Sunday, May 16, 2010

Empty loom, great book and flowers!

This week I finally got my wolf pup empty! Sometimes it takes forever to get a warp off a loom especially when there are so many other things on looms that seem to take priority! However, the warp on the wolf pup was so much fun and easy to do. I mean, really, plain weave is a great rhythmic weave! I like to play with colors and just the simple wisteria and natural of this warp made 7 handtowels. 2 are the solid wisteria and the others the natural with wisteria plaid in part of it.  So this afternoon I am going to a bridal shower for the son and his fiance of friends of ours. What better gift than one of those handtowels and 4 Ellen's pattern placemats that I pulled out of my stash! I do hope that they use them. The towel is prewashed and 8/2 cotton holds up really well. I've got several that I just throw in with my regular wash and haven't had any problems with them. They just get softer! Now, what on earth am I going to put on that loom next? Decisions, decisions!I recently ordered a new weaving book from Amazon. I hoped it would be really good and it's better than I thought. This book is not a how to with patterns in it.  Nope, this book talks about the weavers up in Michigan who are of Finnish descent and the weaving they brought over with them. I have only just started reading it but there are jewels in there that will help our rug weaving. I do enjoy reading history books especially of people who rose to the challenge to succeed. These weavers used clothing and fabric that would have been thrown away to create the most gorgeous rugs. They wove and still weave in sheds or dark basements. We aren't happy unless we have alot of light in our studios. They even love polyester. How much polyester and double knit have we discarded that we could have used? We all have big stashes of yarns and fabrics. Some, like my DD, even call us hoarders, but we're nothing compared to some of these people. This is a thick book that will take a long time to savor and read! I'll have it next to my chair for a long time!

My DD finally had her knee surgery on Thursday. She is now in recovery mode. She tore her ACL, MCL and miniscus. Surgery took almost 3 hours. We brought her home Thursday evening yet and we're kind of camping out in the living room since the bedrooms are all up on the second floor and with crutches she needs to stay on a level area. We're learning alot about knees! The pain is still pretty incredible but she's doing her exercises faithfully. Physical Therapy starts Monday. I keep thinking of Laura Fry who's been through all of this and in fact, DD injured her knee about the same time Laura had her "accident". However, with ACL injuries they want them to heal some before surgery. I included this picture of flowers because it's so unusual. The family in Atlanta sent it to her. I'd told them she liked flowers, just nice spring flowers. Well, this is quite the arrangement. That's a flower pot on its side full of little roses. The other flowers are all beautiful garden flowers. It sure made her day to get her own flowers.

So I shall keep weaving this week as time allows with appointments scattered through out the day. I've got a basket of handwork to do when I need to be in waiting rooms or even in the living room. Might not get much weaving done but there's always something to do!


LA said...

What a wonderful gift! Those handtowels turned out beautiful! You should share with K that weaving is great PT...she'll love that!

Bonnie said...

The placemats and towel will make a wonderful gift. They are beautiful. You can take your new book to read in waiting rooms. How neat the flower arangement is. Hope she is doing ok.

Tina said...

I love always having something to do with my hands! The towels look great, I love having those gifts just there handy.
I am glad that the recovery is going nicely, K has a rough road ahead, but I think she will do all that is asked of her.

Tuesday Weavers said...

The towels are wonderful! I just love how each of us can take yarn and come up with something so different from someone else. It is nice to see what others come up with.

Flowers are like magic. They sure can brighten up someone's day.