Friday, January 8, 2010


On my last post I told you about what was keeping me from weaving, and that, the chaos in the studio was the biggest problem I had.

On Wednesday, I started in on it. Do you remember those little plastic puzzles that we used to have, they were in a little square structure, and one piece was missing! In order to solve the puzzle you had to figure out how to move the pieces around each other in order to get them into place. That is exactly how I felt! At one point I even backed myself into a corner!

I think however, that I am beginning to see some progress. Here are some before pics and some where we are now pics.

Before. The side paneled wall had some shelves plus the file cabinets.

After! Free from the shelves which will go all together along the longest wall. No pics of that yet! Maybe by next week that will be presentable!

I originally thought that the cut away section next to the door was a good place for shelves.

But after working with the graph paper, I thought it might work better for the benches instead!

I am far from done, in fact, I went out yesterday and bought 2 more shelving units to put up today if I have time. I wanted 3, but they just had 2. They will replace the wooden units along the back wall. I will then use the wooden ones elsewhere, maybe where the metal book shelf is, and fill it with the carpet warp that is in the hall. Then the books can go in the hall where the carpet warp was, see what I mean!!!!

After I get the units up and filled, I am going to put a pegboard panel behind each set of looms. I am not sure if It will be 2x8, or a 4x8 panel. That is where all the weaving equipment will live, shuttles, bobbins in baskets, filled rug shuttles just waiting to be picked up, that sort of thing.

I have 3 plastic bins that will not fit on the shelves, too tall. I think I will strip up the blue jeans and fill those bins. Maybe they will fit under the table that I hope can live in the middle of the room when it is all said and done. It would be great to have the table there to hold the rag cutter and other things as well.

Not sure how much I will get done today, I will update next week.

Happy weaving, Tina


LA said...

Wow! You got a lot done! If you go with the peg board, you know they have pegs that are shelf supports...that could come in handy, too. I think a work table in the middle would be a good thing. Great job!

Anonymous said...

This is sooooooooo exciting! Seeing some progress is always encouraging. Once you can get the shelves set and all the yarn and fabrics on them, there'll be so much more space and you'll be able to walk in there again. I like the idea of the table in the middle. Can't wait to see the progress next week!
BTW, it was minus 13 when I landed on Thursday. Not better yesterday or today. Hope you guys are all safe in the icy weather you have now!

Bonnie said...

Today is a great day to stay inside and get things done. You have really done lots of work. I love it when a plan comes together.

Tina said...

Got one shelf put up and filled, my daughter needs me to babysit for her,for a couple of hours and we have dinner plans for this evening, so the rest will have to wait til tomorrow morning. I am so thankful to be retired, as I would have been at work tomorrow morning!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful!! You did a great job! Oh! I love those puzzles but they are hard to find anymore.

I know what you mean about puzzles. When my new studio floor went in we moved everything to one side of the room, put in half the floor and then moved everything to the other side. Not fun!


Maggie said...

Good job, Tina! You're a mighty force!

Tina said...

Linda, I was going to try to find one of those puzzles, but I forgot about it when I went on my errands before the snow! I didn't remember til I got home. I wanted to take a pic of it for the blog. Maybe next week!