Friday, July 3, 2015

Just like Carol

I have a gazillion yards of 12/3 cotton warp, that I purchased at one of the historic infusions of weaving items that periodically come to the weavers at the center.  I have some of it on one of the looms in my studio, threaded as swedish lace for napkins.

It is really cool that when I use the white as weft, the napkins seem quite elegant and when I use a colored weft there is almost a country feel to the napkin, even when I use the same treadling.

I talked last Friday about this warp, and about the fact that I have a dozen or so cones of variegated slub yarn (that came with my first loom way back in 2001!) that can only be used for weft.  I thought that this warp might be really good backdrop for the crazy variegated stuff.

I chose this cone because I knew that the white warp would really tone these dark colors down.  I decided to weave off the warp in plain weave and I don't plan to do any hem stitching or anything fancy at all.  Just Plain Weave all the way!!!  Just like Carol our fearless leader!

This is how it is turning out, I think it is cool!  It gives me hope that I really can do something fun with miles of white warp and dozens of cones of variegated slubby stuff!  With the end goal being to find some more shelf and floor space in the studio!

These napkins are not technically for the napkin challenge, since I have the ones in the top picture, but if I happen to get them done, especially now since the potluck had been moved back another week, I might just bring them!

Until next week, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Outside Plans

  Only If You Are A Duck!!!!

  We seem to be making up for the lack of rain in's a good day to get things done in the house!

  The forecast for the next few days gets a little brighter, though.  There's only a 50% chance of rain for Saturday!  And, by Sunday (when the kids and I are grilling out) there is only a 30% chance of showers!

   Tina and I will be at the Museum of Appalachia for the Fourth of July Anvil Shoot and Celebration.  Besides the Anvil Shoot, there is a big ceremony at noon led by the Sons of the Revolution.

  Tina will have her little red spinning wheel, and I'll be weaving on the Rocker Beater loom.  I have a warp for more placemats on that sweet old loom!

  I'm going to get my go-bag ready for the Museum this afternoon.  I want to make sure I have plenty of weft ready to weave!

Here at the house, I'm weaving on the Simply Elegant huck lace mats.  Neutral colors are always a good bet.

Weaving this huck lace is just fun to do!

The tiger lilies are putting on quite a show this year.  I have a huge clump that has come up, and finally they are starting to bloom.  But, with all the rain, you almost have to get under them to see all the glory.

donated object
picture taken from the internet

I was really hoping we would get a response from someone out in blog land about our donated object.  It reminds me of the peg looms I have seen online, but the pegs do not have holes for warp threads.  Maybe this will jog someone's memory.
I wish all of you a Happy and Safe 4th of July weekend!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

  Walking into the Studio today was just like coming home! 
  The parking lot was full of cars, so I knew that I would be seeing lots of weavers...and I was right.  Carol, Linda, Sharon and our leader, Carol, were busy looking at some of the new books that Carol found at the Mid-West Weavers Conference.

  My favorite Ladies were at their looms...Roz, Bonnie and Shirley were hard at work.  (I can see that Roz got the tangles out of her warp and has started threading those placemats.)

  Carol actually got a chance to look over some of her new books.....there's usually so much going on that she ends up going from one group to another!
  Christy started cutting some of the wool strips for Carl while Ms. Ila got her bobbins wound for today.

  Thank you for getting all of that done, Christy.  Those strips will look great with the warp on Carl's loom.   (Yes,'s a thankless job, but someone has to do it!!!  LOL)

  Sharon brought her placemats to serge...they do make a neat edge for hemming!  After getting it re-threaded, she was off and running!!!

Tina has undertaken the repair job on one of the coverlets that Maggie wove.  (She wove 4 of them!!!)

  She started out at the big table where she could spread it out.  Pat took over the job of cutting up the blue jeans that had been donated to the weavers. 

  Lanny has the warp tied back on Big Bertha, and he's ready to start weaving.  We'll have some new throws soon!  As usual, Carl is holding down the fort on the barn loom....more rugs for the fall sales!

  And, what's a Tuesday without someone being UNDER a loom?  Marie and Jocelyn were tag-teaming those treadles!!!!

Frieda has been planning her next project....she got the warp wound this afternoon.  Sharon and Barb just kept on weaving!

Harriet just can't get enough Dye Days in her schedule, so she has been experimenting  with dyeing at home.  She just might be having too much fun!

Lanny brought his newest wool/silk scarf to is just too yummy!!!

  We were glad to see our friend from the Crossville Weavers' Guild today!  You know you are welcome any time!!!!

NOW....we need your help again!!!

Does anyone know what this is????

It came in as a donation to the Center, and none of us know what it could be!
  The dowels do not come out of the bar.

Now, back to business:  since Carol and Marie will be out of town next week, they have requested that we wait and have our NAPKIN unveiling the 14th, so they can be part of the excitement.  It was decided that we will have a Sandwich potluck on the 14th, too,....kinda like a picnic!!!!  Awwww......the anticipation builds!!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lace Class

I spent 3 days last week making lace. There's never enough time to do everything that I want to get done, so being able to carve out 3 days is huge. There were only a few of us that were able to take the class but we were all excited to be there. As usual, we had Louise Colgan fly out from California to teach. The days flew by. You don't make lace quickly. It's slow. If you're working quickly, you can do a square inch an hour.
I fell in love with the teapot and cup and saucer pattern a couple of years ago and last year I worked on the teapot. It's almost done, not quite....I have the center panel left to do. I hope to finish it this year yet. I will have it framed once they're both done, like Louise did. It's the best way not to lose the lace!
This time I made the cup and saucer.
The whole thing is just 2 1/4 by 3 1/4. Small, tiny, little  braids and tiny pin holes that had to be sewn into. Frustrating but I did it!!
What you see is the back of the lace. Once I take out the pins and turn it around, you won't see all the knots.
Other people worked on different patterns, like the dogwood
Tulip. I may try this next year. It's not too intimidating.
Celtic cross. This would be a tough one!
Sea horse. I've done this one and actually have a second one half done on a pillow...

That's all we got done in class. Our eyes are a bit strained. Might need to bring ott lights next time and maybe magnifying lights to see where to find the tiny bar we're to sew into!
It's fun and I'm already looking forward to next year.
Now it's back to weaving this week. 
BTW, I'm the fourth from the right in the picture. I know it's dark but that's the best I have right now.
Until next week, keep weaving!

Friday, June 26, 2015

On the Looms Finally

This week has been a really good studio week for me here at Farmstead Studio.  it seems like forever since I was able to dedicate a full day upstairs but, I got to spend a whole day and 1/2 uninterrupted time, winding, beaming, threading through heddles and reed, and getting the first tentative picks thrown on my red on red placemat project, to see if I got it right.  I did thread it correctly, but I wasn't happy with how the selvedges were coming out with the turned twill treadling.  That is what I had to talk to Carol about on Tuesday, and we came up with a plan to try.  We decided to reverse the threading on the edges.

You can't see the pattern in the foreground at all, but it will show up once I get rolling.  I'm still not sure about the selvedges, but I am going to give it try.  I have one other idea to try if our plan doesn't work.

So basically that is one loom loaded and ready!

Next I needed to adjust the warp on the blue jean placemats.  This is a warp weighted project and I had woven until the rocks that I use for weights were up to the trapeze!  I had decided that at that point I was done for the day, since I also wanted to reroute the warp a little.

A few, maybe 20 minutes later, Loom number 2 was ready to go!  YAY!

(I couldn't get the picture to upload here, will try again later)

Then I had to re-weight one of the other warps I have on my third loom.  This is  a white 12/3 cotton warp.  It is fabulous for napkins and things like that.  I think it took me about 10 minutes to get loom number 3 ready to weave on.  Yay again!

I have quite a bit of variegated cotton slub that I think I will put to work on this warp!

Lastly, I worked the majority of my time on my loom with the 8/4 natural cotton that has been my baby blanket warp.  I am re-threading it to make some t-shirt rugs.  The re-threading went really well, it took some time, but not a ton.  I set to work re-threading it through the reed,  I wantedto use every single dent in the reed, and I was sure I got the numbers right.  so you know what happened don't you?

Yes, I ran out of reed before I ran out of warp!  I guess I will have to recalculate again!  Anyway, it won't be long before this loom is ready to go too, once it is, I will have 4 out of 4 looms in action.  Be still my heart!

It has been a long road getting excited about the projects in the studio again, I think I may need to do some smaller projects to break up the long warps I am used to doing.  For example the Baby blanket warp was the third 40 yd warp I did with basically the same project.  No wonder I got bored with it!  To top it off, the blankets never sold very well at the shows, though they made excellent baby shower gifts!  Anyway, it is all food for thought.

The Nigora goats are growing, in size and in number.  One of my friend contacted me to let me know she was selling her Nigora wether, that is a brother to one of mine.  Well of course I bought him!  That brings me up to 7 Nigora goats.  I dearly love looking out over the herd, it gives me a sense of satisfaction.  The range of color in these fleeces is from white to charcoal, just lovely!  I did a post about this years fleeces on my blog,

I am thrilled to have had some weaving content for you today, I have been plying yarn as well, but I will save that for another day.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Up Close

I'm subbing in for Lou Ann today, and I thought I would give you an up close view of what is happening in the studio today.

Carl and I got to the center a few minutes early today, and the consultations were already in full swing.  I got in line because I too had a question to ask Carol, our fearless leader.

Before long the weavers were coming and the looms were being opened up for the day.  I quickly went around and snapped pictures of the projects on the looms.

As I was snapping pictures, I was sure I would be able to remember
 who was weaving on what, but alas, I was mistaken.  Some of the pieces I will be able to tell you and others not.  This is a hand dyed bamboo scarf if I am not mistaken.
 This is a blue Jean rug that Carl is weaving on the big old barn loom, with blue jeans as the weft.
 Here is Christy's latest project on her inkle loom.
 Here is a shawlthat laDonna is working on with her rigid heddle loom, with some fun yarn.

Here is another hand dyed bamboo scarf.  The girls in the peanut
gallery are really working hard on these.
 Barb has this project on her Cricket loom she brought from home.
 This one I know for sure!  This is an overshot baby blanket in 8/4. that is now off the loom!  Lanny is going to take the big loom over and free me up to help Carol and Marie do all the troubleshooting that has to happen on a weekly basis!
 Here is a lovely black cotton 8/4 warp that  Darlene  is working on, the weft is dyed gauze.
 Sharon is weaving a custom order of placemats,
Roz and Frieda worked all day getting this hand dyed placemat warp on the loom.
 This is a hand dyed scarf, I think it is bamboo, but I am not sure, Harriet is this one yours?
 Another hand dyed warp
Now we are looking at an 8/4 cotton warp in multi colors and a wool weft, that Betsy is working on.

As you can see there are many and varied projects going on at any one time.  They are as varied as the looms are that we weave on, and as different as the many weavers that come each and every Tuesday, to talk and laugh and share weaving secrets, and who knows what all else,  wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?!

I missed most of Carols presentation of the class she took, I am sure she will do a blog post or 2 about her trip in the coming weeks.  Several of us were at Kids camp in Norris fixing the looms we had sent over for the kids to work on.

That is about all I have for now, See you next week!  Tina for All!