Monday, February 8, 2010

More surprises

Is it my turn to blog already? My how time flies! I thought I would give you a studio update. My electrician, mechanic,and all around handyman, my wonderful husband, is still working on the wiring. Poor thing, he keeps finding one more thing that needs fixing. This past week he discovered that the new heat pump the last owners had installed was connected to 39 year old cracked wiring! Also, one owner cut into a wall and added a sliding glass door and deck. The last owner tore down the deck, removed the door and replaced the wall. My husband discovered that when the outlet was reconnected the wires had been spiced together and not done very well. This house rehab is taking a lot longer that I thought it would. My husband says when he gets done with the wiring he will sit and relax while I scrub walls and paint. :-) What a guy!!



Anonymous said...

Yeah, but does he know that we've all volunteered to help with washing and painting? There's nothing like the prospect of a wonderful studio to get us to volunteer, especially if there's soup and bread involved! And, we can pot luck that!

LA said...

Hey! It's coming along! This way you won't have to worry when you're weaving away!!!!

Tina said...

And all the moving and setting up of the looms and equipment are a done deal too! We love to set up looms, don't we girls?

Bonnie said...

Yes, Linda, he is a keeper.