Saturday, February 20, 2010

Here's A Rug for your Mug!

I really thought I'd be a lot further along on my project on Julie by this time. After all, the warp was measured and chained off before I made my scarf! And, Sass helped me warp the loom a week or two ago. But, have you noticed that sometimes, real life gets in the way of your weaving????

But, none the less, I only have two mug rugs completed on it at this time. The threading is for the overshot pattern, Tennessee Squares. Doing mug rugs gives you the opportunity to play with part of an overshot pattern, and experimenting with different ways to treadle the pattern. When you get tired of playing with the overshot pattern, you can always just treadle plain weave, since that is built in to overshot. It's a great way to use up thrums and thin rags.

The Tuesday Weavers are doing Mugs And Rugs for Christmas this year. (Which comes first: the mug or the rug??? hummm......) I'm ready to start looking for just the perfect mug, and then I'd like to play with the design of the rug to go with it. There are so many opportunities to explore different techniques on a smaller scale.

I use my mug rugs all the daughter has her mug rugs out, my sister has her own set. It keeps those little drips from getting on the table. Handy little suckers!

Happy Weaving


Bonnie said...

Mug rugs. Aren't they wonderful little things. You have a large variety. Overshot really looks good on them.

Kim said...

I think that mug next to your laptop is pretty nifty... and I know a little girl who was tickled to see it there!

Tina said...

I can't wait to start my mug rugs. I need to get some inspiration though. I think I will get the mug first and then see what I can come up with. I see our dear Sass on your laptop. Hope the old girl is feeling chipper today.