out the "second warp" and chain it off to weave later.  Pat jumped in and helped her tie the legs of the cross and chain it for storage.  Betsy will wind on the warp next week!!!!

  Bonnie will be able to start weaving next week.  She says she needs a refresher course in hemstitching....it just so happens that our new weaver, Jaid, does a lovely hemstitch!!!  I bet she can demonstrate that for Bonnie!

Don't you just love a good laugh????  The Ladies had a great time today!

 We had other visitors from upstairs as the Weavers just wove at their looms. 

  Lunch today was a Picnic Pot Luck!  YES.....we had plenty of desserts...just what I like!!!!

  We finished our day with another visitors.  This young man was fascinated watching Carl weave on the barn loom.
  His Mom teaches art at the local elementary school, so he knows a little bit about weaving.  I don't think he wanted to leave!!!

  I'll say it again:  We are so lucky to have this group!  It's a great place to learn and grow.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

  When Carol isn't with us, the weavers step up to help out the newer weavers taking their next steps.  Jaid had threaded her loom, and she was ready to sley the reed.  Marie got her going!

  By the end of the day, Jaid had bound on and wove her heading.  That hemstitch looks GREAT!!!

  Pearl set up catty-corner on the table with her loom.  It looks like she's at the end of that warp!  Later, Pearl tried her hand at weaving overshot on the sample loom that was set up for the weavers. 
  (We will be discussing the Overshot chapter from the Key To Weaving next week.)


  Ray was busy threading his double weave warp.  He's bringing some of his overshot items next week for our discussion on the book.  Ray uses the overshot technique to weave rugs....they are beautiful!

  Bonnie finished threading her loom today.  (She and Linda got a chance to catch up with each other.) 
  When Bonnie was ready to wind on her warp, Ray turned around and lent a helping hand!

  Sharon and Alyce got some weaving done today, also.  Alyce had a warp thread repair to deal with, but it went smoothly.

   After cutting more weft this morning, Carl got busy with his rug warp.  This one is about half finished.

  Linda and Betsy sorted through a donation of old copies of Handwoven.  They checked for copies of the magazine that we didn't have in our collection.  

   Here are our Ladies!!!  This really is a study of great concentration!!!!  (And, not a cell phone in sight!!!)

  So what IS Tina doing? 
  This yarn is indigo dyed singles in a huge skein.  Tina brought her squirrel cage swift to start the job of ball winding the yarn.  What a job!!!!

  We had a great day just getting it done
Next week is our book discussion AND Potluck Picnic!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Front & Back & All Around

  During lunch today, Polly counted the weavers sitting around the tables:  24!    I can remember when we all fit around ONE table!

  We added another new weaver today:  welcome to Jaid!  Would you believe her husband thought she might like to learn to weave????  He might be right!

  Jaid got to be the first to use one of the new student looms.  I hope she appreciates how much lighter these looms are to take home for the week.  Our old table looms weigh a ton!
  She'll be threading at home....just a straight draw!

  You'll usually find Carl back at the barn loom just doing what he does best:  weaving rugs!

  Christy has to work fast to keep up with his production.

  Bonnie pulled a chair up to the back of her loom to thread the heddles.  She'll be ready to tie on next week.  These will be be huck placemats.

  Sometimes you'll find us at the back of the loom ON THE FLOOR!  Yes, that's Ms. Ila fixing the tie-up on the treadles of her loom.

   Pat finished her warp of Wall of Troy.  This cloth will be used to make soup cozys for the fall sales.

  Pat wove this cloth at home.  Some of the yarn is handspun!  She wanted suggestions from the weavers for using the 3 + yards of goodness.

 Frieda wound a new warp on the reel as Pat and Bonnie wound bobbins at the table.  Something is always going around!!!!

  Wait a minute!  Someone left a surprise bag at Tina's loom!  It's a collection of selvedges!  That might work for a walker bag....
  And, someone found her two shuttles of black & white fabric!!!!  Somehow they got with the Kids' Camp stuff and Irene returned it to Tina's loom.

  Sometimes we just gather around a loom to catch up with friends....that's a good thing.

  And, sometimes we get to be with an old friend who came to weave with us today.  Karin brought her little Ashford Inkle loom with her linen pickup band in progress. 
  Be sure to click on the picture to take a closer look at that band!!!!

  Betsy just ignores me when I play peek-a-boo with her!!!!  She was busy re-counting threads...and that's a story for another day!!!!

  Another terrific Tuesday!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Takin' Tuesday Off!

 If you happened to stop by Center today, you might hear noise in the Studio....but, not from the Weavers!!!!
  Nope.....we turned the Studio over to Kids Craft Camp today, and took the day off.

  That doesn't mean that I don't have Tuesday Weaver things to do, though!
  Last week I cut my projects off the cloth beam and brought them home.  On the right you can see four natural placemats, six white on white placemats and the runner that will become a "walker" bag.  I'll cut them apart, serge the edges, and hem them.  Washing and pressing will get done after that.   The walker bag will require a little more work after it is pressed....the ends will be turned up to become pockets and fasteners will be put on the side to secure it to the walker.

  I guess that really means that I DON'T have the day off......

Happy Weaving!

p.s.  Back to regular schedule next week!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Say "hello" to Victoria--our new weaver!  She'll get to be the first one to use one of our brand new looms!!!
  (Do you think Carol told her that today was "lime green" day?????)
  Welcome to our community of weavers!

  One of the teaching techniques Carol uses with new weavers is dressing a loom several times along with an experienced weaver.   The more you do it, the more confident you get!

  Helen wound her scarf warp, and she's ready to move to a floor loom.  We got the Wolf Pup ready for her to use, and Carol enlisted Pearl and Judy to help her get the warp on the loom.  The three of them will all learn together.

  We're lucky in our weaving community to have some folks that like to do front to back when they're dressing their looms.  Ray is one of those people.

  Bonnie likes to warp front to back, also.  Our new weavers can learn from these folks.  There's more than one way to do most tasks!!!!

  Carl warps the big ole barn loom front to back, too.  But, it's going to be awhile before he needs to put a new warp on his loom.

  After Marie helped Liz get started, she was ready to twist the fringes on her new scarf.  She's starting to get her inventory built up before the Fall sales.

  Linda started a new set of towels using teal this time.  (These are a little easier on the eye!)  That's the lovely thing about this pattern:  change the weft color, change the towel!

  Frieda reminded us that we all need more FIBER in our diet!  Weavers live by that motto!!!!

As you can see on the right, Liz's warp is wound on the loom, and she's busy threading this afternoon.  Alyce and Ms. Ila were just weaving away.  BTW, Ms. Ila finished this shawl....guess she'll start another one next time.
  Sharon had library duties today.  Her kindergarten skills sure come in handy!!!

  Nope....this isn't a repeat picture!  See Betsy back there????  That's a 13 yard warp on that board for more placemats!!!

  This community of weavers is sending out a "thumbs up" to our friend Anna.  We've got your back!!! 

Happy Weaving!

Friday, June 15, 2018

As Promised

I did finish the last rug project I posted about!  I procrastinated a bit towards the end for some reason, but yesterday I made myself go to the studio and finish the last 2 inches of hem, took it off of the loom and hemmed it straight away!  I knew that if I let myself I could easily do some more procrastinating!

This is of course the Hollywood warp pattern found in the "Rug Handbook" by Meaney.  I chose to cut wide loops from the t-shirts this time to make a thicker rug.

T-shirt loops are softer than sock loopers and the joins are not nearly as hard or numerous either.  I really had some fun putting the colors together.  Can you spot the "Big Orange" of the University of Tennessee?

Bertha the 60 inch Leclerc behaved beautifully on this 30 inch rug.  I have just enough warp left on the loom to rethread for a sample of an upcoming project.  One of my clients has requested a full width shag rug!  I think a small rug to get the feel of this weave structure and an estimate of just how many t-shirts will be needed is in order.

This summer, we will continue with our Tuesday blog posts about what is happening at the Center.  The personal posts that Carol, LouAnn and I do may be sporadic for various reasons.  If we have something to post about, you can be sure that we will!

As always, keep Weaving, Tina