Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pot Luck???

  Today would have been our first 5th Tuesday pot luck lunch....if only we could be together!  But, we are practicing social distancing to keep each other safe!  That doesn't mean we haven't been in contact....oh, NO!  The emails and text have been flying like crazy!
  So, let me catch you up with the Tuesday Weavers!!!!

Carol is recovering from knee surgery and rehab....by moving her daughter into her new condo!  When she's not moving boxes, she's been cutting t-shirts into strips for more rugs.  We all need a supervisor, Carol!!!!

 This is Marie's new towel pattern:  8/2 cotton warp with handspun indigo cotton weft.  LOVE that pattern!

   Not weaving, but, doesn't that look yummy!  Hey, Jocelyn!  There's no better way to bake cornbread than in an iron skillet!  She has posted some of her paintings on Facebook, so I know she's staying busy.

  Linda is weaving a table runner in the Butterflies In Clover pattern from Handwoven.  She texted me a little while ago that she's warping her Inkle loom....she's a busy lady!

  Bonnie attended the cobweb broom class earlier in the month.  These are her two brooms ready for spring cleaning!!!

Sorry, Betsy!  I can't get this picture turned the right way!  But, you can see all the placemats that she hemmed from the warp she wove at the Center.


 Sharon has been very, very busy!

 These are her towel warps.

 AND, she did a little indigo dyeing, too!!!!

 Tina has been spinning and knitting!  That crocodile scarf is just too cute!

-Patty has been making masks....and she's ready to return to her little corner of the Studio.

-Liz wants some more 8/4!

-Marilyn has reorganized her shelves in her loom room and weaving with her granddaughter.
-Me?  I've been going through my fabric stash and washing up some for possible projects.  I just got a subscription to Heddlecraft, and I have been working my way through the issues.

Our next 5th Tuesday Pot Luck is June 30th.  I am looking forward to that already.
Happy Weaving.....and stay safe!

I saw this on Facebook, and it sums up how I feel right now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Keep Calm and Carry On

  Regardless of what is going on in the world, weavers just keep on keeping on!!!!

  Case in point:  more yarn!!!
And, you don't even see the 24 cones of white 8/4!

Ah-ha!  There it is!  The white yarn will be going on the Leclerc counter-balance loom.  We set it up for lots and lots of placemats!

  It looks like Marilyn is giving Alyce an Inkle loom lesson. 

Ray is in the process of planning his next warp for the Studio loom.  Wonder what he has in mind?????

  Betsy is winding her warp:  looks to be about twelve yards!  What do you have in mind, Betsy?

   Patty decided it was time to cut off her roll of placemats (there's still plenty of warp left on the loom!!!)  These can be hemmed and taken upstairs to the shop.

  Marie and Shirley found room on the shelf for all the new yarn cones.  Threading is on-going for Linda.


  Weaving friends!!!  The best!

Happy Weaving!

p.s.  Thanks to Marie and Sharon for today's pictures!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

MARCH Right In!

  What a great way to start off the day!  Cut that warp of placemats off of that loom!!!! 
  Laura then got busy serging the raw edges for the hems.  She has her work cut out for her at home this week.  Then she needs to start thinking about her next project!

  Betsy is trying to decide what to do for her next project.  She and Marie were working on drawdowns on Marie's tablet this morning.  Strickler is always a good resource!
  (Note Pat's handwoven vest in the background!)

  Spring is full of beautiful colors, and these three ladies set the stage today.  Margi, Peggy and Alyce are at different stages of their projects:  Margi is trying out different colors and treadling for her mug rugs.  Peggy is finishing her threading, while Alyce is weaving away on the Pup.

  Bonnie, Sharon and Liz kept the back row humming along.  Shawls, scarves and placemats are being woven on these looms.

 Tina provided technical assistance today for Carl's loom.  The cords needed some attention!

   Carol is often called in for technical help!  Susan is warping her loom for her second warp.

  Carol got called in for more help this afternoon.  Carl is still having trouble with this loom:  it seems I put a thread through the heddle on shaft 5 when it should be on #4!  (I'll be fixing that next week!!!)
  Pearl is still weaving on her lace warp.

   Remember a couple of weeks ago when Ray was hanging the rugs in the stair well????  Here they are!  Patty and I got a chance to admire the workmanship.

  After doing some sample weaving, Marilyn is ready to get going on her placemat warp.

  Linda finished her "temperature" project on her Cricket.  Each color change represents the temperature of each day in the year she was born.  We decided it would be fun to compare the temperature range of another year.
  Great job, Linda!!!!!

I'm sure we'll see lots of temperature changes this month.....March can be fickle in East Tennessee!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


    Today is a day of celebration in many parts of the world.  There are parties and parades and lots of high spirits!
  Today is also Peggy's birthday!!!!  And, she brought her own favorite way to celebrate:  Becherovka!  It's a tasty herbal liqueur from the Czech Republic, and we think she should share her celebration with us more often!!!!!
  Happy Birthday, Peggy!
(Liz:  you have the photo bomb down pat, I think!)

  We also celebrate Susan's recovery from her knee replacement surgery!  She got busy today planning her next warp.  That does mean some time at the warping board.....maybe next week!!!

 Bonnie believes that we can always celebrate with some Starburst jelly beans!!!!  (And, the weavers agreed with her!!!!)

Margi is determined to weave off the warp on the Ashford!  You go, girl!!!

Betsy is taking this opportunity to give her loom a good cleaning before starting a new project.

 Weaving has begun on Carl's run of mug rugs.  He's using leftover strips of denim from all those rugs he wove!

 Laura's placemat warp is coming right along.

 When she's not photo bombing, Liz is busy threading her warp.  You can be sure that Sharon is listening to all the different conversations going on there on the back row!!!!

  Lou Ann is getting her new-to-her loom later this week.  That means she needs a project!!!!  Ray is a great source of information!

  And, Carol has such a good eye for color....this will be an amazing warp!
  We'll be staying tuned for more on this!

  Hey, Linda!  How wide is that warp????
You're going to have so much fun weaving those towels!

I guess you could say we Celebrate every Tuesday!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Fix It--Thread It--Cut It Off!!!!

   Well....I thought Ray was working on his loom, but I was wrong!  Ray was really busy this morning with his drill and some small dowels.  What WAS he up to????

  Ah-ha!  Ray was devising a way to hang our rugs in the hallway going down the stairs!!!!  The quilts that were in that space have been taken down, so we now have a lovely place to display some of our rugs.  Marie was his spotter.

  Tina and Dickie got busy fixing the table looms and their stands.  They tend to come off the stand when they are moved, and we needed them to stay on the stand.  (We didn't want a permanent solution since they are sometimes used for demonstration.)
  Together, these two came up with a solution!

  There's plenty of threading going on, too!  Peggy is busy with her placemat warp.

 Linda finished loading each section of the loom, and now it's time to thread for all those towels!

   As you can see, Liz is about half way through threading her placemat warp.

  Betsy has been looking forward to this day for awhile....she cut off her warp of placemats!!!

  And, Carl cut off his warp of placemats, too!  He had a baker's dozen rolled up on that cloth beam!
  All around the Studio you could just find some amazing weaving taking place.  Although I thought I heard singing, when I looked, Pearl and Alyce were just weaving.

Marilyn shared some tips with Lou Ann.

Bonnie is thinking about weaving some dish towels, and Peggy is always a good sounding board.  Laura must be discussing a new project with Carol.

  Looks like Anna might be thinking about a new project, too!!!!

  Patty has gotten the hang of advancing the warp on this loom (it can be a little tricky!)  Those placemats are so colorful!

  Take a look at Tina's crocodile scarf!!!  She's knitting it for one of her grandsons, and brought it for us to admire!  Too cute!!!!

There's always a lot going on around here!

Happy Weaving!