Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes, I am undecided about the Inkle loom. Thank you Tina. At weaving on Tuesday Tina had decided to work on her Inkle loom. It looked like fun. I have been looking at information on this loom and reading about them. I decided I would take one home for the center and try it. Tina had sent me some web site information to look at. So I spent a lot of time yesterday looking reading. In that venture, I came across an instructional site on inkle looms and their was this wonderful music. I read the comments and others had asked what the music was. So off I went to search for this music. It was a Scottish band. It was waulking music. Yes, I did spell the work correct. Waulking is a process of repeatedly beating the cloth to it full and prepare it for use. After the cloth is made women sit around a table and beat the cloth and sing the songs as do the waulking process. I could go on and on but you can look it up and read about it. I just found it so interesting. Back to the music. The artist is Kathleen MacClnnes in a group called Highland Sessions. They are a big group of 6-8 people. Take a listen. See if you like. I really do. That is how I spent the day yesterday reading and listening. Before I knew it it was after 5. I jumped up and started threading the heddles on the loom that has been waiting for a long long time. I got half done.

So today I spent on the Inkle loom. There has to be an easier way. I have fought this thing it jumps and moves all over the table. Maybe putting it on the wall like a warping board. Almost ready to weave. But not tonight. I have had it. I took a picture to place on the blog. Came over

to the computer, tried to log onto the blog. Couldn't. Called LouAnn, she could get on. Stupied me. I was using the worng log in. Then went to get the pictures on my camera and they were not there. Had to go over and take another picture. There is your picture. All in all, I THINK(?) it is going to be fun. I will need to figure a better way to warp with changing colors every string. Well, it did say this was an easy pattern. I don't think so.

Tomorrow is another day.

Have a great week. Happy weaving.



Anonymous said...

I remember some fiber forum way in the past, maybe in Raleigh, where they had a class that involved waulking. They would sew the long piece of handwoven together and sit at a table with the wet fabric in a huge circle in front of them, then sing as they worked the fabric, moving it around the table using their hands. It was wool of course, so they were wet finishing the fabric. Long tradition of that!! I like using my washing machine to do it!

LA said...

OK...I'm going to check out the website. This is really exciting! We have a bunch of inkle looms at the Center, and maybe this summer we'll do a little workshop....OK? BTW, I like the colors you chose for your warp!

Maggie said...

Carol, do you sing while your machine agitates? Pretty, bright warp, Bonnie!

Anonymous said...

what is the inkle loom website?