Monday, October 23, 2017

Another one in the books!

I'm just back from Asheville! Tired doesn't even start to describe me! However, it's good to be done with my show. They changed it to three days instead of the four it's been for years this year and it's kind of weird. We put our whole selves into these shows. We display the things we've made and just hope someone will like what we've done. We spend hours talking to strangers. They can quickly become friends and I love that. Sometimes, rarely really, you get some comments that make you question what you do. Inspite of being one day shorter, it's just as tiring. One day to rest and we're ready to go again, wind another warp, weave things to fill in the gap of what sold.
I took pictures of what the booth looked like Friday morning after the show opened.
I like colors. 
Winter's on its way and cotton jackets are warm enough for most of our winters in this part of the country.
My newest combination is red, light gray and royal blue in the center. It's cheerful and makes you smile.
Sometimes the accent color has bits of color that gives more texture to the fabric. A bit of yellow perks up this vest.
Bamboo and cotton, different combinations of yarns and colors.
Changing colors and seeing how well I can tempt people to try something on.
So I've done the paperwork and figured out what gets stored and what goes to shops. By tomorrow afternoon I'll be ready to wind a warp. Just before I set up for a show I wonder if it's really worth it to keep weaving. Then I talk to people and sell a few things and I know it's worth it to see happy customers again.
Until next week, keep weaving!

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Floor Inkle Loom

Theresa wanted to know about my floor Inkle loom, so I thought this would be a good chance to share about it.  It is called the "Harpsichord" and it is made by Maggie at Windhaven Fiber Tools.  That is also the name of their Etsy shop.

Maggie makes all sizes of Inkle looms, and all sorts of wooden fiber tools.  Maggie gives you several choices of wood, and with your choice the very reasonable price varies.  This Inkle loom can make a band up to 18 ft.

Since the band could be really long, there are 2 tensioning pegs, and you can also slip the band off of a peg and gain a little more room.

This is the lower tensioning peg.....

Here is the upper tensioning peg......

 I have only warped a short sample for an online course I am taking, it is a free online class that is being given by Susan J. Foulkes.  The class is a 3 or 4 week study group, and Susan posts the files on the yahoo group "Braids and Bands" one week at a time.  The files are there basically forever, and you work at your own pace, which suites me just fine right now!

This is all I have been able to do so far, the first design of the first weeks class.  Life is busy just now, and I know that the class will be there when I am ready.

Until next week, Happy Weaving, Tina

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lunch Break

  I'm taking a quick break to eat some lunch and go to the post office.  I'm on a mission, you see!  If I get this batch of placemats hemmed by tonight, I get to go on a little adventure tomorrow.  (There's nothing like a carrot...right?) 
  I'm more than half way through the batch that I have pinned....just need to do the sewing so I can pin the other half!  The octopus is filling up quickly!!!
  I've got Season 1 of Rosemary & Thyme going on the telly....LOVE it! It helps to have some entertainment going when you have hemming to do.
  Enjoy your Fall day!
Happy Weaving!  (and hemming!)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Weaving

  We knew it was just a matter of time....Linda's warp has become a real knee knocker!  But, she had a plan:  a dozen of the back/blue placemats with a table runner.  There is another dozen placemats and a runner that have an orange/red color scheme on the beam, also.  Today was the day that they came off the loom!
  Linda was thinking that she needed to get them off the loom so she could start hemming them for the Foothills sale.  It will be here before we know it!

  Remember that lovely green warp that Helen was winding last week?   Here it is going on one of the table looms.  She got it wound on, which means she'll be threading next week.


  How many weavers does it take to fold up a Harrisville loom? 
  Christy finished her scarf warp (and now she's down in Orlando with Cindy at a workshop!!!!  Hi, Cindy!!!!)  For right now, this little loom is going to stay out of the way!

  Meanwhile, back on the barn loom, Carl finished up one rug and started another one.
  We had a family visit the studio this afternoon.  They brought Carl three pairs of jeans to use for his rugs.  I have to wonder if the kids had heard us talking at the Museum about recycling blue jeans to make rugs.
  We'll never know.............

  Ah....The Ladies!  Bonnie is almost finished threading the shawl.  I saw her and Shirley carefully taking out more of the weft threads from the original shawl.  This is too much fun to watch!
  Ms. Ila is back to work on the warp that never ends.  (It was labeled for two shawls....she wove three already!)  I wonder how much is left!!!!!

 That reminds of the shawls ended up too long from Ms. Ila's warp.  She had some fun with it, and made a poncho.  That also resulted in a long discussion of how you pronounce "Quetzquemetyl."
     It also resulted in the pulling of several books from our library to show different ways to make a poncho/ruana/ quetzquemetyl.

  We were so happy to see Jocelyn today.  She's getting ready for her next project with her hand dyed yarn.  It just needs to be wound off the skein!

  I'm sure you'll be hearing more about this from Tina, but, here's a preview.  Look at this cool Inkle loom!!!!!    She's weaving tabs for her towels right now.  Just think of how long a warp you could get on this loom!!!!

  Sharon, our Librarian, got the books checked in after lunch.  We're always pulling one or another to look up information.
  ***Thank you! ***


  Another "thank you" goes to Polly.  She built this display for our Foothills show.  This will be great for the purses and tote bags and other items that can be hung with a S hook.  It will get LOTS of use!

  Fall Weaving.....just the best!

Happy Weaving!

Friday, October 13, 2017


You might wonder what happens to the yarn that spin while I am demonstrating the art at the "Museum of Appalachia", everybody that comes to see me does, they always ask "what is it going to be?"  The answer for the last couple of years has been that it is going to be a blanket for the shepherd.

The shepherd gives me the fleeces on "Sheep Shearing Day"  and I usually make something out of them to give back to him.  One year it was a vest, another year it was a hat, this year I made him a rug out of a couple of the fleeces.  All the while though, I have been spinning and spinning, sometimes a little, like when the schools come thru and we are only there for an hour or two.  Sometimes a lot, like during the larger celebrations like "Pioneer Days" or the "Homecoming".  It was during Pioneer days that I bought my Wee Great Wheel and began to spin with a lot more audience participation.  Over that 2 day event and the 3 day event that is the Homecoming, I had spun enough yarn to make another good sized skein.

Here are a few of the "cops" that I removed from the wheel, I was already almost finished plying the skein when I thought to take a picture.  I plied straight from these cops, and it was not as easy as I would like,  the strands tend to get tangled and it can be slow going.

When I am at home I use my clock reel to reel the singles yarn off of the spindle, into a singles skein.  I would have made a couple of skeins on the clock reel adding to the skeins when the spindle got full, and then I would transfer those skeins to the squirrel cage distaff to ply, but I have not been in the habit of taking the reel with me to the museum.  It sure makes plying the yarn easier,  and it is definitely what would have been done in the old days, so I may have to consider it.

Since I had a lot of help from the public spinning this yarn this time around, it is not nearly as even as if I had done it on my own, but I believe that I will have to make that a design element, since I am determined to use it in the blanket.

This skein is as  soft and springy as can be and I am mighty pleased with it.

Once it is dry it will join the other skeins earmarked for this blanket project.

The darker skein that you see at the top of this picture is one that I have been holding on to for a long time.  I have been hoping that another fleece like it would come to Sheep Shearing day, but I think that after so long it may not happen after all, and so I will add this skein to the project as well.

I have some darker brown Museum fleeces that I may spin at home to add interest and speed this project along.  I hope to have enough by January to get it on the loom and off of the loom before winter is over and another sheep shearing day rolls around.

I will be sure to post about it.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Tina 

Thursday, October 12, 2017


Ah....what is it???
That, folks, is a roll of EIGHT placemats that were cut off the loom last weekend at the Museum of Appalachia!!!!!

  People always ask me how long it takes to weave a placemat, and I always tell them that I have no idea!  I stop and talk to people as they come into the Loom House, so I do not just weave one without stopping.  Even at home...I hop up and answer the phone, or go check on what the cats are into.

  But, Sunday at the Museum, it was raining, and no one was coming into the Loom House.   And,  I was weaving like I knew what I was doing!!!!   (I kinda had an inkling that we might get to pack up early!!!)  So, the loom is empty except for the thrums, and I'll visit her again in the spring.
  This makes 14 placemats from that warp.  That's not a biggy for lots of folks, but it's a nice little haul for me.  I should have taken them straight to the serger and separated them, but here they are.  That's OK....I have some time before our Foothills show.

   While I was weaving, I was thinking about the unfinished projects I had waiting for me.  Besides the hot pads, oven mitts and another dozen placemats to be hemmed, I have this shawlette that needs some attention.  It was the first thing I wove on my 15 inch rigid heddle loom.
  I should have hemmed stitched the ends....lesson learned.  Also, I should have had a longer warp.  But, this might work after all.

  I'm thinking I will just curve it around and attach it to the side of the cloth.  I just need to get a clean finish on that edge!  Also, I'll need to decide if it would wear better if I gave a twist to the length.  This piece is 13.5 inches by 56 inches.
  I'll baste it in place and see which way works best.

  I have about five weeks to get ready for the next show...I guess I'll just take it one project at a time.

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Business As Usual

                                                                                    Another show in the books!
  Friday and Saturday sales were fantastic!  The rain bands from Hurricane Nate hit on Sunday, and that was pretty much the end for Homecoming this year!  But, we did over $2,000 in sales, which was nice!
  Marie, Tina and I packed it up, loaded it in the cars, and waved good bye until today.
  As we arrived this morning, we unloaded our cars here at the Center and returned unsold items to the weavers.  Items from the shop were checked off the list and placed back on display upstairs.
  Marie brought her steamer to refresh the scarves on the display rack.  They were a little rumpled from being in the car all day yesterday!!!!
  We took a little time to talk about things we'd like to change next's always good to reflect after big events are over.  We have about 5 weeks to get ready for the Foothills show in November!


   Now it's back to business.
Christy is joining blue jean legs to make into weft for Carl's rugs.  



  Carl was hard at work at his loom making more blue jean rugs.  It won't be much longer before he'll need another warp!

  Of course new warps need to be wound at the Center already.  Helen got some expert advice from Carol for her warp.  (Love that shade of green!!!)
  That's Alyce over by the door winding her warp.

  Thanks to Sharon, we were able to keep up our strength.  She wanted to try the new pumpkin spice morsels.  Yum!
  I didn't get a picture of the cake that Pat baked for us.  Chocolate Spice.........homemade icing, too!!!!    Oh, my!!!!
  Thank you, ladies!!!!

  We'll get busy and keep those looms going.  It's just business as usual.

Happy Weaving!