Friday, January 29, 2010

I just had to!

This week has been quite a productive week for me! I have woven 2 blue jean rugs, and was poised to weave another rug with this lovely teal and orange fabric, when.......

I just had to try out my idea with the circles using sock loopers!

I had already made a rough drawing of sorts, trying out color ideas and circle placement.

Almost immediately, however, I had to give up on the circles, at least as small as mine were. I couldn't work out the small section of the circle. I may try making some of the loopers smaller, or I suppose I could do one big circle on a different color background, or how about a target kind of thing!
You realize this is coming to me as I type this don't you! I will try that next, but for now I went with squares instead,

and I think I like it! The colors are not nearly as bright here online as they are in real life, and the edges of the squares leave a little to desire, but I believe it it has been a good exercise in working out the problems of an idea.

Once I finish this one I will do a couple of the teal rugs, which I love, love, love. More blue jean rugs, (more on that next time,) and then I think it is time to get those bread cloths on Lillian. I have put it off long enough.

I need some time weaving finer cloth, rugs are slow and fast at the same time. I really can't get a rhythm going if you know what I mean, but they are done before you know it!

Happy weaving, Tina


Anonymous said...

You're right. Rugs are fast and slow at the same time! Love the squares on the rugs. Are your yellow loopers small? Mine are. If you smish them a bit, you might be able to do yellow circles.

Maggie said...

Simply gorgeous! I love the squares! p.s., Carol, smish is only a word in YOUR dictionary! Is that Canadian for squish/smash? I can't WAIT to show you guys what I'm doing! Shag-a-liscious, baby!

LA said...

Smish/Smash....those rugs are beautiful. That took a little planning, I'm a-thinkin'. (How do you like that one, Maggie?) You have become the "rug lady" right in front of our eyes. Please get something going on Lillian soon!

Bonnie said...

I love it. The squares look great. With this snow, you have time for Lillian.