Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here is the beginning of the Brook's Bouquet, two weeks late! Life is getting in the way of my weaving, and I'm not sure I can do anything about it! I was supposed to start it last Wednesday, as I reported in my last entry, but then I realized that my boyfriend's birthday was coming up fast and I wanted to make him some socks and another scarf. He's been living in the scarf I made him for Christmas, and another is clearly in order. I hope he doesn't finally start reading this blog! And this week, I HAD to make Sopa de Ablondigas for our Tuesday night dinner. Say Sopa de Ablondigas out loud. It's fun to say, but time consuming to make.
So! I started the Brook's Bouquet at 4 this morning! Open the shed, pick up 3 threads from the top of the shed, go back to the start and go around those 3 threads again. Snug it up and go to the next 3 threads. Go around them again and snug it up. Jean Scourgie calls this "the easiest of the laces," and it is. It goes much faster than the leno or Mexican lace. But I found that it's important to pay attention to the tension as you wrap your shuttle around the threads. Keeping the tension even is a challenge, but important. It also helps to beat the shed gently every few wraps to keep them even.
I had a lot of help, or a big audience, this morning.

Leo is the supervisor.

Bella doesn't understand why we can't just play ball!

Weftie is a little under the weather from his vet visit yesterday.

Here is where I had to stop so that I could get ready for work. I'm not sure I like the 2/2 leno between the Brook's Bouquet, but that is what this whole warp is for, to learn about these laces. Whoever gets this towel will never know it's not what I wish I'd done, and subsequent towels will be more to my liking!

I'd also like to try Brooks Bouquet with a contrasting weft, maybe something sparkly and sexy! I wonder how many--or few--threads one can use and still have a stable structure?
I'm loving the finger manipulated laces, and want each hand towel on this warp to be a new learning experience with them. No two will be alike, and I'm already looking forward to the next!
Well, five batches of marmalade are waiting to be finished at work, and there's snow in the forecast. Busy day, with a busy start!

Happy Weaving, all!



Tina said...

Beautiful Maggie! You make me want to start some, we can talk about it on Tuesday. I don't see any of this lace for sale on line, do you? That might be a niche that needs to be filled.

LA said...

That is just beautiful! I'd love to visit one day when you're weaving just to watch it develop. Guess I need to get Jean's booklet back out and look again! I'm drafting some mug rugs this morning. I just love those old overshot patterns!

Anonymous said...

Maggie, you're just getting so good! They are absolutely wonderful to see. Your tension's great and they look fabulous!

Bonnie said...

Looking great. Are you going to be able to bring them to weaving for us to see?
I will do my post next week.

Maggie said...

Thanks, all! No, Bonnie, it's a 12 yard warp, and that's only the 3rd towel, so it will be a few more weeks. One thing I really like about them is the 20 inches of plain weave in between the lace borders, lots of time to think about selvedges and beat and tension and snow outside and kittens in warps... I love it!