Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Loom With A View

This is one of my favorite views:  from the rocker beater loom at the Museum of Appalachia.  This was last Saturday during the Case Knife Show at the Museum.  Although most folks were there for the knife show, I had a steady stream of people through the Loom House.  My friend Vickie came from North Carolina, and we had a lively on-going conversation about early looms and the weaving that was done on the "frontier".  After all, East Tennessee and western North Carolina were once the hot bed of the expansion westward.
  Sue left a comment after Saturday's visit to the Loom House, and I'm glad she found our blog and the Appalachia Arts Craft Center.  There's a whole lot of weaving going on around here!
  Whether I'm in the Loom House or weaving on the Inkle Loom at the Peter's Cabin, the view here is always lovely.

   Pamela asked about my "loom room".....I just have to chuckle.  When I first started weaving and started acquiring more looms, I often joked that I was going for a loom in every room.  And, for awhile, it seemed that was the direction I was headed.  A few looms have come to me, and I've let them go to other weavers.  Some looms have found their way to me and stayed.  I'm really happy with the assortment I have now....the only new looms I've added in the last few years have been rigid heddle.  In the living room I have an 8 shaft Baby Wolf, an 8 shaft Schacht standard and John, my ever faithful rug loom.  I also have three Wolf Pups that are set up from time to time with short term projects.  The view while I'm weaving is overlooking the Green Belt, which from time to includes a doe and her fawns.  Sometimes, there is even a big buck that swings past.

I have a 4 shaft Mighty Wolf in my bedroom.  I can either look out to the screened porch or watch TV while I weave.  (I should say that I listen more than I watch!)  Sometimes I listen to a book on CD or just music.

  Ester, my great-grandmother's barn loom is in the downstairs den.  There's a rug warp on her right now.  I have two table looms stored down there, also.

   The mug rugs are coming right along on Cutty Pup.  I'm a little behind on my goal, but I may get caught up today.  Right now, I'm weaving two of each color.  The black warp really makes the colors pop.

  I love that the view is always changing as I weave on my looms.  During the winter, it's nice to have a fire going and watch it snow, and in the Fall, the leaves rain down all over the yard.  I can also indulge in my favorite series, such as Outlander and Downton Abbey.
  My looms wait for is good.
Enjoy the View!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Few--The Mighty!


They always get right to it every Tuesday...pulling out the looms that have been stored in the aisles out of the way.  But, there's always time to catch up before they get to work.

In fact, Ms. Ila cut off her scarf warp today.  There were five scarves wound up on the beam.   These are hand dyed bamboo.

  Later in the day, Bonnie got a chance to check some different weave structures in Dixon's book.

   Pat made a new apron for the Rocker Beater loom, but left the staple gun at home (along with her lunch!)  As usual, Marie came to the rescue with her air pressure staple gun!  WOW!!!!  That's a handy tool!   (She also used it to staple new cords on the Macomber!)

  Then it was time to wind the new warp onto Carl's Barn Loom.  With Carl and Pat combing the ends, and Karin helping the threads through the heddles, we got this 14 yard warp on pretty quickly.

  Betsy stayed late last week winding that colorful warp, but she got right to work this week on her towel warp. 

    Linda is using blue gingham for weft in her newest rug.  It looks great under that warp.

  Margi just keeps on weaving!!!

   Take a look at Eiko's baby bibs!  Aren't they wonderful?

  Charlotte is going to be ready for Carol's return:  she's getting a little tired of weaving just mug rugs!!!!  Oh, Charlotte....your journey is just beginning !!!

You'll note Lanny's warp on the board against the wall....he came, he wound, he left.  Linda B. was with us today, too.  I don't know how I missed getting her in a picture!
  There's always next week!!!!
Happy Weaving!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Heading North

I left early yesterday morning and drove mostly in rain until after St Louis. 
I wish I was as good at taking pictures while driving as Hillary or Karen but I'm not. The driving was pretty good except where the rain was torrential at times. Traffic's not bad on Sundays until past St Louis where it's always crazy but I got to Platte City just north of Kansas City. Today I just drive on I 29 heading north. 
Wish me luck!!
Until next week

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Picture Told the Truth!

Last week, on Friday, I posted about the "Shawl in a Day" that, I did manage to finish in a day, but the shawl was too short!  So on Saturday, I wove another one!  I tried several different ways to put the two panels together, and came up with a poncho.  I was pleased as punch with this poncho, that is until I saw the picture of it on  Tuesday's post, as I was modeling it for the weavers.  It was too little!  Luckily I had just basted it together, so I am in the process of marking where the seams are right now, so that I can make some adjustments to make it fit better.  I am afraid that I am going to have to cut off some of the fringe, but I will save it and sew it onto the new and improved poncho.  I have enough yarn left over to add more fringe around the edges to fill in the blanks as well.

I can't wait to get this done, I want to wear it this fall during the Museum of Appalachia's Homecoming!
 In the evenings, I usually sit and knit while we watch Baseball.  This week I took a skein of Madeline Tosh Sock yarn, in the Bluebonnet color way, and made "JJ Scarflette".  It was a fairly quick knit and it was fun to do as well.  Nothing very difficult, I had been warned about a few errors in the pattern, so I made the necessary  changes.
It is an interesting use of garter stitch and eyelet's rows.  It was a free download on Ravelry.  I am also working on a lace wt Cardigan, my second one this year!  I don't have any pictures of that right now, Maybe next week.

I don't have much weaving mojo at the moment, and very little spinning mojo as well,  that has got to change!  It has been a very busy summer full of grandkids and trips, with very little time for weaving and spinning, let's hope that with the return of the school year, I can get back on track.

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Work In Progress

  I've made an effort the last few days to plan for the Fall sales.  I DID get the mug rug warp on Cutty Pup.....and if I weave at least one a day, I'll have a nice stack to take to Homecoming in October.  That might mean that I'll be putting on a new warp before then, too.  (I think this warp is 4 yards....but, I'm not sure since it was wound last year.)

  Most of my spare time was taken with getting the strips joined and loaded on the shuttles for this Saturday.  I have noticed that a full shuttle weaves about 9 inches, so six full shuttles puts my rugs right in the target length of 48 inches.  For this rug, I've planned for a pattern in the middle using a mid-weight decorator fabric along with the denim strips.  I have one more shuttle to fill!
  They are expecting between 500-800 folks for the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery show.  They are starting at 7 a.m.--I'll be in place by 9 o'clock!!! 
  I'm looking forward to seeing Vickie--I met her at a Museum event last Fall.  She and her husband are driving in from North Carolina for the Knife Show, and we have been in contact on Facebook.  We'll be talking weaving while her husband talks knives with his friends!!!!

  Last Friday was a rainy, overcast day at the Museum.  When I arrived, all the peafowls with their chicks were perching on the railing outside the Gift Shop.  I guess they didn't want to get their wee feet wet!  They hopped down as I went past!

  The lambs were grazing everywhere!!!  I'm not so sure they were supposed to be by the Loom House, but I enjoyed the company.
  I got this great shot of one of the rams....just look at those horns!!!!!

  I was able to finish off the newest rug, and get the header woven in for the new rug I'll start on Saturday. 

  The girls have been supervising my work in bedroom make-over.  When I get a chance, I want to mount the quilt hanger on the wall--then Aunt Grace's quilt will be out of harm's way.  (They are cats, after all!!!)

  Just a note:  I finished Written In My Own Heart's Blood.  I had that same feeling of being parted from my friends that I had in all the previous books.  The good news is that the series on Starz will give me a chance to visit with the characters each week until the newest book is ready.  It's a work in progress......

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spinning Round
  Ann got to be with us today, and she brought the lovely mohair bocule she brought while on vacation.  The ball winder and swift are handy tools to have....right, Margi????
  (Charlotte:  look, listen & learn!)

Helping Hands

  It's always nice to have an extra set of hands!  Carol helped Pat wind the shuttle of wool yarn.

Great Minds

  Marie took home the pieces of the Mason Reel to see if she cold figure it out.....of course she did!!!!  Between Tina and Marie, it looks like we might be using it soon!

How Many Were There?

  When the beater bar starts hitting the mats on the cloth beam, it must be time to cut off some mats!  Sharon learned the "stick trick" and  took off  ten placemats and two table runners.

Tying One On

  Yes, that's what we kept hearing from the ladies on the back row.  We'll have to fine out more about that later.  I'm sure there's a story..............


 Betsy is winding this warp....don't you just love these colors?  We'll have to wait to find out what this will be.

Carl got the new warp sleyed, threaded and tied on to the back bar.  Next week we'll wind that onto the warp beam.

Is that your tuffet?

Tina needed to sit just a wee bit higher on the bench....this cushion should just fit the bill.

And, take a look at this beautiful poncho Tina wove using her handspun wool! 


  Ms. Ila has been busy at home, too.  She tried her hand at crammed and spaced scarves.  These are hand dyed warps using rayon crinkle.

Everywhere you look in the studio, there's always activity (of one kind or another!) 
Happy Weaving!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Such Excitement!!

I know, I'm supposed to blog on Monday. Well, we're almost at midnight! Actually, I wanted to post this picture and it was in an email. I can download pictures from my camera chip pretty nicely but I had no clue how to do it from an email so DH helped me. Hopefully, now I'll know how to do it next time when such an occasion arises!
So what's all the excitement about? Well, my niece up in Canada was due on Monday, August 4. However, she was a bit late. All along, once she'd said when her due date was, I kept telling her she should just wait til Friday, August 8. That's my birthday. We have alot of birthdays and anniversaries in August. It's a full month. In fact, there are 3 birthdays on August 18. Yeah, my nephew was not happy about her not waiting til then. The mother of this baby's birthday is the 18th as all week I'd call home and find out there was no news on the baby watch. However, I woke on Friday, my birthday, to a note from my niece that's getting married next month. She told me that her sister had gone to the hospital and it looked like my wish was coming true. 
Sure enough, shortly afterward I got a few pictures. This little one is barely a couple of hours old in this picture. My Mom is holding her, her first great grandchild!! 
 She's waited a long time for this moment, when she could hold her great grandchild. At 90, she's so thrilled to be a part of her life!
I'm so excited about sharing my birthday with someone. It's a good date for one. This way you never have to worry about whether someone wants the day or the month first when filling out forms. It's just 8/8! I love it! Anna will as well once she is old enough to have to deal with things like this!

On the weaving front, after weaving one chocolate warp, how about another one? This one was so much more cheerful. The other one had rusts and cranberry mixed with the brown. It was warm and soothing. This one has natural and jade. It's so cheerful and was actually more fun to weave than the other one. Maybe it's because of the brighter colors but it seemed to go more quickly than the other one.
 I'm in the process of washing and then cutting and sewing the pieces from the two warps.
I just put another warp on the loom. It's black, my least favorite color to weave but I know these pieces will sell so I'm spending the first part of the week weaving it off. I've got season 4 of NCIS on the DVD player and it'll run in the background while I throw my shuttle and watch the fabric roll onto the cloth beam!!

Later this week I have to pack my van. Normally I go to Canada toward the end of July to visit my family. However my niece is getting married in Sept and I've been informed that I need to help. So I have been getting ready to go, rounding up a few items that they needed to help make the day special for her. I plan to leave early next Sunday morning so that I can arrive in Moose Jaw on Wednesday afternoon. Because of the travel, I'm not sure how it'll work to write next week. I may try to write on Sunday again or skip a week. I'll do my best to find a signal. It's 2000 miles one way and I do it with a day off to visit family in Winnipeg.
I hope I don't forget to pack something!
Until then, keep weaving!