Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knoxville Museum

Carl at work.
Here is part of what we did today. I startedout with a small strip of yellow and green . I did not like it. Then I went to the yellow/gold. Carl went with me. He did the pretty blue. We had so much fun. I then did a fushia about the same width as the blue. Then Carl dedided to pick it a notch and did a multi color of purple,yellow and a greenish blue. Then I did a small strip of the bluish green. I wanted to do something different, so I tried a black and orange multi color. No, didn't like it. Just made a small stripe. Then started a burnt orange. I liked it. Then Carol and Tina showed up for their shift. I took pictures, I thought but that stupied phone did not have any on there. Not MY fault. So sorry. But we did have so much fune. Maybe if Carol or Tina took some pictures they could put them on here.

Have a great week. Until Next Time.



Anonymous said...

I took a picture or two of what I did. I'll post it on Sunday. It was fun! It's interesting to see who's been weaving. Who'll weave next time?!

LA said...

I'm so glad you and Carl enjoyed the project! I like your choice of colors.

Tina said...

I came by just to say howdy. Thursday is Tommy/Tina time, and we both guard it. If he goes out of town on a thursday when we are up to weave, I will come take a turn.
I loved the video of those girls winding the yellow warp. I can just see us!