Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lots Goin' On!

It has been a very busy week! I finished my scarf and wore it Thursday night to the opening at the Museum of Art. I did take note that there were a few other woven scarves to be seen!

Last night Tina and I went to the Lenoir City Jam and set up our table of woven items. We didn't sell anything, but we had a great time. Tina brought her wheel, and sat and spun while I crocheted a dish rag. The highlight of our evening was a chocolate Frosty we picked up as we drove out of LC. But, doesn't the table display look nice!!!!

This morning, several of the Tuesday Weavers and I attended the Weavers' Meeting at the KMA. This was the time to ask questions and walk through the exhibit with Anne Wilson, Libby O'Bryan, Janette Ramirez, and Nick DeFord. There has been so much planning and work on this exhibit, that it really takes your breath away. I still think about my reaction when I peeked around the corner Thursday night and saw the color still makes me GRIN!

After listening to Anne this morning, I realized that I have such connection to this exhibit. My great-grandfather, Joel Norris, moved from North Carolina to Atlanta to Knoxville to supervise in the mills. My Mom told me that she loved to pick the lint out of his hair when he would come in after work. Isn't that a great memory??? And, of course, I have Ester's coverlet that she wove from handspun wool. Yes....I have a connection! And, we have now connected with weavers from ALL OVER.....elsewhere in Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, and Illinois.

Before Anne had to rush off for a meeting, we got a great group picture of us: clockwise from the left are Jeanette, Nick, me, Anne, Carol, Bonnie, Sharen, Libby and Pat. And, the website for the exhibit is:

Gotta go weave...I've got another scarf to finish up today. Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

I wish you would have gotten a picture of you in your scarf and outfit!

Anonymous said...

We forgot cameras on Thursday evening! Pat looked great in a suit with her scarf, too!

Tina said...

I got to see the scarf in person last night before Lenoir City. It is beautiful, I never thought to do a scarf using huck! That is what I love about having so many of us Tuesday Weavers, we encourage each other all the time.