Friday, February 5, 2010

The elephant in the room, aka an empty loom

Here she is, the lone section wound on my sectional warp.

Let me tell you why! Every time I tried to use the tension box, it would flip off the front if I didn't have a death grip on it. NO FUN! I tried several things, but to no avail. So there we were at an impasse.

Here, my friends is the culprit, a rounded back beam, that while beautiful to look at and easy on the warp threads as they make their way to the heddles, absolutely not made for my tension box.

I had even begun winding a section at a time on my warping board and then using the box to wind it on. Thinking, I suppose that if I didn't have to handle the spools at the same time it might be easier. NOT! I then had the bright idea of finding a 2x4 to use as a back beam when I would warp. Great! That should do it!

Then as I was drifting off to sleep last night I thought, well duh! What about the floor beam it is square isn't it!

Sure enough it is. I took both beams off and low and behold they are interchangeable!

Here, we have the tension box correctly seated on the new back beam.

I am trying to decide if I am going to leave it there or switch back to the rounded one for weaving. Your input most welcome.

So today I am winding a curious assortment of spools to finish getting those bread cloths onto Lillian. She will be so happy!

Wally decided that his main job for today was to hold the rug down in front of the woodstove. It is cold,wet and soggy outside.

Happy weaving, Tina


LA said...

I'm with's a good day to nestle down next to the fire! BTW, I think the rounded beam would be much easier on the threads as they come to the heddles. They get enough friction as it is as they come through the heddles and the reed.

Anonymous said...

The whole sectional warping thing is scaring me! Esp since now I have a loom that is sectional in the back.......I think I'll just wind my warp like any good person would! ha!

Tina said...

progress report.... I have wound all but 7 spools, Yeah me!!!! Lou Ann, next time I am borrowing that electric bobbin winder! Carol, don't you worry, when you are ready we will come give you a hand!

Bonnie said...

I agree with LouAnn.I think you should change back to the round beam for less friction. Looks great. Way to go!

Maggie said...

The whole round vs. square thing went over my head. All I could think was What a beautiful loom!

Tina said...

I got 6 sections wound on the sectional today, I only had a couple of hours, and I had to finish the 7 spools too. All in all I am pretty pleased with my progress.