Monday, May 17, 2010

Something in the air?

This  must be the season for bad knees! Recently our son stood up at school and then had to sit down fast. His knee gave out. He didn't hurt it that we know of. After trips to two doctors and an MRI we know he has bruising under his knee cap. He wore a knee brace for two weeks and is now in physical therapy. The only thing that the orthopedic surgeon can come up with is that he has had a growth spurt and his knee didn't keep up with the rest of his body. Both knee caps are kind of loose and one isn't tracking well.

Then there is me. I have old, worn out knees. They will both be replaced in a couple of weeks. I sure am not looking forward to this. The timing is so wrong. Here I am trying to renovate a house and now this? Another delay to weaving or so I was thinking. My sweet husband said I should put a table loom in the living room and weave during my recovery. What a great idea! I can do some small projects that have gotten put on a back burner for some time now. I keep telling myself the surgery will be a good thing. I have been given a three ring binder of information. In it, it says that I will be able to play golf in just a matter of weeks! Isn't that amazing? I have never played golf before! What an age we live in! You can have surgery and come home with a new skill!

Then there is our daughter. She hurt her knee on an elliptical exercise machine. Sigh.........



LA said...

Knees....wonderful little things when they work correctly! I'm getting to the point where I can predict the weather (especially COLD) with mine!

Theresa said...

If it helps any, my mother had knee surgery at 70 and came back no problems but it is certainly a bummer to have to have it at all! At least there is weaving on a table loom and everyone can swap knee recovery stories. :-) Here's hoping for an easy surgery and a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the good wishes! I am told this is a good thing. My husband wants a hiking partner!


Bonnie said...

Amazing that having knee surgery will teach you golf. Good idea of putting a loom in the living room. Something to do during recovery.