Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yippee!!!! It's Tuesday!

Another loom with a story! Thelma Louise Nixon was quite a weaver, according to her children. And this loom is a testament to that fact! Her kids, Kim & Nick and grandson, James, thought that the Center would be a great place for this LeClerc 45" Nilus. We all agree. Thank you! After moving looms just last week, we moved things around again today to make a place for her, and it will be put to work very soon. Pat & Alan got her just where she needed to be!Elsewhere at the Center today, Lanny & Maggie are working on a project using the notebook he made from the workshop he took last summer. He wove some beautiful plaids, and Maggie is always looking for a new challenge. This is Networking at its best!

And, supervising the controlled chaos is Carl....he calmly watches, listens, and gets a lot of weaving done. He's our "go-to" guy when we have a weaving question. We're all so glad he's back with us!!!!
Now, for the applause: Maggie cut off the warp on her loom today!!!! Cheers!!!! That warp make some spectacular placemats and runners. (But, secretly, Maggie was ready for it to be gone....too much of a good thing!) I can't wait to see what's next for her.
As always, lots of laughin' and yakkin' and great fellowship (and a little weaving, too!) Tuesdays are a good thing!
p.s. We sure did miss Tina today!


Bonnie said...

Too much yakkin' for me today. But sometimes you just have to do that. Lots of fun!

Tina said...

I missed being there with you, but we got a lot done today. That loom looks great! can't wait to see her in person.

Anonymous said...

The new loom looks great in the studio. I can't wait to see who gets to weave on it first! It's going to be a wonderful work horse!

Maggie said...

Secretly? I didn't make it a secret to ANYONE!! BEIGE!!! give me COLOR! Playing musical looms brings me back to Linda's luscious colorful warp. Thanks, Linda! All the way home, I thought about the next weft for that warp! And Thelma Louise will be made right at home. Thanks to Bonnie for persevering through the reorganization. Too bad we didn't get a photo of her weaving while standing!