Thursday, July 20, 2017

Anderson County Fair

  We all know that Carl is a WINNER, but this just proves our point!

  He had three BLUE ribbons:  his tapestry, the Christmas card, and his table runner.

  His scarf and blue jean rug both received RED ribbons.  (Personally, I think his rug should have gotten the blue ribbon!!!!)

My scarf and placemat received BLUE ribbons!
(This scarf is my Aurora Borealis scarf that I painted.)
  The placemat is a huck variation.
 My other entries did not receive any ribbons.

 No visit to the Fair is complete without a corn dog, which I totally enjoyed.  (When I was growing up, we called them "dip dogs.")
  Marie will be at the Fair on Saturday.  She is demonstrating weaving on her rigid heddle loom!

Now, back to projects here at home!
Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Warp Off....Warp On!

  As promised, Carl got busy sleying his new warp on the barn loom.  


  This afternoon, he was half way through threading the heddles.  That means that he will finish threading next week, and we'll wind on the new warp.
  Won't that red warp look great with the blue jeans!!!!

 Betsy got some advice from Carol and Pat concerning the tie-up and treadling for a new project.  
  On the table, you can see the re-weave rug ready for pickup!  And, those are some of Carl's card inserts that are ready to be mounted.
   There's always news to catch up on, and weaving to discuss.  Liz is looking for a floor loom.....she's ready to start her home studio.  (Should we tell her that this is just the beginning???)

  Vacation time has a smaller crew at work, but, still a lot of weaving!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Another Good One!

Every year we spend a week in Nashville. This was our 33rd annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention. Starting Wednesday, it went through Saturday evening. It's nonstop music on 2 stages with workshops, vendors and informal music everywhere with an emphasis on learning the guitar and Chet's finger style way of playing.
This year I had to get an almost new registration crew. I'm so thankful that Linda and Christy of the Tuesday Weavers agreed to help. Their husbands were a huge help as well. I put them in charge of tshirt and CD sales. It was great not to have to worry about that table. I knew they were taking care of it all. Each year at noon of Friday we get our picture taken and Sally orders us a bunch of pizzas. This year our picture didn't get taken til about 7pm but the pizza was on time!
Someone got this picture of Mark and me at the reg desk. I am at the desk all day from 9am til  about 10pm. Someone has to do it so I volunteer. Often in the evening people will drop by to visit and we enjoy getting to know them.
Saturday evening is the grand finale. This year we had a plaque made for Bill Spann who'd been MC for 31 years. He was too frail to make the trip so we made a presentation for him anyway but what we didn't know was that one was made for us as well. What a huge surprise.
Mark certainly deserves it for all the work he puts into planning what's become essentially a family reunion of musicians and those who enjoy listening. It's a huge undertaking to schedule the 60 plus performers with 2 stages and 2 workshop rooms, hotel rooms and flight schedules. 
Each year something special happens. This year it was a 12 year old dynamo from Croatia who played incredibly well.
We're not sure what next year will bring. We haven't signed the contract yet. Legal stuff is required first but if we do, there are hundreds of guys out there just waiting to see when we can do this all over again!
This week I won't get any weaving done but I'll be finishing some pieces I wove earlier. It's going to be awhile before you'll hear the beat of the loom again at this house but I'm looking forward to it!
Until next week, keep weaving 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Vibrant Color

I was distracted this week by a new arrival.  LouAnn has kindly "long term" loaned me her rug loom.  I went to LouAnn's house on Wednesday to disassemble and transport the loom.  It was a hot day, and though we made short work of the "taking apart" phase of the project, we took an ice tea break before we loaded "John" into the truck.  I mentioned to LouAnn that the older I get the less fun this part of loom acquisition is, though I think if the heat index wasn't quite so high, I would have enjoyed it a little more.

We loaded up the loom and off I went to the other side of the Ridge, and after a glass of iced water, I took the loom upstairs piece by piece.  I have taken apart and put together many, many looms over the last 16 years, and this may have been by far, the easiest one yet.  Within an hour I was threading the colorful warp that was left on the warp beam.

LouAnn texted me later on that afternoon to see if I wanted her to come over the next day to help me put the loom together.  I sent her this picture, with the quote, "sometimes I can focus".

I had had the fantastic idea, or so I thought, to use sock loopers in a shag technique.  It was really terrible, really terrible in fact, so terrible I don't even have pictures!  As I was looking around to see what I could use on this colorful warp, I found a basket of colorful loopers already chained, from "Crazy as a Loom", they had been taken out of a failed rug attempt a long time ago.

It had been one of my first attempts at rug weaving and I had not taken into account the springiness of the loopers, consequently the edges had drawn in dramatically.  Those balls of chained loopers have been around several years, so when I found them stashed below the old sewing machine cabinet, I almost shouted "Eureka!"  Weaving down the magnitude of my stash is one of the reasons I wanted a rug loom in the first place.

I think these two vibrant rug ingredients are throwing a party!  This is the last of these vibrant loopers, but not the last of the loopers or of this warp, next up I will see what this warp does to a more sedate weft choice.

Until next time, weave a rug!  Tina

Thursday, July 13, 2017

We're On The List!

  We got the notice that we've been put on the list of the Top 100 Weaving Blogs & Websites by Feedspot.  You can see the list here:
  We are #72, and Tina is #78!!!!  As I read down the list, I saw many of the blogs that I read, as well as some that I would like to read.  A big thank you to Feedspot for the honor, and to all the folks that stop by from time to time to read our blog.

  I cut off the warp of one blue jean rug and three tote bags the other night.  The white tote bags are already washed and waiting for their turn with the sewing machine.  One of them will be going to the Anderson County Fair on Saturday.  I've got Carl's entries in the car already, and I'm getting mine ready to go.  Keep your fingers crossed for us.  I'll try to get pictures next week!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Just Us!

  We had several things to do on our list today, so we hit the floor running!!!

We got Carl's rugs off of the loom, rolled them out on the floor, and got them cut apart.  

FIVE beautiful blue jean rugs!!!!
(The first rug is the re-weave rug!  I hope that lady has a discussion with her fur baby before she puts it on the floor!)

The fringes were tied, and the rugs are ready to be tagged next week when Carol gets back.


 Meanwhile, out back, Tina and I tackled the privet that is growing by the annex's porch.  It was starting to get a little wild!

  We did one pickup load of privet and weeds!

Man O was hot!  

   Inside the Studio it was nice and cool....a great way to spend our summer day.  We were the few, the cool, the WEAVERS!!!!
(P.S.  Betsy had to leave early, and Marie was working upstairs!)

Happy Weaving!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Gradient Shawl

A month ago I posted about some gradient yarn I had recently finished spinning.  I was anxious to get it on the rigid heddle but I wanted to get a few more projects ready to weave before I started.  Today however, I received a really nice big and sturdy Squirrel cage swift in the mail.  I had been looking for one for quite some time, and I had a smaller version, but it was not as sturdy or as tall as what is required for this job.

 This is the smaller warp skein on the swift, I was sure that it was really going to be nice to use this swift for warping the rigid heddle, and I was right!  The yarn fed very smoothly off of the swift and I was able to move the swift easily as needed so that there was little friction on the yarn.

I soon had the warp ready to wind on, I used every bit of that small skein to fill every dent and hole on the loom.   I really like it so far!

I evened up the ends and then threaded thru the heddle.

I put the large weft skein on the swift so that I could load the ski shuttles from it.  In order to keep the color sequence, I will load one of the shuttles and then rewind it onto a second ski shuttle.

I started weaving with the dark end of the large skein, and I was able to get almost all of the darkest color on one shuttle.  I don't know if I will get to use all of the large skein, but I know I have 96 inches to weave, and I am hoping that I have enough to get there.

It feels good to get a project long in the planning stages finally on the loom.  I am ready with at least one more handspun shawl, and then I thought I would tackle that red and black handspun that has been ready for quite some time.  It is a little thicker yarn than I usually use but maybe I could use something really thin for weft, and it would enhance it rather than overwhelm it.  Stay tuned!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Getting Ready For The Fair

  It's getting close!
  The Anderson County Fair is July 16-22, and Carl and I have been talking about woven items that we could enter this year.  Last year, the only woven items were the ones that I entered, and I would love to see more woven items on display!
  Today I went over to Carl's apartment with my serger to cut apart and serge the edges of his card inserts.  Carl likes to send his special cards during the year to his family and friends.  This batch of inserts will be his Christmas cards this year!

  I didn't count, but I think Carl has plenty of cards for the upcoming holiday season.  Plus, he has some designs he can use for other occasions.
  Carl is going to enter two of his cards in the fair:  a Christmas card, and a Spring card.

  Carl just finished a one man show of some of his tapestry pieces.  These are the ones that hang in the hall outside his apartment.  He'll be sending one of his pieces to the fair, too!

   This is his latest tapestry piece.  He's working on the hemstitching on the piece before it is cut off the loom.  Each of his pieces have a special meaning for him.

  Needless to say, there are more woven items that will be going to the fair!  We went through and selected a placemat, table runner and scarf to enter, also!  He's going to be tough competition!!!!

  Now, I have to finish up MY pieces for the fair!

Happy Weaving!

Monday, July 3, 2017

We Came, We Dyed, We Left!

Last Thursday and Friday we had dye days at the center. I almost forgot to take any pictures but near the end of the day, I did snap a few.
There were about 5 of us each day but the only person I snapped was Sharon. She was having a blast working on a Tuesday Weaver project Thursday and then on Friday dyed for herself. Her project was inspired by a garden she saw on her morning walk with her dog. Of course, this picture is of the skein she dyed for TW.
I had a bunch of small pieces of fabric that I'd cut and serged after a project that resulted in a few seconds. So I ended up soaking them in a small bowl. It was kind of fussy but it worked. The next day I brought a set of mixing bowls to dye the fabrics in.
Rolling them up into small ovals, none of them took up much space. I'm almost finished rinsing them this afternoon.
We'll see how the projects turn out! 
When we are busy doing projects like this, I seem to not think about taking pictures even though my iPad was right there!!

Tomorrow is July 4. Often on holidays, we weavers meet anyway because none of us watch sports and we need our TW fixes!! However, we decided not to meet tomorrow because July 4 is family time. I've already celebrated because Saturday was July 1, Canada Day. Canada is much younger than the US but 150 years old is still a milestone!! Tomorrow we'll all be celebrating Independence for the USA. As a transplant, I'm proud of both of my countries.  

Until next week, I hope you find time to weave because I will be sidetracked with other responsibilities and my poor loom will remain empty.

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Life is very full of visiting grandchildren these days, so not much else going on.  Picture last nights sleep over.  Pizza before going to the movies, and cake and ice cream after the movies. (9:30pm!  I know we were asking for it!)  A living room full of air mattresses, blankets and pillows.  The highlight of my week!

Today they will be heading off to Aunt Mary's house to continue the fun.  We will take a nap and rejoin the fun tomorrow after church.

Just a little peek,

Until next week hug your family, Tina

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

  That phrase has something to do with the midday sun, right???  Well, I'm inside until the sun starts to go down a little!  I worked on my flower bed this morning...oh, the humidity!!!  I can't believe I let the grape vine, Virginia creeper and poison ivy get such a hold on that little piece of soil!!!!  But, weeds aren't the only thing that just keeps growing!  I love seeing the cacti and tiger lilies in their glory.  Even my red yucca bloomed this year!  The hummingbirds and butterflies are having a field day!

  My surprise plants continue to amaze me!  The tomato plant is the same variety that I grew last year.  I'm still not sure just what my vine is going to be, though.  I'm thinking little yellow squash....or maybe cucumber.  We'll have to wait and see a little longer.

  I've been weaving in the evenings after being outside during the day.  The blue jean rug is done!  And, since I've got a little time until we're ready to move the loom, I thought I'd weave a tote bag or two for the fall sales.  I cut the weft last night for the next bag.
  That reminds me....while I was weaving I watched a new BBC series on my Acorn account:  Loch Ness.  It's a mystery series set in Scotland.  There's a new episode every week.  INTENSE!!!!
  The final season of Broadchurch has started on BBC America.  That's another good one!!!!  After your ears get adjusted to the accents, you will quickly get involved in the plot. 
  It's nice being back in the 21st Century...although there are still some glitches in my computer.  It seems that malware had invaded my computer, but that still doesn't explain the problems with Windows 10.  I've got a lead on someone to take a look at that.  For now, I'll be happy with what I have.  That was a long week with only the Kindle and my iPhone as my link to the cyber world.  The good news is that I didn't buy anything online for a whole week!!!!

Happy Weaving!

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

That's A Wrap!

  Pat stopped by the Studio to touch bases with the Weavers, and ended up putting together some weft for a new rug!!! 
  Last week, Carol brought in 7 boxes of donated fabric that had been used for home decoration (drapes and upholstery.)  Pat fell in love with that piece in the front, and started putting other pieces with it....this will be a great rug!!!!
  Sadly, she couldn't stay.  It seems that she went by a  favorite nursery yesterday, and ended up with a load of plants for her yard.  Her job today was to get them all in the ground!

  Bonnie's plants are producing lots and lots of veggies!  So many, in fact, that she brought squash, zucchini and cucumbers to share with the Weavers!!!!
  Thank you, Bonnie!!!

   Meanwhile, on the porch, Irene and Ron are getting ready for Kids Camp in July.  Ron is busy making some simple looms for them to use to weave wall hangings.
  Frieda brought her knitting....but, only got here with one needle.  Hummmmmmm........

  You might call this HIGH STEPPING braiding!!!  This is an eight strand flat braid that she is practicing for Kids Camp.  (Love the technique!!!!)

  This was the view from my loom...Ray is working on the towels, Alyce is busy with her placemats.

  Across the way, I can see Anna catching up with Tina.  We're all glad that Anna had a good trip!
  Marie was finishing up the first shawl on this pink warp.  The next one will have a gray weft.

  Marie went ahead and cut off the shawl so she could retie the warp.  I guess there is some fringe twisting in her future!!!

  Tina finished a towel and got started on the next one.  You can just see the trees as they make the turn on the breast beam.

  Joan finished her scarf warp, so now it's time to twist those fringes.  Helen's warp is coming right along...she'll be ready to get on a floor loom before long!


  Shirley's back from vacation, too.  She had pictures to share on her phone (plus, she has a great tan!!!)  Carol and Carl got a few minutes to catch up....this is a busy time for them.

  Linda got her towels done just in time for her big trip "back home."  Don't you just love navy and khaki together????  These towels are from a 2014 issue of Handwoven.   What a thoughtful hostess gift, Linda!!!!

  Whoa!  I think that might be the end of the warp!  Carl will be cutting off this warp of rugs when we meet again July 11.  That will be just in time to enter one of the blue jean rugs at the Anderson County Fair.
  I guess that IS A WRAP!!!!!

Happy Weaving!