Thursday, February 4, 2016

Project Update


I finished the muslin of Merchant & Mills Top#64.  This is what I learned:
1.  It fits...size wise, that is.  In fact, I could probably go down a size, but I will probably be wearing a turtleneck under it during the winter, so I'll stick with this size.

2.  The underarm needs to be cut a little deeper for ease of movement for me. 

3.  The pockets need to be a wee bit larger, I think.  I actually use my pockets all the time; they aren't for decoration only!  These are 3x5 cards stuck inside so you can gauge how small they are!!!

4.  The sleeves are very LONG....I can adjust this on the pattern.

  The instructions have you do the top stitching as you go...when you're finished, you ARE finished!  That also means that taking out the arm hole is going to be a job....a lot of seam ripping, if you get my drift.  But, I've got the top and seam ripper laid out so I can work on it when I get a minute.
  That means that I'm back to my stash looking for the next piece of fabric to try with this pattern.
If you want to see a great use of this pattern, hop over to Theresa's blog, Camp Runamuck, and see her latest creation.

  One of my goals this winter was to get a few projects completed for the Fall shows.  (Maybe that will keep me from going too crazy in September!)  This placemat warp of  kitchen cotton was calling to me.  Sass Pup has been folded up in my bedroom since Christmas, and it's time to get it woven off, I think. 
  So, while I was binge watching Foyle's War, I finished the huck placemat that was on it, and rethreaded for these placemats.  I'm using two strands of the Peaches & Creme panorama for weft. just feels good to just sit down and weave.  Throwing a shuttle has got to be the best therapy in the world....don't you agree?

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Coming Right Along

2 February 2016
Here you go!

What a difference between last week and this week.

Of course it won't stay empty for long.  We're having bookshelves made for our library.

26 January 2016

2 February 2016

The kitchen area is also starting to look better.  That's the old cabinets that used to be behind the looms.  They now form the island in the kitchen.

19 January 2016

  Irene and Polly are getting the table looms ready for the visiting high school art class on Monday.  Our new weavers, Kayla and Cayce are hard at work on table looms, too.
  Meet Kayla, our newest weaver!!!!
***That stack of purses on the table are the result of Pat's
hard work!!!!

And, speaking of she is helping Lanny cut more strips for Carl.  This time it is a huge piece of plaid flannel.

  I also passed along the word that she'll need to wind a new warp for Carl in the near future.  He's getting close to the end, again!

  You can just barely see LaDonna and Sharon working on their looms.

  Sharen and Linda swapped "snowed-in" stories.  Sharen's house is on the lake, and they got a lot of snow up there.  Linda was in the D.C. area when the last storm blew through....she had some great stories of her adventure!

  Yep...this is ME....hiding from the mountain of heddles that needed to be added to Big Bertha.  I think I finished this afternoon.  But, I want to double check harnesses 4 & 5 before I start threading next week.'s all coming right along!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Diversion

For the last few years, our neighborhood has seen a turkey or two. In spring we sometimes see mama followed by a bunch of babies. Gradually there are fewer as some don't make it but it's nice to see the ones that survive grow. Mostly they stay in the woods but they really like the bird feeder droppings at our neighbor's home. Imagine this at the end of our driveway as we came down our hill. I took this picture Thursday as I was heading up to the center. Two guys and eighteen girls. Could end up with tons of babies this year. Yesterday morning they were in the middle of the road. We watched as the guys herded the girls across the road. It's a good thing that we live in a very quiet neighborhood. We do have predators in the area as well. I saw a coyote dead by the road Saturday morning just a mile or so from here on the main road. Small animals have to stay inside at night. 
So, how do the turkeys stay safe at night? I don't have a picture but Saturday about 6 pm we were near those mailboxes and realized where they stay. Across the street from this house is a deep ravine with very tall trees. The birds fly to the top of the trees, well over 80 feet in the air. If I hadn't seen it myself, I wouldn't have believed it!! Absolutely amazing!! I love my neighborhood!!
So, I know I was supposed to weave the rest of the curtains this past week. They're still there, waiting. I'm going to be weaving them this week.
But, we had sort of reserved the studio space at the center to paint warps. However, it didn't work for everyone to use the space this time, so on Thursday Christy and I worked on our own projects and Friday I was there by myself, painting warps and skeins. I forgot to take pictures of most of it.
We had to borrow the sink in the pottery studio because the kitchen part of the studio is being renovated. They've put in new cabinets but haven't ordered the countertops yet so we used their sink. It's a bit of a mess but once it's done we should have a nice space with a deeper sink to use when we have dye weekends.
I'm already rinsing warps in my studio and will be for days! I got quite abit painted and that results in a bunch of rinsing! It'll make for nice breaks to stretch while getting those last curtains woven. We had a gorgeous weekend but this week we're supposed to see a lot of rain. Good thing it's warmer than the other week, but we're still in for interesting weather!
Until next week, keep weaving!

Friday, January 29, 2016

A Little Tool

There has been no weaving again this week, so if you are sick and tired of knitting, feel free to move on.  (Maybe next week!)  There has been knitting, comfort knitting if you will.  I deem a project comfort knitting if I can knit on it and it soothes my troubled heart, or calms my jangled nerves or lets me think on things other than what it going on in my non knitting life.  It seems when one aspect gets straightened out, a whole 'nother thing goes haywire!

Anyway, back to my knitting.  I am as I said last week knitting on 1 pair of socks, of which I am past the heel and making my way down the foot.  This is a good project to take along when I go see my Mother in law where she lives.  She loves to watch my progress, frankly I though I would never get past the heels, but I made it!  (I also have a lace hat cast on, but I haven't had a chance to touch it. )

My main project, my comfort knitting, welcomes me every morning to my day, along with a cup or two of coffee.  It is complicated, it is large, it is a long term project so speed is not a factor and it is just what I need right now to face my world.

Cable needle and Landfall in the sun!
In this project there are a million crossed and twisted running stitches,   at least 2 very large 8 stitch cables and a lovely simple background stitch.  When I first started out, I was trying to manipulate those crossed and twisted stitches, then putting them back on the left hand needle, using my fingers, then knitting them. (thinking I was saving time)  While I was able to do it, I was sometimes unsure as to whether I had put an extra twist in a stitch or not, or split a stitch and the dropped stitches began to get vexing.

I did this on both sleeves, but by the time I cast on the back of the sweater/coat, I realized that those large cables were going to need a cable needle.  At first I only used the cable needle on the big cables, then I began to use it on those crossed and twisted running stitches.  I was amazed at how much easier the rows went when I was sure that the  twisted stitches were not over twisted! My work looked more even, my stitches less crowded, and in general a much more pleasant knit.

This yarn by they way, a '70's worsted  from Germantown yarn, is fabulous!  It is toothy and robust, but not scratchy at all.  The color is magnificent, it changes according to the light it is in, now dark in the shade and now fiery in the sunlight as you can see.  The pattern once again is the "Landfall" pattern, a Sweater Coat if I ever saw one, from Veronik Avery, it is a paid for pattern that you can find on Ravelry.

I will continue to knit on every morning, and here is hoping I can get to the looms sometime soon, or I may have to take a sabbatical from blogging!

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

Thursday, January 28, 2016


  I wish I had a finished Top#64 to show you....but, it's still in the works.  I remembered too late to make the pockets larger (Theresa at are right, these are a wee bit small!)  I ended up using the heavy weight muslin for this first attempt, and I think it is working nicely.
  While JoAnn's had their patterns on sale, I stopped by to have a look.  I was looking for a men's cap pattern (no luck) but found some others that caught my eye.  At $1 each, this was a real bargain.
  I also got a bolt of pattern tracing material.  That should last me for a little bit.

  I emailed Theresa after her comment on Tuesday about our Wolf Pups.  We have five at the Center....they're great because they fold up so we can store them in the aisle between the big looms.
  I love my little Pups, too!  All three of mine have warps on them right now, which is the norm.  Scarves, placemats, mug rugs....they are great for those narrow projects. 

  Keep your fingers crossed that I can show you my top next week.  Who knows....maybe I'll have two to show!!!

Happy Weaving (and sewing!)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Weaver Memes

Weavers really know how to strip!

 Weavers know how to tie one on!

  You can blame these on Polly!!!  It's amazing what goes through your mind while you're weaving!

  Here's a look at the new floor that was installed in the kitchen area of the Studio.  Today, we had two tables set up for table looms.  We have a group from a high school art class that will be visiting the Center in a couple of weeks.  The Potters and the Weavers are providing some activities for them to do during their visit.  Betsy was in charge of getting two table looms set up for them to weave mug rugs.

  It's really too bad they can't be there on a Tuesday when we're all there.  (Of course, there might not be any room for them!)  We have so many different projects on the looms.  But, they will get a chance to go around and look at the looms.

   Our other project of the day was getting the cabinets ready to be moved to the kitchen.  So many things get plopped on the flat surface (for lack of a place to put them.)  Karin jumped in and tidied the back shelves making room for stray cones of thread.   Also, the dyeing equipment was all put in one's ready for Dye Day!


  There will be more beautiful scarves and shawls created for The Ladies to weave.


Shirley is just about finished with her scarf warp, and there might be enough left to weave a cowl.    And, here's a close up of Marie's napkins.  This is from the Strickler book, Number 47.  She started to sample, and just couldn't quit weaving!!!!
  I'm sure the Weavers will have many more memes for me next week!  And, who knows???  We might even have a kitchen again!
Happy Weaving!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Keeping On

It's been a long week of weaving as much as I can. I am 2/3 finished the weaving and 1/3 washed. So much more to do and not a ton of enthusiasm for it. I'm not much for weaving a ton of the same thing. However, knowing that I'm almost done certainly helps.
Last week I posted pictures of the longer panels. 
Here are the shorter panels. The will be 45 inches finished which means I weave 68 inches for shrinkage, casings and hems.
The pattern is the same only different. Same threading, different treadling.
Here's the bit I weave at the top.
This past week saw us on the very tale end of the huge blizzard that paralyzed the east.
Here's what it looked like Wednesday as the snow came down. It's hard to see all the flakes but it was coming down like crazy for awhile. We got about 3 inches.
Then that mostly melted with cold rain. I didn't bother taking pictures of what we got during the second wave....just over an inch. Just enough to keep me from driving anywhere. This morning it should all melt and we'll be fine until the next time! Weather in East Tennessee is so interesting. It changes a lot plus, depending on where you live, can be so different. Just 10 miles north of the center, they had over 10 inches of snow. We had an inch. Schools are all closed north of here today because of the snow. Our kids in Knox County get to go today! They only have 10 built in days for snow and they've already used 3. Should make for an interesting rest of the winter. They predict more snow in February!
I'm ready. I've got my weaving to finish. The last warp is on the loom, ready to thread. 8 more panels to finish. Then the washing, ironing, pinning and sewing to complete. Fun!!
I'm wondering how many of our Tuesday Weavers won't be able to get out tomorrow for weaving. Areas north of us got it so much worse. Those that are still stuck at home should be able to keep weaving on their looms. Weavers never run out of things to do!
Until next week, stay warm and keep weaving!