Thursday, February 4, 2010

A "new" loom

Normally it's not my turn to blog and I will again probably on Sunday about what I was planning to say. However, when Bonnie emailed us that she couldn't this time, I figured I'd jump in.
Just ignore the mess on the right of the picture, altho that little chest of drawers is awfully cute. Got it at an antique shop a couple of years ago. Down here at least, the antique shops are disappearing. The one I got the cabinet in is long gone now. I hate that!
So, a couple of weeks ago I got word that a friend of the Tuesday Weavers is now in an apt with the second bedroom just a bit too small for her loom. She wants to get a wolf pup or baby wolf that she will be able to weave on better. Word was that the loom she was selling was a "48" walnut nilus leclerc". Well, that's just up my alley since I have a 45" nilus leclerc. So I agreed to get it. We went today.
It's really a 36" Herald Loom. It's been apart for a few years and hasn't been woven on much in awhile. She had gotten it used years ago so it's a well loved loom. I'm not quite sure how to put it together. There is a part broken on it but it's repairable. It's also a sectional with the tension box there. I've never wound a sectional before. Not sure I want to but it seems like alot of people are doing that these days and I'm not too old to learn things, that's for sure!
So this is my challenge for the next week or so. Getting it cleaned up and together enough to put a warp on. It sure won't weave rugs as I'd hoped, but it will be a good production loom. I can weave my regular warps on it, I think, if I don't put on one that's more than about 10 yards. I'll have to play with it to see how it weaves.
Any advice on the Herald, since I've never seen one up close and personal before, would be greatly appreciated!!!
Isn't it great that we never know what's around the corner? Weaving is such an adventure!


Tina said...

Thanks for stepping in Carol. Looks like a great loom! I am keeping my ears open for some ones extra loom that needs a home. I don't know why since I have 2 that aren't dressed right now!

LA said...

It looks like that would be a great loom to put your rug warp on (a LONG one) so that your "work horse" is free for your regular projects. With all the looms we've taken apart and put back together again, lately, you should be a pro by now!!!! Can't wait to see it dressed.

Bonnie said...

How exciting. You will get the hang of sectional warping. Is it not sturdy enough for rugs? It looks like it would be. Can't wait to see how it weaves. Never seen one like that. Oh, yeah, thanks for blogging for me.