Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Tuesday!!!

Another great day with the Tuesday Weavers at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center! I don't know if we can truly describe all the activity that happens each week when we get together. There's just so much going on around here! This picture is a great example! Maggie got spinning lessons today from several of our premier spinners: here you can see Linda doing the teaching. Maggie also got tips from Tina and Pat! In the background of this picture you'll also see Lanny at the rocker loom weaving a rug, Marta weaving placemats, and Pat, Carl and Joyce hard at work at their looms.

At the tables, Bonnie and Carol are going over the instructions for the "caterpillar" rug. Last summer we had a donation of two looms and two bags of "caterpillars" to make a rug. On the table in front of the ladies is a length of uncut weft. Bonnie is going to warp her loom to weave this rug. Since this is a first for us, Bonnie is reading up on this technique.

Ms. Bonnie was back with us today, and she and Ms. Ila got a chance to catch up on each other's news. After lunch, Allan gave us all an update on his mission trip to Haiti. He and his wife, Sharon, did a lot of good work. Thank you....from all of us!

A little serendipity for today: Lanny and Allan have the exact same birthday! Who knew?

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Got the warp picked out today. I will warp it on the warping mill next week. It was fun to sit around and read and talk today.

Tina said...

Another great day! Alan had great stories to tell. Haiti needs lots of prayer!

Maggie said...

Did anyone actually weave today? Oh, yeah! Lanny is shown in action! And I believe Ila threw the shuttle a few times, too!