Saturday, February 13, 2010

Got Rags?

When most people hear the word, RAG, it usually evokes a negative reaction. It can be verb, i.e., when I "rag" on you or give you a hard time. (You know I would never do that, right?) Webster says that a rag is a "waste piece of cloth" or "old worn clothes." Images of the old rag man pop into mind, pushing his cart down the street hollering "Rags." (Not in my lifetime, but I've heard my Grandmother tell about such people.) But, as a weaver, rags are a treasure. Or, at least for me, they are a treasure. Weft....glorious weft!!!!

I've been sewing since I was about 10 years old. Even before that, I would ask for the scraps left over after my Mom or Mamaw Martie would cut out a dress. If they gave me a threaded needle, I would fashion some kind of something for my doll. So, I've been using rags for a LONG time! Now that I weave, those scraps, or RAGS, are used up in my weaving. I've been collecting fabric for awhile!!!

Some of my rags are sorted by color, some by size. Some are wound into balls, some are still flat folds of fabric and some are on tubes. They come in all different sizes and lengths.

I've got rags in baskets, rags in cubbies, and rags in bins in the closet. (Can you say, "here a rag, there a rag, everywhere a rag, rag!) I might be "rag poor."

Three of the projects going here at the house are using rags. I've got rugs going on John, placemats on Parker and totebags on Annee. Each of these projects take a different width of rag. My Fraser Rag Cutter and the Olfa Cutter have earned their keep!!! I would be in a world of hurt without them! (When I did my first set of rag placemats, I tore the strips!)

So, three cheers for WEAVERS!!! We were thinking GREEN before it was cool! And, to all my weaving friends: Weave On!!!! We've got rags!
Happy Weaving!
p.s. There's got to be a better way to keep up with my rag collection!


Hilary said...

Not sure how to get hold of you. I love what you guys do is very cool. I don't have much in the way of weaving buddies around here, so I am envious.
I have this loom.......and I wanted to ask you something about it......can you email me at ragrugs@crazyasaloom and I will email you back?

Tina said...

Lou Ann, I love seeing what you are doing! I am up to my armpits in rags too, partially thanks to Hilary, who encourages us almost daily. We are so blessed to have each other!

Anonymous said...

Best thing to do is just keep weaving. Those rags will disappear into rugs and down the road we'll be begging for more fabrics! Do you think maybe having baskets of projects for the weft would help organize them? Then you grab a basket and get it onto the loom. Empty basket, more rags to get ready for the next rug.

Bonnie said...

That purple rug is beautiful. I love it.