Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Tuesday again!

Hey all, it is indeed Tuesday again. We caught Carol in the act of putting labels on some placemats that Linda had finished.
Lou Ann is working on some log cabin placemats, don't you love the way the fabric colors are just breaking thru the warp colors!

Pat is plugging away at the multicolored warp.
Bonnie is working on these lace towels.

Maggie is really wowing us with what changing color will do on this multi colored warp.

And of course Wally was back again today, no he doesn't sleep all the time, though it must seem that way to you all. I can only take pics when he is asleep!!

Sharon is back with us again now that the snow has let her out of her house.

Joyce is plugging away at the pinker than pink towel warp.

Carl is really liking this change of color, it isn't everyday we see this green in a warp.

Threading is going on in the student corner.

Carl also brought in some beautiful rugs he wove at home.

That is it for today, Happy weaving everyone, Tina


Anonymous said...

Reading what everyone was doing makes you almost stop to catch your breath! Alot of activity and we were missing several people! We really need more room!

LA said...

It is a busy, beautiful place to be on Tuesdays! I am so lucky to be part of it!!!!

Bonnie said...

Well, yes. It is such a great bunch of people. We really do have fun and enjoy what we are doing.