Saturday, January 2, 2010

Loomy Madness

I was blog-hoppin' yesterday and noticed that a bunch of people had gone with Meg's suggestion @ Unravelling. It was so much fun seeing all those looms, and reading about what was in progress. I just had pictures of my looms on Boxing Day, but it did seem like a good idea. AND, I had done a few things on the looms since last Saturday. So, here goes:
John has rugs on him. I don't really like the dark weft, but when the Guild was over here, a bunch of the people commented that they liked the contrast. So, now that I've added the floating selvedge to help with the edge problem, I'll finish that one off. Then I want to try an experiment (if it works, I'll blog about it!)
Sass has been helping me tie the warp back on Julie to finish that panel for the monk's belt purse. It took twice as long as it should have since you have to stop and throw the bone for Sass. (I try to miss the glass doors and hardwood floors!!!!)
Sally is in the process of being threaded. She is my first attempt at using the sectional warp beam. This is a multi-colored warp for placemats.
Annee has the tote-bags on her....the cats like to use it for high-wire practice. I REALLY need to get busy with this one!!!!
Parker Pup is holding steady....he'll be going to our show in two weeks. He's got a 3 shades of green warp for placemats.
Truthfully, I can't get to Ester right now. Long story short: there is too much stuff in the way. Moving stuff is the goal for the week as I put the Christmas decorations away after Twelfth Night.
So, thank you Meg, Theresa and Sue for sharing your looms with us. This is a great idea to take a picture at the first of the year to use as a starting point for the rest of the year. In my case, it serves as a big ole kick in the @$$ to get busy!


Life Looms Large said...

Oh fun!! You've got lots of cool stuff on your looms!! Hope you find time to weave soon!


Maggie said...

You just made me feel tired! That's a lot going on, chica!

Bonnie said...

Busy busy busy....lots of weaving to do.....

Tina said...

I just love to see looms being used!