Friday, May 28, 2010

Lessons Learned

I promised I would introduce you to my new loom, Mz. Emily.  This picture was taken earlier in the week.  I took all the wool out of the bags and tried to get inspiration for the first project that would go on her.  She's a 36 inch, 8 harness high castle Schacht floor loom with bench.  Ms. Emily, the former owner, only used 4 harnesses, so I have spent some time putting in the jacks and adding the other 4 harnesses.  I ordered new tie-ups, and they should be here next week.  She fit nicely between Sally and John in the living room. 

The tote bags have been cut apart and washed.  Sadly, I only used three threads on the serger, and I had some places that raveled out in the wash.  I have gone back to using all 5 threads to finish the bags.  I only lost about 1 inch on each side of one.  I also found out that the braided handles work much better than the twisted handle.  I want the bags to hold up well being thrown in the laundry.  I did air dry these instead of putting them in the dryer.  So, now I'm ready to make more of my "rag bags" in the future.

Cece and Zuzu have been very curious about the bags on the porch.
  Just don't let them block their shafts of sunlight!!!

So....lots of lessons learned and reviewed this week.
I've made notes about changes for the totebags in my weaving journal, and I've jotted down some ideas for projects with the wool on Mz. Emily.  If I have time this afternoon, I'll post about the Card Weaving Class that Tina and I are taking today.  Maybe I'll even have some pictures!

Happy Weaving,


Maggie said...

That's a lot of yarn, LouAnn! I hope you two have a fabulous time card weaving! And tell us all about it!

Bonnie said...

A beautiful loom. And what a stash of yarn. A bit overwhelming.