Monday, February 15, 2010

What is it about weaving?

We had more snow last night.Only one inch but it is clinging to the trees making everything beautiful. We may even get more tonight!

What is it about weaving? It is the most enjoyable craft I have ever learned. Even when I am not weaving I feel compelled just to go to the studio and look at what is on the looms. It is almost like they are calling me!

This is a photo of some placemats that I finished today. They aren't anything fancy but they are just what the customer ordered.



Anonymous said...

Got your blog up, Linda. However, the emails I try to send you come back undeliverable. The weather must be messing with our internet! Love the placemats. They're soothing, just what we need right now!
Hope to see everyone tomorrow if the weather doens't get worse!!!!

LA said...

Today was a good day to stay in and weave. It's snowing again, here. I just hope I can get to the Center tomorrow! I love the way the colors blend on your placemat. That would have been a fun one to weave!

Bonnie said...

They are very nice. I hope your customer likes them.

Tina said...

I just love to see what everyone is doing. I hope the roads are good tomorrow, I have so much I need to get done at the center. The last placemat on the loom and I need to get to the old blue jean rugs, I hope it doesn't take me forever!