Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Little of This & A Little of That.....

I finished off the 48" rug on John, and I'm going to get strips ready to do a special project next. Maybe I'll have it ready to show next week. (Is that called a teaser?) I've been weaving in the living room this week for a lot of reasons....and so starts my tale for today!

My dear friend, Sass, started showing signs of distress last weekend, and I knew the tumor was getting very large. After talking with the Vet on Monday, we decided it was best to let her go on her next journey. She was always with me as I wove in my bedroom, and was a great helper pup when I warped my loom. I found it a little hard to sit down at Julie and weave until yesterday, when I finally was able to work on the mug rugs we had started. This is what she would have wanted me to do. I'm using up some thrums from other projects, and some rags from another. I also played with the treadling on the overshot pattern. This is its own kind of therapy, I think.

It is a little crowded in the bedroom right now, since the kitchen table is also in here (another reason to just weave in the living room.) I had been wanting to get the kitchen floor replaced for some time. Regardless of how much you cleaned that floor, it always looked dirty. And, the bench that was in the kitchen was just that: a bench. I really wanted a bench with a hinged lid so I could store my jelly jars and tins. (It never made sense to me that they built this thing without a hinged lid!) And, wouldn't you know it, this is the week the guys were ready to start. We had a Geraldo moment when the guys took the top off of the bench....what would we find inside???? Nothing! I got a laugh out of Susan's blog over at Thrums. She's going through some remodeling, too. I'm not doing anything that grand! But, with all remodeling work, you have to put up with a mess for a bit.

The highlight of the week was weaving at the KMA. That is so much fun, and I couldn't believe how much cloth was on the beam. Again, I went for lively colors....the person before me must have been having Navajo thoughts. And, I could see that someone else had had Spring thoughts (lots of shades of green.) Ann Wilson was there, and a lot of people wanted to chat. It's always a wonderful experience.

So, I'll get back to my mug rugs while the guys hammer away in the kitchen. They are talking about more snow..........
Happy Weaving!


Tina said...

Lou Ann, I know you miss your little Sass! They leave such a big hole don't they.
I can't wait to see your kitchen floor when it is done, you will love having that extra cubby hole under the bench too.
I'm glad to see you are weaving away for your therapy. It will do you wonders. A little of Sass in every mug rug, while this warp lasts.

Maggie said...

Dear Sass! I know how valuable a dog can be when you're weaving! Bella always makes sure I take plenty of ball-throwing breaks. I've been thinking a lot about her this week, and how pets change our lives. Great blog entry, with lots of news!

Anonymous said...

Wow! More changes. That space under the bench will come in very handy! I love it when there isn't wasted space! A new floor will make it all look differently as well! A bit of sunshine in there, I"m sure!
I'm so glad we got to meet Sass. She was special with lots of personality!
I think you are the mug rug queen!

Bonnie said...

I agree. That bench should have had henges on it. It will make a good storage area. I really like what you did on the red mud rug. Very nice. I know losing Sass leaves a void. Weaving will be good theropy.

Hilary said...

My pup is 13 this year....and it makes me very nervous. But I know that when it is his time to go, we will go to the shelter, and adopt another pit bull in his name. He would want it that way.