Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's TUESDAY!!!!! Yippeeee!!!!!

What do you think the caption for this picture should be????

What do you think Sharen was doing???

What was she thinking???

What do think Carol was saying???

(Actually, I think Sharen threatened to do me bodily harm if I posted this picture....but it's just such a great pose, don't you think???) I happen to know for a fact that her new "skirt" will get recycled into placemats.

As part of the on going learning process, Ann and Marta are hard at work putting a warp on the second loom. They are finding out that each loom is just a little different....just where DO those pesky lease sticks go?????

Last week Maggie was under the loom cleaning.....this week she was UNDER the loom again! But, this time she was tying up treadles. She also started winding her linen warp today. Carl is already threading the Herald loom.

Bonnie is getting close to the end of her warp. She is going to start a "caterpillar" rug warp next, which will be fun to learn about. Tina is doing lace towels, which are beautiful!

Late breaking news flash: Bonnie has CUT OFF THE WARP!!!

Thank you to Maggie for the picture....straight from her phone!

Tuesday is our favorite day of the week....can you tell??? I wish you could hear the laughter and feel the atmosphere! It's magic!

Happy Weaving!


Anonymous said...

LOL. I ahould have gone sooner than I did! I missed out on all the fun! You all are so funny! Tuesdays at the center are great therapy!


Maggie said...

Sharen, love the skirt, and the pose! Alo HA! LouAnn, I sent you a photo of Bonnie cutting off her warp, but I guess you didn't get it in time! Go, Bonnie!

LA said...

You just have to love the EDIT feature of this blog. The photo has been added!

Bonnie said...

Thanks guys! I had to buckle down and get it done. I had to buckle down to get it done. Now I can relax and have more fun again. Anxious to see what a "catipillar" warp is all about. More fun.

Tina said...

Great post Lou Ann. I loved everything about today, we have a very special group!

Bonnie said...

Tina, that is so true. We are so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Somehow we missed getting a photo of Tina's Inkle loom project - I got so inspired I worked on my inkle for several hours last night.
Tina - what was the website reference for your pattern I tried yesterday afternoon but didn't find anything like it.