Monday, January 18, 2010

More of This & That

As you might have noticed by now, our "Comments" feature is on the fritz. I don't want Carol to think that we didn't love reading about her visit to her Mom in Canada. She makes two trips a year, and I know how precious each one of the visits are to her. But now that the cat is out of the bag, she MUST share the apron pattern!!!!
Today is usually Linda's day to blog, but she is up to her neck working at the new place, that she has NO weaving to report. She forgets that we like having updates about the progress at the house that will soon be her studio!!!!

Ah....but that leaves me. Do you remember that Alabama song that goes "I'm in a hurry and can't slow down"???? That's been me all weekend. I told you about the opening night gala on Thursday for Anne Wilson's Wind/Rewind/Weave, and I've been thinking about what I would wear for the big night. As a weaver, you'd think I'd have something that I wove to wear, but my overshot placemats won't cover me very well! Now, my everyday wear is jeans (or sweatpants) and sweatshirt....and that won't do for the gala! Yes, I have "church" clothes, but nothing that would give any clue that I weave, too. I could wear Carol's coat that I bought a few years back, but I'd really like to stick to basic black for this event. Thus begins the frenzy!

I had started wrapping the warp for mug rugs for the website, and as I wound the thread, I got to thinking about weaving a scarf that would go with my black velvet pantsuit. I had some wonderful 5/2 pearl cotton in black and white..............yep, you're right! I stopped winding and went to the trusty Dixon's Handweaving Pattern Directory. It didn't take me long to figure out that this just might be do-able!

I finished winding the mug rug warp, and put on the pearl cotton warp, and got it to my loom last night. With a LOT of help, the warp is now wound onto Julie, the Baby Wolf. You might notice that I use a laundry basket to hold the thread while I wind keeps Sass and the cats from "just walkin' through" to see what's going on!

Now, I'm going to eat some lunch, and get that warp threaded. My goal is to cut it off tonight so I can take it with me to the Center tomorrow. Tina is bringing her fringe twister, and that will speed that process up a bunch. "Ah vanity, woman is thy name..." or some such comment!!!


Anonymous said...

I think it was only my blog that wouldn't let comments happens. Maybe it's that cold winter up there! We're back in good old east tennessee this afternoon with stories to tell about that trip!
LouAnn, your ideas are just awesome. There's a reason we all have multiple looms. When we suddenly need something to wear for an occasion, nothing stops us from putting a warp on a loom and getting it done! Very nice.
Can't wait to see it tomorrow!
Have that apron pattern. You know those aprons are reversible! Isn't my Mom a doll? She's a real trooper and loves that rug!

Tina said...

Can't wait to see it Lou Ann. Now I need to find the fringe twister! I put it somewhere while I was organizing! I'm off to find it right now!

Tina said...

Found It!!!!