Sunday, February 28, 2010

School Project

First of all, what's on the loom this week? My production leclerc has a very interesting warp of
variations of red. The main color is shrimp but the center is brick and dividing it is actually peach. They work really well together. It's the first time I've tried this combination but I'm pleased with it. The finished products should sell well. It's a bit different from my normal weaving. Then, I'd wound a warp for waffle weave towels of 8/2 cotton. I wound it onto the baby wolf but haven't threaded it yet. That's hopefully a project for sometime this week.

The reason I got the baby wolf going a bit sooner than I would have was because my DD's school friend L asked me if I could be her subject for a project. She's graduating from UT this spring and this is one of her last classes! She is taking photography and they were assigned a project where they had to pick a category from a bunch on the board, then find someone that did that and interview them as well as take pictures of them doing whatever it was. She picked the category "low tech". She came over a week ago to interview me and then this week to take pictures. She took a bunch! I had a project started on the warping board so she could take pictures of that, then the baby wolf almost wound on and I demonstrated threading it for her, etc. I hope she got good pictures so that her project is a success!

It was kind of fun to show her this. She remembers as a child coming for sleepovers and seeing my looms and projects.
Yeah, I see those 2 woven olive green warps. They're still there waiting for the serger. I have to work on some black fabrics first before I change the thread to the green. Changing colors of thread on the serger are just enough of a pain that I try to do everything I can of one color before changing it!
The "new" leclerc, Thelma, is still empty as I decide what to put on her. I want a project that's not too crazy just to test her out, see how she feels!
I guess weaving is low tech. However, I didn't show L all the possibilities with the computer programs, etc. I figured it might be a bit much! Low tech or not, I enjoy weaving and watching the fabric grow as I throw the shuttle!


Bonnie said...

Lots going on at your place. I love those colors together. That is a have to see it together to see how great it looks. I am supprised it looks beautiful. You want have any trouble selling it. Is the blue for the towels. I like that too. Will be nice.

LA said...

Low Tech! Us? Well, now that I think about it, MAYBE! People have been weaving in one way or another since time began. We are just carrying on the tradition. I LOVE that shrimp & brick warp!

Tina said...

The pinks and reds really rock! Had to see it to believe it. I am slowly being brainwashed about colors. Blue really isn't the only color around! LOL!!!!