Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our Town

Finally, this week, DD's play is being performed. She's spent months at practices for Our Town. Even though, she is mostly an extra, sitting in the audience during the first act to ask a question, being a wife of the farmer during the wedding and then for the third act, a dead person.
Here she is the dead person. Here she is, the first "dead" person to walk out to take her seat. We weren't supposed to take pictures, but hey, I sewed her outfit. The skirt is the walking skirt from Folkwear Patterns. The blouse one from the 80s that I had
in my stash. She also had a jacket that she wore over the blouse for the wedding scene. All the fabrics were cotton of varying neutral shades. Of course I sewed them in 3 days because I couldn't get her to go with me to buy the fabrics earlier. That's why I haven't gotten alot of weaving done! I'm trying to decide what to do with them once the play is over this afternoon. Perhaps cut them into strips and sew them into placemats?? I know we bought alot of extra fabric because the patterns I had were small ones and I had to figure out how much to alter them. I did have to re cut the back of the blouse but I am pleased with myself. I haven't sewn clothing in a long time, mostly handwovens and quilts. I have a good bit of fabric from the days when I sewed. Maybe I should dig some of them out. I've got some really nice linen.........

Each fall when threat of frost starts to be a factor, we bring in the best of the plants that I have in the pots around the house. We have a small greenhouse attached to our house, part of a renovation a dozen years ago. We brought the plants out this week. These ferns on the floor of the deck wintered through from last year. Some of them are several years old. I like how they look inspite of being inside so long. They will fill out more as summer continues. By fall, I'll have to decide which are the best and bring them in. I bring in geraniums and poinsettias as well. Geraniums don't mind a bit being inside and the poinsettias, because of where they are in the greenhouse with no light hitting them after dark, will bloom by Christmas or January.

Here are the poinsettias mostly from Christmas. There is an old plant among them. It looks scrawny but as long as it's alive, it'll keep on being watered and allowed to do its thing! Hopefully these will all be nice and I'll bring them back in come fall and by then they'll be all green and ready to bloom again!

The new plants that I get are for the pots by the door to my studio (used to be our garage). This is just one side of the entrance. Bought them yesterday and transplanted them between showers. Looks like they're happy and they should double their size by fall when I bring them in. If it's a good year, I may have trouble finding places for all of them. The trick in winter is to be sure I water each one of them! It's easy to miss the pot with all that foliage!

DH bought 3 topsy turvy pots and 4 tomato plants! Last year our tomato experiment was a disaster. We'll try again this year. A friend of ours was one of the people that designed the topsy turvy, so we almost had to get them! We didn't find out about that until after he passed away. Too bad we didn't know earlier!
We're going to try a few vegetables as well on our deck. Since we cut a few big oaks a year or so ago, we've got more sunshine out there and hopefully these will be happy. The plant I'm most excited about is sorrel. I grew up eating a soup in summer called sommer borscht. It uses sorrel and dill in it. I just planted some dill seeds but bought this sorrel plant. DD loves this soup and I can't wait to have enough leaves to make it. It's a really light soup but tasty.
We've been fortunate enough to have missed all those storms that battered middle and west Tennessee. Friends of ours left Jackson at 2pm yesterday and they ended up in Nashville at 11pm(normally less than a 2 hour drive), finding a place to stay because the interstate was closed east of Nashville as well. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those that are having to deal with the results of the storms.
Right now we've got partly cloudy skies and a very warm day for this time of year. Hopefully the storms won't form again tonight and this state will have a chance to dry out.
With the play over my time should be mine again and I can get back to getting that tan warp off the loom and a cheerful one on again! My to do list is as long as ever. Friday I got 2 yarn shipments, 65 lbs from my guy in Alabama that I order mostly from plus 79 lbs of loopers......yup, I've got a long to do list!


LA said...

I know your plants are going to love being outside after this long winter. K's outfit looks great...I know you enjoyed watching her perform.

Tina said...

I hope the play goes well, and that there are a lot of people there! I gave up on house plants years ago, I just have a couple of african violets in a north window. That is about all I can manage.
What color warp are you putting on?

Bonnie said...

Wow, the plants look great. Can't believe that they were all inside. Now that the play is over you will have time to do your things. Yeah, maybe make some of that soup for the Tuesday weavers when the plant gets ready.

Anonymous said...

My house plants always look sickly by this time of year. I have a pointsetta that is limping along. I am surprised it is still alive! Yours look wonderful!