Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Canada

Last week I couldn't write because of technical difficulties up here in the frozen northland. Well, it's not so frozen right now. I think they got the tail end of a chinook because by the time DD and DH arrived up here to experience the "cold", it was warmer here than where they came from altho it's changed to the right way now!
So, I arrived about 10 days ago with the gifts I'd been sewing and wasn't able to tell you about. I had found a cool pattern for a reversible apron which you just pull over your head and doesn't require any ties. So I ended up making 5 of them, all different, thinking a bit of what each person liked in color and design. They liked them!

I had also put a cheerful warp on my leclerc and got out those loopers. I wanted to make Mom a rug for her room that would be in cheerful colors, especially in the duller winter days. We had decided to make it 6 feet long so it would stretch all alongside her bed. I think it looks pretty good! Mom loved it. Her feet won't be cold now when she gets out of bed.

Last Sunday was a huge day here in Moose Jaw. The Olympic torch was coming through town. Up here they don't run it all across Canada. They have several torches and then drive them from town to town and then people run them in town. Towns out here are hours apart and they had several torches in Saskatchewan. I know that one was run further north from here. It's a big province with scattered low population and this way works best for them.

So, shortly after noon on Sunday we watched 24 people from the Air Base (headquarters for the Snowbirds) run the flame past where we were standing. We had so much fun watching them that we ended up driving about 20 minutes west to Caronport where the flame was being run immediately after they ran it in Moose Jaw. This picture is the one of the girl holding the flame being followed by townspeople. You get a real flavor of the excitement as the flame came through town. This was a very small town. Didn't see a 4 way stop there if that gives you an idea!

So just before we went back to the car in Caronport we noticed some cute little dogs. It is winter there, cold and icy, so these dogs are definitely prepared! Pampered pets!

This past Thursday we drove to Regina to the airport to pick up my family. It was a gorgeous morning with tons of hoar frost. We stopped on the way to take some pictures. The barn is abandoned in the middle of the field and the combination of hoar frost and snow just sets it off nicely.

So we've spent some time trying to get the pictures to move next to the written part and we can't make it work! Tina will have to do a tutorial on that on Tuesday for us! I can't seem to make it work!

Just match up the pictures with the written paragraphs. I think they're pretty easy to figure out. I've had a great time up here. We're flying home tomorrow. Oh yeah, when DH and DD arrived on Thursday we watched as people were boarding the same plane to head south of the border. Every one of them was being frisked. I guess we have that to look forward to tomorrow........

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