Tuesday, January 19, 2010

T G I T *

*Thank Goodness It's Tuesday!

Welcome to Ann, our new weaver. She chose her thread and wound her warp today. It's now chained off and waiting for next week.

Alan and Lanny worked together to cut some upholstery fabric for rug weft. They sewed one seam, and ran the piece through the rag cutter as one piece...but it took both of them to keep it all on track. Another advantage of working with our group!

Before Christmas we moved the AVL to Maggie's so that she can work on complex weaves, and we would have some extra floor space. Then we measured each space for the remaining looms and made graphs of them to plan out a new layout for our weaving space. We knew the barn looms would have to stay put for now, but everything else was movable. Pat worked and worked on arranging the looms on the graph paper, and Tina ran back & forth checking measurements. After lunch, we moved the "monster" loom and turned two of the smaller looms in the middle to create a space for supplies and parking for the Wolf Pups. It's not written in stone, and I'm sure we'll make more adjustments as time goes by. We still don't have space for the other rug loom, but the space is more livable.

As always, lots of laughin' and yakking!!!! You just gotta love TUESDAYS!!!!!


Tina said...

Well done Lou Ann, It was lots of fun wasn't it!

Maggie said...

I missed you guys! See you next week!

Anonymous said...

I don't think we totally overwhelmed Ann with our chaos but it did take her awhile to find her keys! phew!!! I'm glad they were in her pocket! Of course, a pocket they're never in!
Never know what the day will bring but I think we're getting there! Organizing and using stuff as we find things tucked away on shelves.