Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's Tuesday !

Yes, it is tuesday once again! Most of us are here, though not all. Carol is in Oh, Canada, visiting her family, and several others are out for one reason or another.
I thought we might focus (pun intended) on the 60 inch, 12 harness loom that Pat is using to weave rugs. You can see the multicolored warp she had on there. I believe she has 6 or 8 ends per inch.

Pat has been experimenting with sock loopers. The first rug she wove was a hit or miss pattern, that is no pattern at all, just lovely colors everywhere.

Then Pat got creative! She decided to make a pattern with those loopers! Here are the 2 rugs she finished up today!

I wonder how it would look to have a solid background, and weave circles in it! When I mentioned it everyone told me to knock myself out trying!!!!LOL
I just might!

Exciting things are just ahead for us tuesday weavers! Bonnie and I went to the bank today and opened up a bank account for us to us in our online shop that will be opening up as soon as we get the pictures of our inventory all set up.
There will be a link from this Blog, as well as a link from the craft center in Norris, Tn. Be sure and check back soon to see!

On another note, I was gone a lot yesterday, so I felt bad leaving Wally home all by himself again today. This time I brought his crate. He did very well today, and even fell asleep under my loom! He may make a good Loom dog after all.

Happy weaving, Tina


Bonnie said...

It is great when thing come together. Our sit is just about there. Isn't it so exciting. Get going on those circles, Tina.

Anonymous said...

I sure do miss you guys! You won't believe it but it was about 50 today. Chinook went through Alberta and some of it came here so the snow's melting. Won't last tho! Now I'm just hoping it waits til after we leave on Monday!
Go for those circles! I think it'd be awesome!

LA said...

I also like the rug Pat was weaving this afternoon with the blue weft. The multi-colored warp showed up so nicely! Wally was a trooper today...he is a great mascot for the TW. Now,I've got to get busy for our on-line items.

Tina said...

I love that rug too! I am always amazed at what goes on between warp and weft.