Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In with the new

Here is the latest addition to my furry entourage, Miss Etta.  She is not really new to my furry family; she lived with me for six months in 2005, when my mother found out she was allergic to her, but Mom took her back when Mariah, the wandering Shih Tzu was hit by a car.  Miss Etta has moved with Mom from Virginia to Tennessee, but in her latest move, Miss Etta has become fond of stripping the wallpaper from Mom's new home's walls.  Since my walls are 90 year old plaster, she'll have a harder time of it.  She has spent the last three days hiding in various places.  I can only locate her by listening for her hissing at whomever comes near.  An unexpected consequence of her irritability with the other inhabitants of Kittywompuss Cottage is that Leo and Wefty are becoming friends at last.  I fully expect Miss Etta to eventually become integrated into the furry entourage and soon become one of the group that closely monitors my comings and goings.
  As noted yesterday, I am trying to become a spinner.
Here is the Louet S-10 that was donated to the Center last week, in my living room.  Spinning wheels look so much better as furniture than looms do, in my opinion.  Looms take up more space and look to me like work not getting done.  I can't relax with a loom in the room;  it reproaches.  That's why mine are in spare bedrooms.  I only go in those rooms to work.  It's been suggested that I have room for more looms in my dining room and living room, but to me, those rooms already have purposes, and looms don't need to be crowding those purposes out.
  But the spinning wheel is still new, and still looks decorative.  I like the way it looks with all the wood in the living room.  It somehow makes the room look cozier, something nice on this cloudy, cool day.  I haven't spun on it today.  I'm not sure I want to curse that much today!  Yesterday, during my lessons,  I just wanted to let loose a big blue streak of frustration, but took pity on my teachers, bit my tongue many times and tried to behave.  This is really something I want to learn, but I'm finding out, as I get older, that if I can't learn something immediately, I get very frustrated.  I need to read, watch videos, read some more, and then, all by myself, try it again.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  A good friend is getting married this weekend, and I've been pondering what to get him and his bride, looking through their registries, and haven't been able to feel excited about anything they have chosen.  I do, however, have a lovely collection of finger-manipulated lace hand towels that need hemming.  This morning, I pulled them out, selected four and started hemming them for Joseph and Kathryn.  I hope they like them, but I know I feel better about giving them something from my hands, rather than a Salter pound-to-grams scale or a set of Crate & Barrel wine glasses.  Weftie joined me by the window as the sun rose and those pesky birds played in the yard.  I listened to J. S. Bach's Goldberg Variations while I hemmed, trying to choose the next one to learn, after I finally get through the last page of Variation 13.  It's going to be a good day!  Happy weaving!


Bonnie said...

Miss Etta will come around in her own time. The couple will love those towels. It is a good day.

LA said...

Lucky couple...getting handwoven, hand hemmed towels!!! Oh my! But, you might want to remind them to USE them...they just get softer the more they're washed. As for Miss Etta...she'll calm down.

Tina said...

After we had moved a particularly heavy loom, my DH turned to me and remarked, "I think I like Spinning as a hobby much better than weaving."

Maggie said...

Oh, Tina, that made me laugh out loud. It is certainly more portable, that's for sure!