Thursday, February 18, 2010

Old Project

Ok, I will confess. I have not started anything new right now. When I first started weaving, I did my first project at home of place mats and table runner. You know me, I can't try something easy. I used 6 different colors in the warp. In the weft, I made place mats using each color. I made 2 place mats in every of the colors and then a table runner in red. I know some of you guys have seen them. But not on my table. Turquois,red, purple, yellow, blue and green. I learned alot from making these. How patterns shows up different with different colors. Color combining. These were all done with the same pattern. Don't remember what it is right now. Maybe somebody will know it. You can really see it on the yellow. It was a fun project. Also, I love them.
Have a good week. Bonnie


Anonymous said...

The placemats and your dining room look great!! that is a pretty impressive first job!!


LA said...

That was your FIRST project????? WOW! They are stunning! I don't recognize that pattern, so I hope someone shares with us.

Maggie said...

I remember those, when you started them. Was that your first project, or the first on the Macomber? If it was your first ever, you're more fearsome than I thought!

Bonnie said...

First, not on the Macomber. I made them on the sectional, My first on sectional. I did them on my Nilus Leclerc.