Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I pulled a project from the studio this morning to take with me on my busy, appointment-filled day.  I grabbed the first project box I saw, and when I got to the mechanic's to get my oil changed, found it was the size 13 socks I had been making for the now-ex-boyfriend.  Well, not finishing those socks!  So I ripped them out and started a new pair for... I don't know...  maybe ME!  Who knows?  But it got me thinking about how many other pairs of socks I have in progress.

Yes, Leo, that's right!  I have FIVE pairs of socks in progress!  Two pairs, the orange and teal pair and the pink-turquoise-olive pair are victims of my not knowing how to end toe-up socks loosely enough to be able to pull them on over my heel.  The red-orange-black pair fell prey to Bella's rambunctious behavior when she was new to my household.  She leaves knitting alone now, but I still haven't felt like untangling that ugly mess.  The single sock is for Mom, from yarn she bought but thought she didn't have enough for a pair.  I'm making them shorter than normal, one at a time. 
I have two scarves and two pairs of mittens going, too.  The pink one you might recognize from this winter's knitting olympics.  Yeah, not finished yet.  The other is probably not going to be a scarf, because the yarn--from Blackberry Farm sheep--is way too scratchy.  It'll probably become bed slippers.  The mittens, well, I guess I just haven't felt like making mittens in a while.

But the really shameful bunch is the sweaters.  Front and center is my sister's orange cable extravaganza. I won't finish it.  I'll probably rip it out and make felt bags from it.  It's too small, and everything I make her always turns out too small for her liking and ends up in the back of her spare room closet.  I'll just buy new pumpkin colored yarn and make something far less complex, maybe before September 12 (her birthday), maybe not.  You just never know.
  The green sweater is done, piece-wise.  It just needs to be sewn together and have a collar knitted on.  The hot pink one in a Chanel-like sweater, almost done with the back, just lost interest.  The white one I started 12 years ago, when I was living with a man who had three granddaughters.  I loved knitting and sewing for them!  I had the best time making tiny dresses and sweaters and hats, but he had a better time with someone else, so I never finished the sweater.  Would it be wrong to hang on to it in hopes of a granddaughter of my own?  I don't know, but I can't bring myself to throw it away.  The multi-colored box of stuff is a version of Kaffe Fassett's Foolish Virgins sweater.  I've finished the back and the fronts, but couldn't find them for the picture.  I know they're around here somewhere.  But the sleeves were a problem, in that I couldn't decide on the colors for the Virgins' dresses.  I really need to finish that sweater, because, once I do, it will be spectacular.
  And that's all!  Really!  It was less than I thought it would be!  But it's enough to keep me from buying more yarn or starting more projects.  I will, and here I promise, finish the green sweater this week.  Everything else is too hot to wear right now, so I probably won't work on them for a while, but I feel better having aired my UFO's!  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

You know if we all pulled out our UFOs there would be a huge stack!!! I've got counted cross stitch projects started, a wall quilt that I hand pieced and just needs quilting that I was going to give my brother who died about 22 years ago and my list goes on and on! All your projects look like they're going to be awesome once you're done. Guess we all just need a little push once in awhile!

Tina said...

Maggie, I think if I am right, i counted 12 projects. You could do a ufo a month club, self enforced of course. A little like the yarn harlots sock a month club. Just close your eyes and pick up a bag and do that project.

LA said...

I've been told that confession is good for the soul...but I do NOT want to disclose how many UFOs live at my house!!! Life sometimes gets in the way of our creativity.

Bonnie said...

This is true. We all have many UFO,s lurking about. Sometimes they become a permanent fixture on the shelf. You go to look for it, knowing you put it somewhere. Then you find it right under your nose.