Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy Endings!

Today, I cut the warp off the 8 shaft loom that's been posing as a 4 shaft for the last 8 months. It started with a rag rug made from quilting fabric I bought at a quilt shop in Montana where I worked in 2000. That rug will go under the dining room table.
I used all the fabric for that rug, and had no other fabric to make another to use the rest of the warp. So, the loom sat idle, except as a jungle gym for my new kitten, Weft, seen in other entries in this blog. LouAnn gave me some white fabric to finish the warp, but I couldn't bring myself to make a rug with that much white showing, not in a house full of pets! I finally decided to use natural, red and black carpet warp, wound 5 strands at a time, but ran out of red halfway through. I couldn't bear to wait until next Tuesday when I could buy more from the center, so finished with just natural and black. It shows, definitely, and doesn't look great, but I've decided it will be just fine as a rug for under my desk. My feet are cold right now without it, and I will be the only one who'll notice its imperfection.

Next, the rugs will be serged and washed, cut apart and find their new homes. Meanwhile, there's a naked loom in the room! Our Clinch Valley afghan project will go on that loom, using all 8 shafts, but will have to wait until after the twill workshop on the 30th. I'm excited that I was able to take that day as a vacation day and will be able to attend.
The lace towels have been idle for the week, since I've been in Nashville visiting my son, Matt and his girlfriend, Dana. They just returned from a vacation in Romania, and brought me back a beautiful tapestry, woven by the sister of their tour guide and host, George. It's made from wool from their sheep. They weave in a manner similar to Navajos and Hopis, using vertical looms. I will be attaching a sleeve on the back of the tapestry this afternoon, and hanging it in my back loom room, or Loominaria, as my boyfriend, Jarrett calls it.

I missed Tuesday weaving, but have had a great week on vacation. Back to reality and work tomorrow, for a full week, followed by another mini vacation of weaving, dining and yard work. Life is good!

Happy weaving!



LA said...

We missed you, too! But, we did get a little bit done with the space. It doesn't seem like such an obstacle course. I'm glad you'll be able to come to the Guild meeting. I would like to get this project going (gone!) Can't wait to see your pictures!

Bonnie said...

Not fair. I wanted to see the towels and also the rug. It could be called a nonsymmetrical rug. Made that way on purpose. Life is great.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if the rug's not symmetrical? It's utilitarian and I"ll bet it'll keep your feet nice and warm! We did miss you. Glad you had a great vacation and can't wait to see the pictures of the towels and the wall hanging you got!

Tina said...

I too can't wait to see pics. Hope to see you next Tuesday.