Saturday, May 15, 2010

Polliwogs & Perseverance

It happened Thursday.....the post card announcing the opening of my pool:  MONDAY!   I thought I'd have one more week for the wee tadpoles to mature and hop away.  I really try hard to keep the water pumped out of the cover during the winter and spring, but it doesn't seem to take a lot of water to encourage frogs to throw a party.  And, party-hardy they do!  Sometimes the noise is deafening!  They loudly call for all their friends to come to party central on the ridge and celebrate the rites of Spring.  So, I ditched my plans for yesterday and wrangled polliwogs (some with back legs already evident) into a large container.  I'm catching as many as I can with a net and filtering the pumped water.  This afternoon I'll drive over to the pond near the river and release them.  Yes, I know that many will become fish food, but a few may make it to sing their own song.

  And, that is why my tote bags are not finished for today's Guild meeting!  They are off the loom, but they are not finished!  I ran out of steam last night. After I cut the warp off the loom, I laid them on my bed to check for any boo-boos.  Cece helped.   The four yard warp made 3 tote bags, and I would have had a little extra warp at the end for fabric for pockets, except one of the handles wrapped around the cloth beam, and I couldn't advance it any further.  But, I've got the warp rolled up and in my tote bag to take to the meeting.  Sometimes just getting the project off the loom is worth sharing.  My afghan project warp will be going on this week....barring any more interruptions!

Happy Weaving!!!


Tina said...

I may stop by and see you all since I will be out that way anyway. That means I will get to see that warp it in person!
Don't you just love tadpoles, such a miracle! I save earthworms too, when I get the chance.

Bonnie said...

You have lots of little tadpoles.
The tote warp was beautiful. That is such a smart way to do the handles.