Friday, May 7, 2010


As Bonnie mentioned yesterday, I did pull out the Inkle Loom this week. It all started when Lou Ann and I signed up for a card weaving class the end of this month. I started looking stuff up on the old internet, and watching the videos on youtube. I saw that you could use an Inkle Loom as a frame for card weaving.

Two years ago, or more, I borrowed an Inkle Loom from the center, and then just never got around to using it. There it sat, on the shelf, naked. So, I took it down and brushed it off.

I thought that I should really use it in the Inkle sense first. So, more research of course! I ran across an article by Mary M. Atwater, and I fell in love with what she did in her first example. It is all in the warping. I think this will make a great purse!

I have finished the Brooks Bouquet bread cloth. I am doing this next one with the blue weft only. This time I am tricking my counter balance loom Lillian into doing an unbalanced weave, she just doesn't realize it. Actually, I am using a pick up stick and manipulating the threads myself to get the textured look you see here. It really is not that hard, just the one thread for each float.

I hope you can make it out from the photos. There is the blue weft float, then after 2 tabby picks, there is the natural warp float. Once they are washed you will really be able to see it.

I have taken out the monks belt mug rugs I was doing. It just wasn't looking like I wanted it to. I can do something else with all that black.

Thanks for stopping by,

Happy Weaving, Tina


Bonnie said...

Always something new going on. The bread cloth looks great. How is Wally? I bet he is loving this weather.

LA said...

I think you've started something, Girlfriend! I guess we'll be taking those inkle looms off the wall soon! I'm really looking forward to the 29th and card weaving....then we'll plug it into the inkle loom!

Maggie said...

Please bring those bread cloths in when they're done. It's hard to see what's going on from the pictures.