Sunday, January 31, 2010

KMA weaving and my rugs!

These first two pictures are of the warp on the loom at the Knoxville Museum of Art. We wove on Thursday. LouAnn started, then Pat continued and I finished up. I took two pictures trying to give you a feel of what the color changes look like. It really is a fascinating journey, picking quills filled with yarn, cutting them from the wall and then bringing them back to weave. We'll be back at it in two weeks! It would be awesome to unwind the warp and show it like it really is, but that's a real no no since it would mess the tension up in a bad way!! When the show is over, they'll hang the 50 yards of fabric for us to see and we'll have fun trying to figure out which are the areas we wove. Each time we weave, we're taking pictures of our part so that we have a record of what we did!

So, I've been wanting to get this rug warp off for quite awhile! I finally did it! I had woven two rugs and one went to Canada so I've kept on weaving. I had to cut the rugs off inbetween because they wouldn't all fit around the cloth beam. That's such a cool thing to have to do, cutting them off. I had decided not to have fringe so they all had a 3 or 4 inch strip of sugar n cream woven at each end. They're all serged and ready to hem now.

Having chosen to add the loopers to the weft as I went along, I ended up with alot of lint at the bottom of the loom. What a mess! I've vacumned between probably about half way through doing them, but it still kept coming as I wove. Here's the final result just before I got the vacumn out. Weaving loopers is not for the faint of heart!

Just so you know, here are 9 rugs, all stacked and ready for hemming. You can see at the bottom a bit of the pink I wove for the hem on a couple of the rugs. Most of them have a lime green hem. These loopers are fun to weave with, but boy, are they slow!
I've packed up the rest of my loopers and stored them for now. I've got to get back to my regular weaving. However, first chance I get, I'm going back to weaving a few more rugs. They're fun!


Bonnie said...

Sounds like fun at KMA. Somebody has been busy making rugs. Lots of fun. What is your next project?

Maggie said...

That's a very colorful post!

LA said...

I would think that 9 rugs is not sounds like you've been truckin' on!!!! Great pictures of the warp at the KMA. Just think how much will be done when we go back!

Tina said...

You have to make the pic of the treadles big to really appreciate what a mess the Loopers make!!!!

Great rugs Carol! I love all the colors.