Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Again

You know that I have not had much time to weave. Not true of last week. So I got my warp done to do double weave as planned. Not so true. I calculated wrong(me??). Anyway away went the double weave. I am doing a simple Ellen's pattern for some place mats and maybe a runner. Maybe this will hit home with some of you. I warp from front to back. Was tying onto the back beam and the warp was a bit too loose. I went around and pulled the yarn to make it tighter. Huum. Know what happen. Yep! I pulled it out of the heddles and the reed. Not but one little section. Yes, I cried. After a tearful feeling sorry for myself, I shook it off, picked up the pile of string in the floor and preceded to thread again. It actually was just a neat little pile not tangled . Any WAY. Here is a picture of what I have done so far.
Before I put the warp on I took off all the sectional parts and wound on different. No problem from then on. Now what to do with the sectional parts??
I kind of like it better. There you have it. Keep on keepin on. Things will always get better.
Happy days.


LA said...

I can only imagine your face when all those threads came out! Oh my!!!! I'm afraid I would have been saying some very choice words!!!! But, the warp seems to be fine now, and that's what counts!

Maggie said...

Pretty colors, though! Maybe you should join the dark side, Luke!

Anonymous said...

I've got the same problem with where to store the sectional part of the beams! Closet space?!
Every time we do something stupid, we hopefully double check ourselves after that so we don't do it again, right?! Oh, I've done stupid stuff many times and it doesn't always work that we don't repeat the mistake!!!

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I am glad you worked it all out! We all make mistakes and hopefully we will only make each mistake once. Think of it as a learning experience.


Tina said...

Oh Bonnie, I can just see your face! Yes we have all done stuff like that. I often say that I have yet to put a warp on without something being amiss.

Great colors though, good old Ellens pattern, you really can't go wrong.