Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leno: the new gateway drug?

Betty Ford Clinic: May we help you?
Me: I hope so. I seem to have developed an addiction.
BFC: Yes, ma'am. To what substance?
Me: Substance? Well, yarn, I guess, but that's been going on a long time. It's more of a technique addiction.
BFC: Technique? Do you mean needles, inhaling or drinking?
Me: No, it's finger manipulated lace. I can't stop doing it.
dial tone...
Well, they may not be concerned, but Leo and Weftie are clearly worried. They watch me closely, hoping for signs of my new addiction releasing it's hold on me. I'm sitting at the next loom, planning new motifs while I slowly and laboriously weave some I've already charted. I have to say that the only thing to make 1/1 leno, 2/2 leno, Mexican lace and Brook's bouquet more tedious is to chart designs!

Here is my first, bordered by 3 picks in one shed, then 3 2/2 twists followed by 12 threads in tabby, alternated on 3 rows. Each row is 4 picks long, because it takes 4 picks to set a twist. Tabby is done on the threads between the twists, back and forth on short rows. I should have actually charted this one on graph paper, because I would have seen that it would turn out asymmetrically. It's fine; this warp is for learning, and I'll make a note of it, but charting will be done in the future!
This one was a bit tedious, but nothing compared to what came next.

I thought it would be cute to take Jean Scourgie's heart motif from her sampler and make a border of hearts right side up and upside down. Cute, yes. Mind numbing, yes! I started it yesterday morning before weaving at Norris, and only finished it early this morning, as the sun rose. Not complaining! Just saying! I will have to repeat this on the other side, but I must say that the next time I plan something like this, I will know it will take quite a while. Again, learning experience!
Lastly, and off the subject, many people asked if Mom liked her loom bench that my sister and I gave her. It is one of Alan Cabe's handmade benches made from trees he cut down on his property. The picture doesn't show the beautiful bench, but I think you can see that, yes, she liked it very, very much! Have a fabulous week, weaving and thawing out! Maggie


Tina said...

I really am intrigued with the lace! Maybe after I weave off the breadcloths I can put on a bunch of white loveliness and try some. That means I have to finish warping Lillian for the breadcloths doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those look so awesome. I think the reason I don't do any of those finger manipulated laces is because it's so slow. You guys have a ton of patience to do that!
Joyce sure looks thrilled with her bench. That bench is a work of art! They are wonderful to use!

LA said...

Talk about complex weaves! WOW!
BTW, when you call Betty Ford back, ask if they have a "two for one" special. Fiber is an addiction!

Bonnie said...

Mind blowing. I don't think that I would have the patience for that. It is beautiful.
Glad that you mom likes her bench.