Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Tuesday!!!!

Tina is doing a quick inventory of carpet warp to see what needs to be ordered.

Ila has taken over supervising duties.

Bonnie has started weaving those beautiful handtowels.

Pat has started a new rug using two shuttles. The fabric strips look great on that warp.

Carl is making progress on the new placemat warp.

Ann is winding a new warp!

LaDonna is threading the warp on the Wolf Pup.

Lanny is cutting new strips for another rug. Just look at that pile!

Not pictured, but overseeing the weaving department, is Carol!!! She brought her laptop today, and we looked at her drawdown program. We also checked the sett of Tina's new project using the formula in Sharon Alderman's book, Mastering Weave Structures. There's always something new to learn!
ME? I took pictures of everyone working! LOL!!!
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

We did have fun today. I was glad so many people were able to get in. Yes,I liked that program that Carol showed us on her laptop. I hope that everybody has a good week.

Tina said...

Thanks Lou Ann for doing the blog today, I met myself coming and going today. It was a really fun day at the center wasn't it. We even got a little work done! It was so good seeing everyone, I think we are all a bit stir crazy with this crazy weather.

Maggie said...

I missed you guys! I love the thing you put on the side, where we can see who visited the site. Who are all those Windsor, Ontario folks?