Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Three Ring Circus!

  I often wonder if Carol feels like she's in charge of a three ring circus....there is so much going on in the Studio every Tuesday.  For example:  Marie and Ray are teaching a class this weekend, and the students will be weaving mug rugs on the table looms.  They have five folks signed up for the class, which means that five looms need to be warped and ready to weave.  (This is just a "throw the shuttle" class!)
  I finished one loom that Ray had started, and Marie is working on another loom.

  Ray is a front to back warper, and here he is threading the reed on another loom.  (He informed me that I needed to learn another way to warp....I informed Carol that I was glad she taught me back to front warping!)
  Now, you might have noticed that yummy looking rum cake on the counter in front of Ray.  Ms. Ila baked it for our lunch today.  We invited the Board to join the Tuesday Weavers for pizza and dessert.
  Pat acted as moderator for our meeting with the Board.  Thank you, Pat!  I think we covered a lot of issues.

  Carol is still watching over our newest weavers.  As most of us know, weaving is a life long learning adventure!!!!
  That's Jaid's second warp, by the way!  She's doing a great job.  And, Mary is coming right along on her first warp.

  Now, that brings us to another project going on in our Studio:  weaving bands to make key rings for Convergence 2020.  Tina has finished one warp on the big Inkle loom, and she's warped it for the next round.  Shirley brought her Inkle loom to wind a warp that she can work on at home.

  Liz is winding a warp for towels....we need more towels for the shop!!!

  You might think that Alyce and Pearl are avoiding the camera again, but you would be wrong.  They are singing harmony!!!!
  Alyce is threading her newest warp, and Pearl is winding a warp for Dye Day, which is coming up next week.  It's a given that if they are in close proximity, they will be singing a duet!  Lovely!!!!

  And, that's our new weaver, Patty, winding another warp for Dye Day.

  These will be warps for more towels!!!!

  Despite all the hoopla going on, Carl just started weaving on the newest blue jean rug.  These are going to be sooooooo nice!

  We really need to have a talk with Carol and get some tips on how she keeps in all under control.   This circus might have more than three rings......

Happy Weaving!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Small Setback

I haven't had much time at the loom this week and it has turned out to be a good thing.  I had finished the first time thru the color progression, and I was getting ready to start the second progression, but  I thought that something was missing, so I went back to the computer to play with the colors a little bit more.

What I realized was that I wanted to add another color to the rainbow.

I had gotten this eggplant color  when I had purchased  the rest of the fleece, and then I realized that the pattern I was following only had six colors instead of seven, and I thought it best to follow suit.

What I found however was that as I looked at the rug as a whole, there was an empty place in my minds eye. and there are a couple of places that the color combinations between the accent color and the background color are not what I had imagined.

By adding this  7th color,  between the red and the navy, I am going to shift the accent colors over one and I think I am really going to like it better.  Of course, what that means is that I will have to undo almost all that I had woven.

The good news is that, because I made this decision a couple of days ago, I already undid it, and I am back at it.  Next week, I hope to be back where I started and moving right along thru the 4 repeats of this pattern.

 By the way the rug is really really squishy!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Give It A Thumbs Up!

  Once a year we head over to the Museum of Appalachia to have lunch together.  A real sit down meal (that we don't have to bring!)

  Yes, I know that we eat lunch together every Tuesday, but this is different.....and special.  As you can see, the Museum lets us eat in the Great Hall and they had a fire going in that lovely fireplace to take the chill off the room. 

  We had our "business" meeting before we went to the Museum, so this time was just to relax.

  And, what a great day for our new weaver to join us.  Welcome to the Tuesday Weavers, Patty!!!  (Actually, she's returning to us!!!)

  There was a lot of conversation about our towel challenge...some folks have already started....and some of us are still plotting and planning.

  Back in the studio, we wanted to send THUMBS UP to our missing friends:  Carl, Marie, Pearl, Frieda and Bonnie.  We hope to see you next week.
  (Be thinking about those towels!!!!)
  Weave on, my friends!!!



Thursday, January 3, 2019

Colorful Fleece

I have made some progress from last week, you can see just a bit of pink and yellow at the far left of this photo.  Big Bertha, the 60 inch Leclerc Nilart, is behaving beautifully!  I am using almost the full width of the reed and by standing to weave, my 5ft 1inch frame is not overly taxed.  There are so many treadles on this 12 harness loom that I was able to put 2 separate direct tie-ups, one at each end of the rack of treadles.  My hips are very happy to weave like this and I am now looking at the other looms I have and making plans to pare down a bit during this brand new year.

I realized sometime last week that I was going to have to buy more colorful fleece to complete the rug.  To get to the target length of 100 inches or so, I will have to repeat the color sequence a total of 4 times and not twice like I had originally thought.  (Math is certainly not one of my strengths!)  I was able to take advantage of a good sale going on at the fabric store closest to me, which is always a good thing. I was also able to match the colors that I had bought the first time, which I was a little concerned about.

I have everything ready for the next stripe, red with first a green accent and then a yellow accent.  After that it will be pink with yellow accent and then a solid pink stripe.  From this photo you can see that I am cutting the strips of fleece into 4 inch lengths, it speeds the whole process considerable.

Next week I hope to get to the half way mark with the prepared strips that I already have on hand ready to go.  It will then take a day or so to strip the second batch of fleece.  Maybe, just maybe I will be able to get this off the loom by the end of January.  I sure hope so, I have a list a mile long of projects for Big Bertha, I just have to decide which one to do first!!!!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

  Although the Center was closed for business today, some of the Tuesday Weavers came to the Studio to start the year off right!
  We were so happy to see Karin, and we had a lot of catching up to do with everyone.  (You'd think we hadn't seen each other in forever instead of two weeks!!!)    Sharon brought us treats from her holiday travels.


  We did have some diligent weavers that spent time at their looms.  Alyce was determined to get that warp on the Pup!

Even though Shirley and Bonnie weren't with us today, their looms were pulled out into place.  Ms. Ila worked on her "snake skin" shawl, stopping now and then to talk to the other weavers.

  Mary is doing a great job on her first weaving project.  She has already learned about using a weight for loose threads (yes, they happen!!!)

 This warp was labeled as being a two shawl warp, but Jocelyn is now weaving the fourth shawl!  Oh, well, that's not such a bad thing!!!

   Okay, Pearl.....what ARE you doing????
She needed to add a repair heddle, and Mary give her a tip to remove the harness.  We learn something every day!!!!

  Frieda and Ken got to the Center in time for lunch, and Carol caught them up on all the news. 

  They brought a freshly baked cranberry cake to share for dessert!  Thank you!  

This was the perfect way to start a new year!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Just a Bit

I got a chance this week to weave a little bit on the Shag rug for my Granddaughter.  I had used spare minutes over the last couple of weeks to check heddles thread and tie on the warp.  The loom I am using is a 60 inch Leclerc Nilart, fondly called Big Bertha by the Tuesday Weavers.

Bertha had spent a couple of years at the Center and we had done a couple of projects on her, but found her uncomfortable to use, she is wide and heavy to treadle.  Most of us that did a project on her are of the shorter variety of persons.  Then I had a 6x9 rug come up on the "schedule", and at about the same time I heard about a loom that you could treadle standing up.  I had an idea that this might be possible on Bertha, and it is!

The pattern I am using is from "Weavers Craft".  I must admit that I when I had seen that pattern when I first got it, I had no intention of doing it.  But when a granddaughter wants a big bright shag rug, what do you do?

It is a slow process, from cutting the poly fleece to weaving the strips.  I am using one of my warping sticks to wrap the strips around to get a more consistent pile, it is slow but not hard. What you see in the picture is 1 1/2 repeats of the pattern. and there are 25 total repeats on this double sized rug.  Let me refresh your memory on the colors I have prepared.

Yes, it is going to be big and bright, woven on Big Bertha.  Maybe this week I will get through a few of the colors so that we can get a better representation of the finished piece.

Happy New Year,  Tina

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Tis The Season

 We were busy in the studio today working on the projects that are still on the looms.  We've had a pretty successful 2018, and we're planning for the New Year!

  Liz is getting a jump start on her "challenge" towel warp.  We have challenged the weavers to weave five towels next year:  one to keep, one to exchange, and three to put upstairs in the shop.  Our exchange lunch will be at the end of May.

  We've invited the Board to have lunch with us in January to talk about our mission as the Tuesday Weavers.  Alyce, Linda, Peggy and Pearl missed the morning meeting, and Carol took time to fill them in on our plans.

  Marie placed our order for 8/4 and 8/2 to start the new year.  Some of our weavers took advantage of the order and stocked up, too.
  On the right you can see Tina's Inkle warp nearing the end.  She cut off this warp this afternoon, and it produced a five yard tape.  We have a good start on our key chains for Convergence.
  Pat loaded up her Inkle loom before she left today to start another warp.

  Carol got all the yarn put away before we headed home today.

  Linda has another green towel to add to our inventory in the shop.  Keep 'em coming!!!!

The tension problem on Carl's loom was solved by chaining off the warp, and re-winding it back on the beam with an even tension.  Tina worked the front of the loom while Charlotte and Bonnie worked on the back beam.  (Carl is the supervisor!!!)

  All is right!
  Carl got the warp tied back onto the loom, and he'll be ready to weave more rugs in 2019.

  We'll be taking next week off for Christmas, but a few of us will be back on New Year's day.

Have a very
  Merry Christmas!!!!