Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blackberry Winter

....and I'm not talking about the hand-held device you make calls on and order flowers for your Mom! Blackberries....those wondrous little fruits of summer that make my little brother's favorite jam and cobbler!!!! They are blooming! And, do you know what that means? It means we get a little spat of cooler weather....oh yes, it's true! Don't be rolling your eyes and shaking your's not an old wives tale. This week we have had highs in the upper 80's. Today the high is 72 degrees....and the high for tomorrow is 65 degrees (with a low in the morning of 43degrees!) Those precious little white flowers are heralds of cooler weather, if only for a few days!

Because we have had such summer like temps earlier this week, I have been working outside a lot. That means that I haven't spent as much time at my looms as I would like. But I did finish off tote #2 and start #3. I had a large cone of 5 ply variegated cotton that I got at R&M Yarns a couple of years ago. I bought it because I liked the colors....sound familiar???? I've gotten the first panel done, and I'm ready to add the handle strips. I'm using 2 strands of the 5 ply for each of the 4 pics, and then I'll braid those and weave back in. I REALLY want to get this warp off (and you've heard that before!!!!) Our Guild meeting is next Saturday, and I want to take my totes for Show & Share. I am going to try getting back to weaving at least ONE hour a day. Life is just much nicer when I do that!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I'd like to wish all you Mom like people out there a very happy day. My kids are coming over for a cook-out....I just love grilled burgers!!!! Last Tuesday after weaving at the Center, I got to spend time with some great was the first Tuesday, and Tina has a group that meets at Panera's to knit. My friend Amelia is just learning to knit, and she brought her beautiful daughter, ME, who is learning to crochet. Amelia will be knitting socks before Christmas, just wait and see!!!

So, relax and enjoy your weekend.
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

I believe that old wives tale. I can't wait to see the totes. Happy Mothers's Day all.

Tina said...

Amelia took to knitting like a duck takes to water! She really was amazing, we did both knit and purl, plus we started 2x2 rib. Unbelievable! Her tension was outstanding too. Yes, I think socks are in her near future.

Maggie said...

Knit and purl on her first lesson? Wow! I like the colors on that tote bag. You should inkle weave some straps for it!