Sunday, February 7, 2010

On the looms

I thought I would bring you up to date on a couple of things. First, Carl used to have a Herald Loom. So, he said that his back beam was like mine but that the spokes for the sectional were inside so that he could warp is the way he normally did, winding a warp and then putting it on. I checked my back beam and yes, you can unscrew the sections, flip them over and then put your warp on without having to do it sectionally. I think I will see how it goes Tuesday, when we get a tutorial, again, on sectional warping and decide if I want to learn a new way. It might work for some projects, especially if I have a variety of different yarns across the warp.

I have two of my looms warped right now.
My workhorse, nilus leclerc, is warped in green. That's the one I'm doing my production work on. I like the accent yarn that's across the center of it. The pieces will have just a bit of interest in them. The yarn is actually for knitting but I've found that an accent knitting yarn gives my pieces a bit of a distinctive look. There will be a couple of jackets, tops and vests made from this warp. Of course, I'll wash this fabric before I assemble it.

The other picture is my wolf pup. She's got an 8/2 cotton warp on her. I enjoy the soft colors and the handtowels will be so soft and make great gifts. This is the warp I'll work on when I'm tired, just need something soothing to tackle. You have to count rows to keep the pattern looking about as square as you can, but that's easy and simple. Not sure how long it'll take me to weave because I work on my nilus much more often. I've got a couple more looms that are empty right now but my goal is that in the next few weeks I'll have a warp on each of them.


LA said...

The green warp looks like it would be heaven to touch! That's a lovely shade! I do think that you should TRY doing a sectional warp...maybe rugs. I think it would especially good for the long warps. The towel warp is really nice!

Bonnie said...

Oh, you need to try a sectional warp at least once to see how you like it. I really love that green. I can see it as one of your vests------on me. The towels look like they would take concentration.

Tina said...

I agree, it would be good to try the sectional. I love to see the sections roll on there nice and straight and in order. It is comforting to know that they are there just waiting their turn to be threaded. Haven't gotten back to the looms today, baby shower today and now there is the Super Bowl! Maybe tomorrow I will get the other sections wound.

Tuesday Weavers said...

Sectional warping is so quick expecially when using rug yarn. You are going to love it!