Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday....Just love that day!

  As always, there's lots going on at the Center!  Inkle fever has taken a hold of several of the weavers...Tina started this by bringing in her weaving last week....and then blogging about it.  Not to be out done, Bonnie pulled her inkle loom out of hiding, and started weaving, too.  And, lo & behold, Ann brought her inkle loom today with her warp almost finished.  What have you started, Tina????


Things are moving along on the warp for the caterpillar rug.  Bonnie and Carol picked out threads for the warp, and wound a LONG warp on the mill. 

  Although Bonnie usually warps front to back, she is putting this warp on back to front.  She got the warp on the loom and ready to thread this afternoon.  Way to go, Bonnie!

Carl and Pat got weaving time with their placemats today.

Carol cut more strips for the rugs that Lanny and Allan are working on.  Allan got the cloth beam replaced on the Hammet loom, so it will be ready to be warped next week.  And, Tina finally found time to work on her finger manipulated lace cloths.   Maggie is finishing up winding the linen warp for her loom.

  Busy day, huh?  And tonight is knitting night....never a dull moment!
Happy weaving!


Maggie said...

I love Tuesdays!

Bonnie said...

Ditto on that Maggie. A BIG thanks to LouAnn for helping me re-learn warping front to back. Really not bad.

Anonymous said...

I really miss Tuesday and all you guys and Wally too. Its been a joy to see all the creative weaving you all are doing. Sharen