Saturday, May 29, 2010

Update: Card Weaving Class

 Our trip to the Middle TN Fiber Festival today was a roaring success!  Our teacher for the card weaving class was Melissa Goodwin. 

Tina got right to work on her card weaving band.  Basically you only need cards and thread....and somewhere to tie the two ends and you're ready to weave!

 The bands weave pretty quickly....Tina went to town with hers. 

My band went much slower....but I'm catching on!

There were three areas of Vendors........lots and lots and lots of fiber!  Tina and I found many things to tempt us......and we did drop a few $$$$.  Ask Tina about her "egg money!"

Be sure to stay tuned to Friday's blog....Tina has an announcement!!!!
Now....I've got to find a place to tie my band.
Happy Weaving........


Tina said...

We had the best time today! I don't think we stopped talking to whole way there, and back! The class was the bomb, and we did do some damage to the egg money, I came away with $2.00 left. That however doesn't count my unexpected purchase that will be funded by my "emergency fiber gotta have it fund".

Anonymous said...

Friday??? We have to wait until Friday??? LOL. Hmmmm, does the unexpected purchase have four legs?


LA said...

LOL!!! Oh Linda...were your ears burning today???

Maggie said...

That looks like fun! Please bring show and tell!

Tina said...

My friends at the Tuesday weavers will get a preview on Tuesday!

Try two legs and a beak!

Life Looms Large said...

Looks like a fun day!! (Plus all of that tempting shopping....even more fun!)

My one attempt at cardweaving resulted in a big snarl. I still find it fascinating though. It's amazing to me that designs can be created with cards.

Thanks for posting about an inspiring class!