Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow, remembering and rugs

It is another cold and frosty day here in the south. Our road is frozen over so I may be staying home again today. Good! I wish you could see a picture from our deck. The view is bright and beautiful! When there is snow on the ground I like to look at the lay of the land. It looks so different with snow on it. I like snow! I grew up with it and I always miss it here in the south. Especially on Christmas day. So, for now I am going to enjoy it. I will listen to the crunching of my boots as I walk around in it and remember my childhood.

Looking at what some of the others have blogged I thought I would continue with looper rugs. Here are some I have made in the past.

These aren't as colorful as some but I thought you might like to see how differently rugs can look even when using the same materials. Isn't it wonderful how people can take the same product and make completely different looking items?



Bonnie said...

I can't see the picture of the rugs. I know they are great, just knowing you.

Maggie said...

Happy snow day, Linda!

LA said...

It will be a few days until all this snow is gone, so enjoy it, Linda!!! Your rugs are wonderful..I've been lucky enough to see them before. And each one is different!

Anonymous said...

Took 3 of us, but we finally got that picture up!!!!! You're right, Bonnie and LA, the rugs look awesome!

Bonnie said...

I see them now. They are great. Amazing the creations that we make out of loopers.