Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LouAnn's color and other loominaria activity

This week, there was a lot of activity in the loominarias, front and back.  Weftie took advantage of a chair about to be reupholstered and used it to climb to the top of the AVL.  He hangs out there now, because... well, because he can and no one else can!
  LouAnn's color followed Carol's on the afghan rectangles this week.  I've almost finished the first and will be starting the second today when I take breaks from gardening/weeding.  My experience in east Tennessee so far has been that there is far more weeding than gardening, due to the absurd amount of rain.  Honestly, during the drought, to this former desert-dweller, it still looked pretty darn wet here!  I love it, though!  Stuff grows so fast here, I sometimes feel I can hear it.
The knots have come over the back beam on the turned overshot project, but that means little in how fast I'll finish it.  The epi is 24/48, and one motif takes about 20 minutes.  The shafts are sticky and hard to push down, due to the tabby being on 5 and 6.  I have been drawing the draft for the next turned overshot, the kitchen curtains, and have put the tabby on 1 and 2.  I'm hoping it works, and I think it will save my legs a lot of lifting.  I've got the treadling pattern written, and it's about 3 feet long!  The threading pattern is causing my brain to overheat, because I can't remember how I did it for the first one.  I will persevere, though, and have it ready by the time this project is done.
  I still have one more bunch of threads to go on the linen warp at the center.  I have 262 measured so far.  I was going with 24 epi, because that's what it came out to wrapped on a ruler, but since handling it for the last three weeks, and seeing its true texture, I've decided to cut back to 20 epi.  That, and the fact that I don't think I'll have enough yarn!  I need 58 more threads to equal 320, and then it's on to warping!  The project will be hand towels in finger manipulated lace, my first linen project and I think it will be fun.  I'm amazed at how linty the thread is; there's always a cloud of lint on the cone holder when I change spools.  And I can see why people have trouble weaving it, compared to wool or cotton, even before I start weaving.  It's very crisp and not so pliable.  I'll be bringing a spray bottle to spritz it now and then, and see if that helps.  I'll keep you posted!
Until then, Happy Weaving!


LA said...

I knew I loved that color when I chose it, but now I really LOVE it. Your pattern is showing up so well, and that gives me hope for my warp. Any more tips????

Maggie said...

Pick something easy to remember the treadling pattern for; it's going to be a LOOOONNNG project! I love your color, too. It's very easy on the eyes!

Bonnie said...

Weftie knows who's boss of that house. LouAnn' color does look great. Your towels are beautiful. Can't wait to see them.

Theresa said...

Ohh, love the colors! And Weftie, well, it is good to be king.
Susan over at Thrums has a great tutorial on handling and weaving with linen and yes, spritzing it helps.